Do you lose patience with your child, and then feel awful?

Does parenting sometimes feel overwhelming?

You’re so not alone and you’ve come to the right place!

The Peaceful Parent Institute is the place to learn the skills and strategies you need to understand and meet your child’s core needs for emotional safety, connection and love.

Learning this non-punitive, attachment-based approach is proven to strengthen connections and end power struggles resulting in more peaceful and harmonious relationships; more connection, more cooperation, more moments filled with love and laughter!

Parents and teachers alike experience beautiful turnarounds when they master the peaceful parenting approaches that we teach. We all crave and deserve more peace and harmony!

At the Peaceful Parent Institute, our mission and our passion is to provide the education, support and guidance that parents and teachers need.  We have the joy and privilege of witnessing those we help dramatically reduce their overwhelm and learn to respond with more patience and skill.

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The content in our comprehensive self-paced eCourses is based on both tried and tested evidence-based principles and the practical tools and techniques that have transformed the foundations and dynamics of myriad families before you.  All packaged and presented using videos, audios, printouts, real-world examples and actionable approaches that can be applied to your life right away.

If you have a desire to help parents create more harmony in their families as a Peaceful Parenting Instructor and Educator, be sure to enter our email list on the information page.  Registrations are currently closed for our Instructor Training but we will let that email list know as soon as we have a date for the next intake.  Also don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions!

We regularly run Peaceful Parenting seminars for parents and professional development for educators around New Zealand. Genevieve can be booked for speaking events in New Zealand and Australia.

I feel that I now have some real concrete tools and strategies and they are grounded in science which makes them much easier for others to buy into.
Not only do they feel right to me, they are effective. I think the principles, concepts and strategies are presented in a way that makes them easy to remember and to implement into daily life. I learned very practical and specific ways to peaceful parent in almost any given situation.

Ann Gettis

Oh gosh my toolbox is so much richer and I can now deal with things rather than avoiding them from my own overwhelm, not just in my family but in many other parts of my life. It has been so rich and unexpected I can't really express it in words. I was so full of anger/frustration before and now I'm not.

Rachel Chapman

Referring to the Instructor Training: Do it! 🙂 t will change your life as a parent and a professional. In the past I have had a tend to rush things and go to problem solving right away, but kids are not ready to problem solve if they don't feel heard yet. The training has taught me to not jump into the last step and take it step by step. Reflecting, active listening, setting loving limits, family meetings.

Alena, Certified Instructor

Through using (and understanding) the tools and techniques outlined in the training I feel as though both myself and my husband have really deepened our connection with our children. Our house feels closer and calmer. We are in the fairly unique situation of choosing to work from home and home educate, so enjoying spending all of that time with each other is key!

Victoria Maus Certified Instructor and Parent educator

I was under the understanding that reward systems and time out were the only way!! It is very refreshing to learn a better approach and to understand the long term effects. I've loved learning all the peaceful parenting techniques!


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