Self-Parenting Retreat
5-7 July, Auckland

We are SO excited to be offering a transformational weekend retreat with a group of beautiful, like-minded people on their path of self-healing. Gift yourself time away from caring for others to focus on re-parenting yourself! We‘ll guide you to connect with your internal family system; to access your loving and protective inner mother and inner father to heal your vulnerable inner-child.

What can I expect at this retreat?

This retreat is carefully designed to uproot and release patterns and emotions that have been locked in the mind and body, bringing a greater sense of clarity and harmony to you and your life.  Zero pressure retreat: You get to choose your level of participation in each session.

Why focus on your 'inner-family'?

Re-parenting ourselves creates a wealth of inner love, support and encouragement. Having a strong inner family allows us to soothe our nervous system back and feel more safe and empowered in our life. 

When we have a strong inner family, we benefit from having the inner resources and skills to protect ourselves. Connecting and strengthening your inner family enables your ability to truly hear and act on your gut instincts and inner wisdom. This really does result in you feeling fulfilled and satisfied. 

Connecting with your inner mother tends to result in:

Connecting with your inner father tends to result in:

Connecting with your inner child tends to result in:

Where and When

Aio Wira Retreat 8 Aio Wira Road, Waitākere, Auckland 0653 (Images below)

When: From 4:00 PM 5th-7th July 2024


The whole retreat is fully catered with nourishing vegetarian whole food. Let us know in the registration below if you have special requirements.


We recommend that you stay on site at Aio Wira for a full immersion. However, we understand that this might not work for everyone so we've provided a payment option excluding accommodation.


Print or Download the PDF with all the information you need about the retreat.

Your Retreat Facilitators

Genevieve Simperingham

Genevieve is an International speaker, group facilitator, a psychosynthesis counsellor, parenting educator and writer. Genevieve’s the founder of the Peaceful Parent Institute here in NZ, which offers a range of peaceful parenting eCourses plus an Instructor Training Program. She has instructors and trainees in over 50 countries.

Over the last 30 years Genevieve has presented hundreds of workshops and courses from evening seminars to five day residential retreats in parenting, relationships, self-healing, meditation and personal development.

Seonaid Lyon

Seonaid is a Movement Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator and Peaceful Parenting Instructor.

It has been my life passion and journey to study and practice embodiment and awareness practices and movement disciplines.

Beginning my journey professionally training in Contemporary and Ballet dance. I was inspired by the movement through awareness and restorative disciplines that were part of the curriculum. This led me to further my studies in Yoga, Hanna Somatics, Pilates matwork and equipment rehabilitation, Elemental Chi Gong, Meditation and Breathwork. An experienced teacher offering a sensitive and informative approach, I have been practicing since 1997 and teaching in various settings since 2002.

Since becoming a parent the focus has been on understanding attachment science, self reflection, mindset and nervous system restoration and healing. Studying with Genevieve and obtaining the Peaceful Parenting Certification was such a powerful resource for this journey. I have continued to learn and unravel this vast topic and believe it to be a practice and way of life. A deep anchor and healing for me became nature and cold water immersion, understanding psychology, the nervous system and supporting my body with somatic movement and restorative yoga.

We homeschool our two children and aim to cultivate collaboration and curiosity through connection and gentle guidance, following their lead and maintaining a lifestyle of playfulness, growth and adventure.

Katherine Tate

Katherine is a holistic wellbeing practitioner with embodied knowledge in natural health, gained from her 30-year journey with complex chronic illness.  

She is also a peaceful parenting instructor, trained by Genevieve, and a mum to a high intensity 9 year old boy. She is passionate about parenting with connection and empathy, and advocating for compassionate education, where intrinsic motivation and emergent learning are fostered. Her practice focuses on slowing down and allowing authentic experience, through mindfulness, somatic movement and nervous system regulation. Nourishing the body through whole food and nature immersion, support her gentle approach to healing.

Katherine is a registered somatic movement therapist (ISMETA) and a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher, with a certificate in Relaxation Massage, a degree in Contemporary Dance, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts. She is currently studying the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), a neuro-plasticity based approach to rewiring the stress response in the limbic system. 

She has experience teaching somatic yoga and movement at SOUL Centre of the Body and Mind, practicing integrative bodywork, and facilitating wellbeing retreats with Seonaid, in Samoa. She is excited to be part of the Peaceful Self-Parenting Retreat alongside Seonaid, Genevieve and Ayesha.

Ayesha Simperingham

Ayesha (Genevieve’s daughter) is a certified somatic dance facilitator and will be guiding you through a gentle mediative, dance experience. 

She has been committed to a deep meditation practice for years and is passionate about healing and expansion. She will be managing all the little things in between that help the schedule to flow. She will be available as support throughout the weekend.

Registration Form

1. Genevieve during the opening ceremony of Prana Festival.

2. Genevieve running a professional development workshop.

3. Genevieve during a parenting talk in Queenstown.


Two nights and two days. Arrival time is from 4:00 pm on Friday 5th and we finish at 4:30 pm on Sunday 7th.

Self parenting is being able to self-soothe and self-regulate. From the lack of parental / caregiving support during childhood we have learnt coping mechanisms to get by without the support, such as dissociating, avoiding, defending, invalidating our thoughts and feelings. So self parenting is the practice of giving ourselves the support and validation we needed during childhood so we can learn to respond to our life in a healthy way.

No, this retreat is suitable for anyone who resonates with the theme of self-healing. The skills, techniques and experiences gained from this retreat can support your relationship with your partner, friends, colleagues, your children, relatives and of course yourself. And this definitely does greatly support the parenting journey, parents will gain valuable insights into how to better support your children and learn how to harmonise your family’s dynamics.

No sorry we want you to be able to focus on yourself to tune out of your care taking role to have the opportunity to put yourself first for a weekend. If, however, you are breastfeeding and bringing your baby is your only option to attend, please do message us to discuss.

Yes there is accommodation available at Aoi Wira. There is a payment option that excludes accommodation if you’d prefer to stay elsewhere. 


We're not around right now. But send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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