Amanda Anderson

Amanda Anderson is based in the United States and is the Mother to two girls ages 5 and 15 months. She has spent the last 7 years working with parents of kids who are struggling with emotional regulation and other behaviors. Her approach is rooted in brain development and research-based parenting approaches for peace, growth, and repair. Learn more at her website and reach her at [email protected]

Celia Hogan

Parenting is a tough gig. You love your kids and you want the best for them but gosh these big emotions can sometimes really push your buttons! And how are you meant to deal with it anyway, especially when there is so much information out there?

As a parenting coach, Celia believes that nurturing a strong parent-child relationship built on empathy, respect and trust is key to creating loving and cooperative families. She encourages parents to focus on the needs behind their children's behaviours and offers practical tools and strategies to facilitate communication, problem-solving and connection.

With Celia's guidance, parents can learn to shift away from traditional authoritarian or permissive parenting approaches and embrace a more empathetic, mindful and needs-based approach to parenting. This approach is not only backed by research, it benefits children and allows parents to enjoy a more harmonious and fulfilling family life.

Celia is committed to helping parents unleash their inner strengths and confidence, and to empower them to be the parent they have always wanted to be. If you're ready to transform your parenting journey, Celia is here to support you every step of the way.

Celia is a trained Life Coach, Peaceful Parenting Instructor under Genevieve Simperingham, has a background in education and teaching and is currently studying Psychology.

Online coaching is available. Email Celia at [email protected] or connect through her website Little Kiwis Nature Play link below
Celia lives in New Zealand

Katherine Tate

Katherine has recently completed Peaceful Parenting Instructor Training with Genevieve Simperingham and The Peaceful Parenting Institute. She is passionate about supporting parents to feel heard in their struggles and empowered to parent respectfully with gentle leadership and empathy. For the past 6 years she has been on a peaceful parenting journey alongside her strong-willed, sensitive son. She has a holistic wellbeing focus with a depth of natural health wisdom, having lived with chronic illness for 30 years, finding freedom in that illness experience through self-awareness, somatic movement practice, nutritional therapy and nature immersion. Katherine is an ISMETA registered somatic movement therapist and a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher. She also has a certificate in Relaxation massage from New Zealand College of Massage, and a contemporary dance degree from UNITEC. She has worked for SOUL centre of the body and mind teaching somatic yoga and movement classes, practicing integrative bodywork and facilitating wellbeing retreats. Katherine has a particular interest in re-educating the nervous system to release out of it’s stress response, where peaceful parenting becomes more possible, and our children can return to their natural state of joy.

Katherine’s contact details: [email protected] , +64 21370889
Katherine lives in New Zealand

Ioulia de Vos

Hi, I'm Ioulia (you-lee-yah). I'm a Positive Parent Health Coach and Certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor and most of all a mother. My work is dedicated to empowering intentional, imperfect mums (like you and me!) to love themselves and parent from a place of love!

Motherhood is hard. It takes a lot of time and energy to raise children. And it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind, which makes you lose sight of what really matters.

The good news is that motherhood doesn't have to be stressful. You don't need endless amounts of money or time to make your life more meaningful. By embracing positive parenting techniques you can achieve high levels of personal growth while raising healthy kids with confidence and joy!

I will guide you on this journey by providing tools for self-awareness, happiness & fulfillment through easy to follow steps designed around 4 pillars (self-love & acceptance, mindfulness & presence, inner wisdom & intuition, and gratitude). Together we'll discover how every challenge in our lives is an opportunity for growth as long as we choose love over fear.

Based in Sydney, Australia I conduct consultations and group sessions in person or online around the world. The best way to contact me is through my website below.  You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook below.

Katey Breuker

Katey Breuker is a licensed therapist and parenting consultant.  Katey specializes in helping parents and caregivers develop a deeper understanding of the “why” behind kids’ behavior and teaches them how to replace old unhealthy patterns with loving intentional strategies to deepen their relationships.  She utilizes a relational/developmental approach and offers a caring, empathetic understanding of what it means to parent young children while recovering from one’s own painful childhood experiences.  Katey lives with her husband, three children and one very lazy German Shepherd in the Philadelphia suburbs.  She can be contacted via her website at

Libby Gallagher

Libby brings extensive experience and skill to her role as a parenting coach. This includes parenting four of her own children, over twenty years as a Primary School Teacher, and a Masters in Child and Family Psychology. Additionally, Libby has recently completed research that focused on the relationship between different parenting practices and parental burnout. 

With a passion for helping children and parents, Libby will help you to identify unhelpful approaches to parenting that do not serve you or your family. Utilising a strengths-based approach, Libby will support you to learn new strategies and grow together with your children.  

In Libby's words: "Imagine if we taught our teenagers to drive by handing them a car and a set of keys and expecting them to work it out? This is what we do to parents! By the time we become Grandparents we finally start to understand how to be a parent. Research tells us that early intervention is the best solution to many of the social challenges in our society today. As a parenting coach, Libby will help you to learn positive and proactive strategies for effective parenting, it is never too late to change."

Libby is based in Christchurch, New Zealand and has limited availability for Parent Coaching in her area. Email: [email protected]  

Preethi Sunallini

I’m a Parenting Coach and therapist. I’m trained in hypnotherapy, transpersonal regression therapy, NLP and various other modalities (many of which are listed on my website - I work with individuals, parents, couples and families to help with their emotional baggage and challenges to be the person they want to be! You can contact me by mail - [email protected], WhatsApp me at +919980751475 or dm me on my IG/FB handles - @iintegratedparenting
Preethi is based in India

Raluca Stefan

My name is Raluca Stefan, I am a mother of two, living in Bucharest, Romania. I am a yoga teacher, a certified Aware Parenting instructor, and a certified Peaceful Parenting instructor and coach. I help families to start being more mindful of their feelings, restore peace and harmony in their homes, strengthen a secure attachment in the relationship with their children, and better understand their needs.
You can contact me via Instagram, or my website links below.

Renee White

Kia Ora! My name is Renee, I am a mum of 2 and live in the South Island of New Zealand. My passion is supporting and empowering parents who want to have more peace and connection at home. I have been with the Peaceful Parent Institute since December 2021.
You can contact me through my social media:

Sarah Fuller

Sarah Fuller, MS, LPC is a counselor in South Carolina, USA and owner/counselor of Peaceful Adventures, LLC. Sarah utilizes peaceful parenting within her therapy practice, often providing a combined approach of supporting parents in growing peace within themselves and their homes while also working with their children to help them through their specific needs. Sarah is a Nationally Certified Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) therapist in the USA. Peaceful parenting goes hand-in-hand with TF-CBT in treating children and adolescents who are struggling with trauma-related problems. Sarah works with children as young as 3 years and their families. She uses a playful approach to therapy and values bringing therapy outdoors whenever possible. Sarah focuses most of her work on young children and parents to help the children and families build the skills they need to be the best versions of themselves.

She capitalizes on the strengths of each individual and tailers treatment to each client’s needs. Sarah is a believer in seeing the best in each person and helping clients see their own worthiness. Sarah is seeing clients in Greenville, South Carolina and is also open to virtual sessions with anyone in South Carolina. She will also be available for trainings, seminars, and consultations at that time. You can follow Sarah on Facebook at Peaceful Adventures, LLC, Twitter handle @SarahFullerLPC, and explore her website, For those who would like to reach out to Sarah directly and be put on a wait list, she can be reached at [email protected]

Seema Khan

My name is Seema Khan and I am a homeschooling mother of 3 living in Georgia, USA. As a peaceful parenting coach, I aim to help families bring peace to their home and strengthen the parent child relationship in a way that is practical, insightful, and long lasting. I share tips, tricks, perspective and much of my journey on my Instagram under @loveandletgrow where you can also find the link to book a free 15 minute introductory session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Seonaid Lyons

Peaceful Parenting Instructor, Dancer, Yoga/Pilates Teacher, Movement Practitioner, Retreat Facilitator.

It is my life passion and journey to study and practice embodiment, awareness practices, and movement disciplines.

Being a holistic practitioner, I am interested in the whole body and have a keen interest in nutrition and herbal medicine. I have trained in Ayurvedic massage, Aromatherapy Facials, Skin Nutrition and are currently in the process of finishing my Diploma in the First Light Flower Essences to support growth and transformation.

I have a Degree and Diplomas in both Contemporary Dance and Ballet. Pilates and Yoga was an integral part of my dance training, I continued on to study in both disciplines. An experienced body practitioner, I have been practicing since 1997 and teaching since 2004. I am inspired by a sensitive and informative approach to body awareness and emotional well-being. I have explored many different Yoga traditions, Experiential anatomy, Developmental Movement, Elemental Chi Gong, Meditation, Feldankrais, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, Iyengar Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and most recently Somatics in the Hanna tradition.

Since stepping into the role of a mother and experiencing the most intense love, magic, joy and exhaustion. I have been learning and seeking the resources that support my intuition and my heart's inner knowing.

The inner journey of parenting is a path I am committed to. It is a practice and process of unraveling automatic responses and making intentional shifts so that my choices can support me to parent from awareness, connection and empathy.

Completing the Peaceful Parenting Instructor Training has supported me to keep on the path, and to make the changes in my beliefs and attitudes to bring a more playful and curious approach to my family.

Loving the learning and depth of the material has led me to research and learn more about mindfulness, neuroscience, the nervous system, communication skills, attachment styles, psychology and education. I completed a certificate in the Parent Effectiveness Training method and continue to hone my communication skills to support empowering us to find collaborative ways to support our family culture to orient around connection. I have done courses with Dan Siegal, Gordon Neufeld, The Relationship School and continue to seek ways to support me on this journey.

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” ~ Dalai Lama

Email:  [email protected]

Sunny Sky

I'm Sunny Sky, a passionate Certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor and Natural Health Practitioner mentoring throughout South Island New Zealand with parents and teachers in schools and early learning centres.  I love helping clients gain a better understanding of what children need for their mental and emotional growth and development.  I work closely with parents and teachers to develop the self-awareness and emotional self-regulation skills needed to respond calmly in any situation and shape the behaviours their children are developing.  In supporting parents and teachers, I integrate science-based holistic wellbeing techniques, to promote growth, healing and change.  

Why invest in parent coaching?  Parenting can be the toughest and most rewarding job in the world, having support for you and your children's emotional health is essential.  

For support, strategies, and self-healing, book your personal appointment with Sunny at...

Magdalena Kosinska-Klaehn

Magdalena Kosinska-Klaehn, PhD is a Peaceful Parenting Instructor (near completion), Nonviolent Communication trainer, Healing focused Coach, NVC Mediator and Certified Resonant Healing Practitioner by Sarah Peyton.
She encourages her clients to make sense of their lives by offering them warmth and resonant heart so they can reach their own inner light and wisdom. She supports parents on their own healing journey that is necessary to move away from dominant parenting paradigm toward peaceful parenting and implement new knowledge and skills in relationship with their kids.
She is passionate about healing that she believes is possible for every human being and accompanies people on their journey within. She wants to help in welcoming more warmth in the relationships, with self and others. The relationships between parents and children are especially dear to her heart as she believes secure attachment is a foundation for a happy and peaceful life. Her dream is to bring knowledge about children’s development and compassionate healing to parents to break the cycle of a generational, punitive parenting and bring collaborative, nonviolent consciousness to the families. Happier, more aware parents lead to happier, more resilient children.
She is a happy wife of an inspiring man and mum of three children – the best teachers on her journey toward authentic and nonviolent life.
She created Empathically Empowered ( – a space where one can find inspiration and support in learning, healing and living compassionately. She loves chemistry, and the way it shaped her brain with ability for critical thinking, curiosity and openness. Her passion for chemistry led her to a PhD degree in this field. She loves to mix things not only in the lab but also in her kitchen to create delicious and healthy food. She also loves to read, learn about brain development and relational neurobiology, hike in the mountains, play board games, and spend time with her family and friends.

Jelena DeBoer

My name is Jelena ("YEH-leh-nah") De Boer and I am a Peaceful Parenting coach based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. My journey with peaceful (or connection-based) parenting began when my daughter started having huge tantrums around 18 months of age. I was baffled and overwhelmed by her big emotions. I recognized my own struggles as an adult had ties to my childhood and I wanted to equip her better than I felt I had been. I also needed to know what to do with this screaming child, without screaming myself! What followed was years of learning about child development, and brain science, and also about myself and how my triggers contributed to my child’s behaviour. The more I understood my daughter and what she needed, the more I felt called to give other children a voice and to equip parents to be able to meet their children’s needs for connection to ultimately raise resilient, confident kids. I believe in treating children with the same respect we offer adults, leading with compassion and empathy, while taking responsibility for our own triggers and family stress. I have come to know that children who feel cared for and are shown acceptance for who they are grow to be adults who respect and care for others, and have the strength to live out of their convictions. I am excited to have completed my certification through the Peaceful Parent Institute and to come alongside you in your journey of parenting.

You can contact me via email at [email protected] 

Jenni Honeyben

I’m Jenni, a certified Peaceful Parenting coach and Children’s Emotional Well-being practitioner working in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire in the UK.
Having spent over 10 years working in a school building and leading and highly regarded Mental Health & Well-being department, I have a real passion for with working with parents of primary & middle school aged children (although I do offer support with children from as young as 2 years old).  I’ve worked with hundreds of children who struggle to manage their big feelings. From working both 1:1 with children and supporting families through parenting coaching, I can hand on heart say that you have the biggest influence and impact when it comes to real, long lasting, change for your child and your family. That’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about Peaceful Parenting and the deep and lasting changes it can offer you and your child.  Some of the areas I can help you are: Anger, anxiety, behavioural challenges, confidence, fear of failure, friendship challenges, negative self-talk, highly sensitive children, hyperactivity, lying, power struggles, screen time & homework dilemmas, self-esteem, school anxiety/ refusal, sibling conflict, tantrums (and meltdowns), test & exam stress, life transitions. Parental overwhelm and feelings of powerlessness, rage, lack of control, respect and enjoyment.
Kind words from a couple I recently worked with:
“Jenni’s impact on our whole family has been life changing. We looked forward to our sessions and
she has completely changed our approach to parenting. We cannot recommend her highly enough!”