Do you lose patience with your child and then feel awful?

Does parenting sometimes feel overwhelming?

You're so not alone and you've come to the right place!

The Peaceful Parent Institute is the place to learn the skills and strategies you need to understand and meet your child’s core needs for emotional safety, connection and love.

Learning this non-punitive, attachment-based approach is proven to strengthen connections and end power struggles resulting in more peaceful and harmonious relationships; more connection, more cooperation, more moments filled with love and laughter!

Parents and teachers alike experience beautiful turnarounds when they master the peaceful parenting approaches that we teach. We all crave and deserve more peace and harmony!

At the Peaceful Parent Institute, our mission and our passion is to provide the education, support and guidance that parents and teachers need.  We have the joy and privilege of witnessing those we help dramatically reduce their overwhelm and learn to respond with more patience and skill.

The content in our comprehensive self-paced eCourses is based on both tried and tested evidence-based principles and the practical tools and techniques that have transformed the foundations and dynamics of myriad families before you. 

All packaged and presented using videos, audios, printouts, real-world examples and actionable approaches that can be applied to your life right away.

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Gift yourself time away from caring for others to focus on re-parenting yourself! We‘ll guide you to connect with your internal family system; to access your loving and protective inner mother and inner father to heal your vulnerable inner-child.

We run Peaceful Parenting seminars for parents and professional development for educators. Genevieve can be booked for speaking events in New Zealand and Australia or online events anywhere.

I feel that I now have some real concrete tools and strategies and they are grounded in science which makes them much easier for others to buy into.
Not only do they feel right to me, they are effective. I think the principles, concepts and strategies are presented in a way that makes them easy to remember and to implement into daily life. I learned very practical and specific ways to peaceful parent in almost any given situation.

Ann Gettis

Oh gosh my toolbox is so much richer and I can now deal with things rather than avoiding them from my own overwhelm, not just in my family but in many other parts of my life. It has been so rich and unexpected I can't really express it in words. I was so full of anger/frustration before and now I'm not.

Rachel Chapman

Referring to the Instructor Training: Do it! 🙂 t will change your life as a parent and a professional. In the past I have had a tend to rush things and go to problem solving right away, but kids are not ready to problem solve if they don't feel heard yet. The training has taught me to not jump into the last step and take it step by step. Reflecting, active listening, setting loving limits, family meetings.

Alena, Certified Instructor

Through using (and understanding) the tools and techniques outlined in the training I feel as though both myself and my husband have really deepened our connection with our children. Our house feels closer and calmer. We are in the fairly unique situation of choosing to work from home and home educate, so enjoying spending all of that time with each other is key!

Victoria Maus Certified Instructor and Parent educator

I was under the understanding that reward systems and time out were the only way!! It is very refreshing to learn a better approach and to understand the long term effects. I've loved learning all the peaceful parenting techniques!


Peaceful Parenting Articles

The courage to walk the path less travelled

The courage to walk the path less travelled. Just as it’s often said that in business we need to spend time working on the business, not just in the business, the same is true of our parenting.  It’s hard to carve out the time to stop and reflect on the bigger picture and think about the qualities we’re instilling in

Therapeutic Play

Table of Contents Therapeutic play by Genevieve Simperingham An aspect of peaceful parenting that I’m just so passionate about is the healing power of play.  Play can be very therapeutic and you don’t need to take your child to a play therapist to reap the benefits.  A few specific games and tips can make all the difference in feeling confident

Unmasking the impacts of covid on child development

Unmasking the impacts of covid on child development First published as a feature article in The Natural Parent Magazine. It’s certain that, as time goes on, there will be ongoing research published and books written on the impacts of the pandemic on child development.  Yet there’s already a busy community of researchers around the globe working to measure these impacts

Parenting as a Healing Journey

Parenting as a healing journey First published in The Natural Parent Magazine Stop right now and for a moment feel how deeply you desire for your child to feel seen, heard, loved and supported.  What emotions does this evoke?  And what about when you worry that your child is not feeling seen, heard, loved and supported?  Parenting evokes such intense

Co-parenting: co-creating healthy peaceful parenting approaches

Do you wish yourself and your partner (or ex partner as the case may be) could work together as a team to better manage parenting challenges?  Do you tense up fearing that it’s going to end in conflict? In this post, I’m sharing a process that many parents and caregivers have found incredibly helpful.  It’s been developed for parents (or

Balancing body autonomy and necessary health interventions

Navigating body autonomy and necessary health interventions As parents committed to more peaceful and gentle approaches, we do all we can to avoid being forceful with our children.  This is such a beautiful, and particularly important, value to hold.  We want our children to have a strong sense of body autonomy.  We want them to know they have the right

Compassionate Education

Table of Contents Intrinsic motivation versus manufactured motivation Like many of us, I passionately believe that children need and deserve to feel secure that they will overall be treated with care and compassion in their learning environment.  Most teachers I work with value maintaining care and compassion in their classrooms.  They know the value of fostering the child’s intrinsic motivation.

Separation anxiety: Parents separated

If you have moments of complete overwhelm and wonder what you can do, be reassured you are not alone. As parents we all have these times where our ‘volcanoes are about to erupt.’

In this teleseminar Genevieve talks about what we can do in those moments and how we can prevent it from happening.

Peacefully navigating conflicts

Is it even possible to peacefully navigate conflicts? Most of us grew up in families where conflicts were not managed so well.  And when that’s the case, we not only don’t learn conflict resolution skills, we can bring some really unhelpful habits into our adult lives.  There’s a good reason the famous quote by Ram Dass is so popular; “If you think

The highs and the lows of birthdays

Originally published in The Natural Parent Magazine The importance of family traditions Family rituals and traditions bring us together; they connect us and become part of each family’s identity.  Birthday celebrations are amongst the most important traditions for most families.  Birthdays and other family rituals and celebrations offer us a chance to step out of the mundane and focus on

The difference between natural or imposed consequences

What’s the difference between imposing a consequence and a natural consequence? This is a question that comes up a lot and can be one of the more tricky concepts for many parents to grasp.  So bear with me while I attempt to bring more clarity. A parent might say to their child; “if you don’t finish your homework, the natural

When your child won’t take no for an answer

By Genevieve SimperinghamFirst published in The Natural Parent Magazine.  Does it sometimes feel like life would be a lot easier if you never had to say “no” to your child?  Do you get exhausted by their constant needs and wishes?  Or maybe you get frustrated that you can’t meet all their wants and needs while also keeping on top of

Why it’s important to free your child from the burden of shame

I want to talk about the importance of not shaming our children.  I’m very aware that it’s a tricky topic to engage with without triggering shame related to causing our child to feel shame!  If we’re to collectively break the shame cycle, the shame minefield needs to be tackled! Ultimately we all want to raise children who truly can stand

Navigating Screen Use

Do conversations about screen use often lead to conflict in your family? Do you struggle to figure out how much screen time is appropriate to allow at different ages?  Do you have the instinct to limit screen time more, but it seems that all the other kids are on iPads or playing video games?  Do you equally fear that if

What every parent needs to know about kids using screens

By Genevieve SimperinghamFirst published in The Natural Parent Magazine.  Kids just love being on those screens and hate having to turn them off!  We parents (often guiltily) love how all becomes calm and quiet when our child disappears into the digital world.  Oh the relief!  Oh the guilt!! We love saying yes to that which makes our kids shriek with

Simple Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids

Table of Contents Every member of the family can benefit greatly from mindfulness Firstly let’s talk about what mindfulness is, what it can look like and how it can benefit you.  When you connect with, or remember, how good it feels for you when you become more mindful, you’ll naturally want to share that positive experience with your child.  Mindfulness

The Role of Mindfulness in Peaceful Parenting

Practising mindfulness as parents and modelling the same for our children might just be the factor that tips the balance from increased chaos to increased happiness and harmony! Mindfulness is about consciously slowing down and becoming present in our in-the-moment experience, including our inner experience of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, with the intention to witness without judgment or evaluation. “But

Ending Parental Conflict

Parental conflict can be a huge source of stress for parents and children alike All family members need enough harmony to feel loved and secure. Everyone wants and needs to feel emotionally safe and supported, to feel seen, heard and understood.  Many couples struggle on, assuming things can’t get any better, feeling powerless. The more misunderstandings and resentments mount, the

When my son struggled with his baby sister

When my daughter was born, we struggled so much as a family  I knew in theory how common it is for families to struggle with this huge transition, yet I really wasn’t prepared for just how difficult it would be!  All these years on, I can still feel emotional remembering how much we each struggled at this stage of our

Mixed race mother helping son to dress

7 Secrets of success in getting a toddler dressed

First published in the Natural Parent Magazine Every parent of young children has had at least some of those pulling their hair out moments when they’re needing to get out the door… but their child has zero interest in getting dressed! Situations like this can feel so stressful and often result in parents bribing, threatening or yelling out of sheer

When Peaceful Parenting isn’t working… what’s missing?

First published in The Natural Parent Magazine It takes a lot of hard work to become a more mindful parent and create true emotional safety in the family. When stressed and under pressure, it can be too easy to just say what’s on our minds, and to seek cooperation through orders, threats or guilt trips, “just do it!”, “if you

Sibling struggles

Parents understandably want their children to love each other, to care about each other and hopefully learn healthy ways of working through differences. Witnessing acts of kindness between siblings is incredibly heart-warming for parents.  When an older child directs their frustration at their younger, more vulnerable, sibling this is particularly stressful to say the least! Not only can it test

Parenting differently from family or friends

The trials of being a peaceful parent pioneer Do you sometimes feel challenged in your attempts to be a more peaceful parent? Especially in a society that’s less than compassionate towards the differences and struggles of parents and children. Many parents are surprised about the tensions that arise when they choose to parent differently from family and friends. Have you

Parenting Differently from Family and Friends (Part Two)

Part One of Parenting Differently from Family and Friends covered… The challenges of working to be a more peaceful parent Raising children in a society that judges lack of punishment to be permissive parenting My own challenges as a parent parenting differently The emotional turmoil that differences in values can evoke Quotes from other parents who share their struggles Setting

Peacefully Parenting Your Anxious or Resistant Child

Peacefully parenting your anxious or resistant child by Genevieve SimperinghamFirst published in The Natural Parent Magazine New Zealand. So many adults didn’t gain the emotional support they needed growing up as they navigated friendships, social challenges and generally adapting to new environments, situations and activities.  The majority of adults also now experience mild to severe anxiety in social situations, in

The Science of Emotion: Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Model

The Science of EmotionFirst printed in The Natural Parent Magazine I’ve just spent five very rich days listening to Dr Gordon Neufeld talk at the Parenting Place in Auckland, New Zealand.  He covered the topics of the science of emotion, aggression, bullying, discipline without punishment, alpha children, anxiety, the challenges of parenting in a digital world and so much more. 

Why not to ignore your child or put them in time out

We should ignore the child when they act out! – Or should we?By Genevieve Simperingham This article was first published in New Zealand’s Natural Parent Magazine, Summer edition 2015 Parents hear a lot of advice urging them to ignore their child when they exhibit unwanted behaviour.  When the child is resisting going to sleep and repeatedly gets out of bed,

If you want your teenager to be patient, reasonable, and understanding …

One night I was saying goodnight to my daughter (13 at the time) when she started telling me about all the reasons why she feels she really wanted a certain phone.  She was making some really good points, but I didn’t reflect those points to her.  My rising stress about the sleep she needed led me to cut to the


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