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Genevieve is based in Whangarei, New Zealand, and offers holistic counselling or parent coaching sessions by phone or skype.

Genevieve is a qualified Psychosynthesis Counsellor.  Counselling can help you to make more sense of your life experiences and responses while increasing awareness of your inner world and it's influence over relationships, both past and present, and patterns of relating and behaving in your life.  Safe, empathetic listening and reflections can help support a client's process of looking deep within to make more sense of their thoughts, feelings and patterns relating to challenging life situations and to ultimately come to greater peace with oneself.

Developing healthier strategies to meet your needs.  The Counselling that Genevieve provides looks at the whole human being; body, mind, emotions and spirit and the many complex factors that have contributed to making each person unique.  It is a learning process of discovery and helps a client to understand and make more sense of what is happening in their life and provides the mechanisms for clients to better identify, honour and develop healthy strategies and skills for meeting their emotional needs.

Counselling can help people to listen to their own deeper wisdom. Counselling empowers the client to better personal understanding, to make clearer choices and to achieve a more lasting independence as well as a healthier ability to balance needs and communicate more effectively in relationships with others. It is a process which, through active listening and other processes which facilitate exploration of feelings and beliefs, facilitates a journey of self-discovery, revealing insights and self awareness by which people may empower themselves. Genevieve supports clients to connect in with their body sensations, supporting them to gain more awareness relating to where in their body their hold certain emotions and how defense mechanisms are held within the sensations of the body.

When clients increase their awareness of feelings in their body which become activated by stressful situations, they have more power to change their self-talk, which can effectively help them to re-parent the unresolved feelings of the child that they were. Unmet emotional needs from childhood can be met by self and through healthy relationship dynamics in adulthood, potentially bringing resolution to compulsions, phobias, anxiety, addictions and the effects of trauma.

Access the benefits of mindfulness in all aspects of your life: Genevieve also guides clients, who seek it, to develop skills in relaxation, self-regulation, mindfulness and meditation.  These are skills which when practiced regularly, can greatly reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms and impacts of trauma.  Many clients find that it helps them get through the difficult days when they can access such skills at stressful moments, or practice daily to prevent excess build up of frustrations or anxiety.

The fundamental values of counselling include commitments to:

  • Respect human rights and dignity
  • Ensure the integrity of practitioner and client relationships
  • Alleviate distress and suffering
  • Support client to foster a positive sense of self and strengthened self-esteem
  • Support client to feel empowered, confident and effective in their world
  • Enhance the quality of relationships between people
  • Appreciate the depth and diversity of human experience and culture

The counselling that Genevieve provides helps the client holistically.  There is a sense of sacred space created by honouring the client's individual journey to integrate their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of self.  The service that Genevieve offers aims to support clients to feel empathically heard and witnessed as they share their individual stories and challenges. Clients are also supported to become aware of where they hold their feelings in their body and to gain tools to self-regulate emotions and work effectively with emotional triggers when evoked in challenging life situations.  Genevieve taught meditation for many years and has attended or trained in many holistic healing modalities and can draw on a huge range of skills, knowledge and experience, yet is mindful to only bring into the relationship that which may be of very specific relevance and value to a client based on their individual needs and intended outcomes for the work.

Healing the core wounds. The client is given the space, permission and guidance to travel deeper into the core feelings related to the issues that the client is currently facing. When appropriate, the client is guided through meditation to re-visit points in the past and then guided and supported to bring healing and possibly closure to the associated wounds, hence releasing the locked pain from the body.

People are wounded and are whole. Genevieve is committed to maintaining a sense of each client's wholeness, honouring and respecting each client's vulnerability and wounds and at the same time holding that the person is more than their wounds.  Humans have amazing potential to overcome even the biggest traumas when they can access the help and support that they need. Genevieve believes that all people have a limitless ability to heal themselves. The counsellor honors that every individual needs to overall feel safe, liked, cared for, deeply heard and supported before they can safely open and resolve their deeper wounds.

Listening heals. The healing power of a person sharing their story is immense. When a client’s challenges and related feelings are shared in a space that is truly empathetic, spacious, honoring and sacred, true transformation can take place.

Counselling fees are between NZ$80 and $100 per hour (sliding scale based on person's means, but no forms or questionnaires involved, just what you can afford) or between US$65 and US$85 (sliding scale), CAD$65 to $85, GBP45 to 55, or AU$80 to $100 p.h. (sliding scale).  Payment can be arranged through internet banking, cheque or PayPal.  If you live in another country, we'll send a PayPal invoice and PayPal will convert the invoice amount into your currency.

Cancellation Policy:  Please give a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment, otherwise a NZ$25 fee will apply. 

Email or ring to make an appointment.

How counselling helps a parent to be the parent they want to be. Genevieve has a deep understanding of how challenging, as well as how rewarding, the process of changing our parenting patterns can be. The reality is that for a parent to parent from the heart in a kind hearted manner without using punishment, a parent needs to have access to the correct information and some support in putting it into action. For most parents, being calm, patient and clear enough to parent in this way is easier said than done. It is a state that is reached through a journey of learning and increased self awareness.

Change happens slowly, one step at a time: Parents can be very hard on themselves if they revert back to their old methods of yelling and using punishments and threats despite having read a positive parenting book or attending a course. They can either give up on themselves or on their new methods. Parents need to understand that they can't change decades of conditioning overnight. Even though parents often revert back to old unhealthy habits, with new information and support parents can observe their behaviour in a new way, have a better understanding of exactly why the old behaviour is unhealthy and have an awareness of what the healthier alternative behaviour could have been and hence might be next time. Giving our kids the patience and kindness that they need and deserve becomes much easier when we are putting equal focus on learning to become kinder and more patient with ourselves!

It is extremely liberating to realize why you and your child act in the ways that you do and to realize that you can choose to create more positive, empathetic and loving relationships for all concerned.

Healing our relationship with the children in our world truly can heal broken hearts and soften hardened hearts.

Because Genevieve is also a professionally trained energy healer, she can clearly see the connections between the physical ailments that a child presents and the places in their body where the flow of their emotions has become blocked. She has a clear understanding of the direct connections between emotional health and physical health.

She can see the obvious connections between a child's blocked emotional energy and blocks in their chakras, their body posture and natural movements of energy around the body.

"In my private practice, it warms my heart hugely to witness the huge benefits that families experience when parents learn a parenting approach of actively listening to and validating the child’s emotions."

For more information about the seminars please send an Email or phone +64-9-4343542.
Peaceful Parent Institute, PO Box 403023, Ngunguru, Whangarei 0154, New Zealand..

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  1. Hello Genevieve,
    I have heard about your work through my dear friend Stephanie Daley (England/Rome) who has worked with you this year. I am presently living in Western Australia on a break from Paris , with my partner Benoit and children Lila (2) and Raphaël (7). I would dearly like to have a Skype session with you, with my partner if possible or appropriate. When would that be possible, and how should i proceed re. payment?
    Thnkyou for your reply

    • Hi there Louisa,
      Yes sure let’s find a time that works. Just send an email to and we’ll take it from there. The cost is a sliding scale between AUS$70 and $90, as in you choose how much to pay along that scale and you don’t need to explain or justify your choice. And yes I do skype sessions, it will likely work out to be your morning or very early afternoon to coincide with my working day here in New Zealand. Which city are you closest to and I’ll look up the time difference?

  2. Sorry, didn’t realise that was a comment thread!

  3. Emily says:

    Hi, I am desperate to be a better mom but we can’t afford counseling by any means. I have 3 beautiful children Gwendolyn (4) Parker (2 1/2 yo girl) and Liam (1 yo) boy. I am very aware of my past and what happened to me but I know that somehow I’ve seemed to bottle up what me reactions were and exactly how I felt. My children are my life, my priority, and they are the people I am most dedicated to and respect the most. Are there any really good, informative and helpful books you can recommend? Please email me back at your leisure, thank you so much.

    • Hi Emily, Yes getting a couple of books out from the library is a really good step in the right direction. My recommended books list is to be found by clicking on Products on the blue menu, then books, then click the amazon book store link. And of course there’s a huge wealth of information available through the articles on this website. Those who gain the most value tend to print off the relevant ones, then go through with a highlighter pen highlighting the bits that really resonate with you, making notes, keeping a peaceful parenting journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings relating to issues with the kids (it’s amazing how effective this can be!). This Child’s Feelings and Needs Chart is a good one to print out:

      You could listen to one of my talks on YouTube by going there and searching on my name Genevieve Simperingham And there’s currently a whole series of free audio interviews, one with myself and with 14 other parent educators/ therapists through this link; :

      And my Stress Relief for Parents cd download (also to be found through the products tab) is only NZ$4.99 (about US$3), it has four tracks which parents tend to find incredibly helpful in their journey of being a more peaceful mindful and aware parent. The tracks will guide you to be more aware of the stress and frustrations that get triggered and help you better manage those feelings. I hope this helps! 🙂 Glad you’re on this peaceful parenting journey.

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