Do you lose patience with your child, and then feel awful?

Does parenting sometimes feel overwhelming?

You're so not alone and you've come to the right place!

The Peaceful Parent Institute is the place to learn the skills and strategies you need to understand and meet your child's core needs for emotional safety, connection and love.

Learning this non-punitive, attachment-based approach is proven to strengthen connections and end power struggles resulting in more peaceful and harmonious relationships; more connection, more cooperation, more moments filled with love and laughter!

Parents and teachers alike experience beautiful turnarounds when they master the peaceful parenting approaches that we teach. We all crave and deserve more peace and harmony!

At the Peaceful Parent Institute, our mission and our passion is to provide the education, support and guidance that parents and teachers need.  We have the joy and privilege of witnessing those we help dramatically reduce their overwhelm and learn to respond with more patience and skill.

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We regularly run Peaceful Parenting seminars for parents and professional development for educators around New Zealand. Genevieve can be booked for speaking events in New Zealand and Australia.

Join our Peaceful Parent Village membership to gain access to our Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse plus more eCourses, Zoom video calls with Genevieve, and forums where our PP mentors and Genevieve answer questions.

Our Peaceful Parenting Instructor Training has closed for 2019.  If you have a desire to help parents create more harmony in their families as a Peaceful Parenting Instructor and Educator, be sure to enter the email list on the information page.

I loved how the seminar was kept light and playful, I got such great insights into the power and value of emotional release. Also the huge difference between rules and agreements.

Anchal, Christchurch

I've gained a deeper understanding of attachement, what to look for, what to notice, and how to help children feel secure. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Kylie, Christchurch

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