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Instructor Training

This training offers the emotional, educational and practical support you need in developing a successful business as a parenting instructor and educator.  This training is also used as professional development for those already working with children or parents and also for parents wanting to make their lives easier.



Discipline without Punishment eCourse

This series of videos guides you though the reasons why punishment doesn’t work and just how you can guide your children without punishments.  This is Genevieve's introductory seminar and is great for those beginning Peaceful Parenting or simply needing inspiration.


Overcoming Overwhelm eCourse
(previously Mama Meltdown)

This short eCourse will help you understand why, as parents, we feel such anger and overwhelm at times. It offers some simple practices that help to reduce the stress and overwhelm both in general and in those highly charged moments.

Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse

Love this philosophy but wonder HOW to put it into practice?
This eCourse will take you through the strategies that make up the way of the Peaceful Parent philosophy.  Learn the steps we go through to centre ourselves, connect with our children and communicate in respectful ways that help our children grow and learn.

Meeting Aggression with Connection eCourse

This course includes text, videos and audio resources where Genevieve shares how we can peacefully approach and resolve the very stressful challenges relating to children being verbally or physically aggressive.  What lies beneath the aggression, how can we help them gain healthy outlets and change unhealthy habits, how can we help our child develop that impulse control?  What are they feeling and needing at these times, and how can we keep everyone safe?  These approaches will give you the confidence to understand and meet your child's needs, hence end cycles of aggression.

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge

This mini 10 day eCourse offers a 10 minute per day for 10 days challenge, with the intention of bringing more peace, harmony and clarity into your days and helping to build positive habits in self-care and mindfulness.


This Mindful Parenting resource

This course contains text, videos and audios that will give you clarity and practical tools to help you improve your management of stress and emotional regulation while juggling the busyness of family life. Managing our stress and being able to compassionately hold our turbulent emotions in a way that returns us back to a calm settled and happy state truly is the secret to a happier and healthier life.  ❤️  We can only help our children better manage their stress and emotions to the extent that we ourselves have the awareness, insights and the skills to do so.  🌷


More resources

Stress Relief for Parents Audio

When you're at your wits end and need to rest and recuperate, take 15 minutes to let Genevieve's calming voice and supportive words guide you back to your self ... back to your centre ... back to balance ... back to you at your best ... back to peaceful parenting!

Why we Explode & How to Prevent It Download

Genevieve &Patty Wipfler talk about why parents become impatient & angry, and some practical ideas for what they can do to come out of the stress response and return to a more calm centred state.
We also strongly recommend you do the Mama Meltdown eCourse if overwhelm is a common experience for you.


Aggression, Hitting & Sibling Rivalry

When children become aggressive, this can be the biggest and most stressful challenge that most parents face!! In this audio Genevieve talks about how to support our children when they are hitting or being aggressive.

7 tips to get your kids dressed

Every parent of young children has had at least some of those pulling their hair out moments when they’re needing to get out the door, but their child has zero interest in getting dressed! Situations like this can feel so stressful and often result in parents bribing, threatening or yelling out of sheer powerlessness and exasperation! Sound familiar?! Learn what DOES work!

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