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Our Peaceful Parenting Instructor Training is a one year program

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Do you dream of earning a living doing that which brings more harmony to the world?

Do you wish you could help more people with the wisdom you've gained on your parenting and life journey?

Would you benefit from gaining the emotional, educational and practical support you need in developing a successful business as a parenting instructor and educator?


Our caring mentors and fellow trainees will be there as you share your questions, challenges and successes.

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The required eCourses are beautifully laid out and record the units completed and questions answered.

Genevieve and the mentors will help you learn the concrete step by step strategies your future clients will need to overcome their challenges.  


Putting the theory into practice will greatly improve your own life ..

Much of the training journey will centre around your ability to be mindfully aware of your emotions and triggers as you apply the theory in your own life.

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I've been implementing this recently and I was shocked at how quickly the children responded to my response to the fighting.  The children started listening to me, instead of fighting which gave them time to think and cool down.  The eldest child (4) has even started offering beautiful solutions to the issues and often offers the item that is the high prize!  This makes me feel so accomplished and helps me strive to continue peacefully parenting!

Sophie, mother of 3 under 4

"With Genevieve, the only Heart to Heart Parenting Instructor in NZ - you will feel utterly supported and deeply inspired, I've known Genevieve for many years, and I'm very excited about this unique training program. I see it as a big step towards creating the world we really want. - I would want her courses filled to the brim I can't imagine anyone better to write and run them"

Robin Grille, Author of ‘Heart to Heart Parenting’ and ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’

Resources & Requirements

Over the year, work through and complete all units in our eCourses and resource kits,
including answering the on screen reflection/ learning questions.

  • us$100monthly Or $1,000 one payment

  • Trainees can post questions, share success & challenges.
    Learning Support Forum
  • 2 live monthly webinars with Genevieve plus replays.
    Monthly support webinars with Genevieve
  • Zoom with Genevieve and trainees every 2 weeks
    Monthly webinars to work through examples
  • Learning and practicing the basic PP tools.
    Step by step eCourse
  • Each of the 9 videos can be downloaded in audio form.
    Discipline without Punishment Video eCourse
  • Managing your triggers to support clients to do the same.
    Mama Meltdown eCourse
  • Become familiar with all the resources available.
    Library of Videos, Audios and more
  • Parents seeking your support will need lots of support with this.
    Meeting Aggression with Connection Resource Kit
  • Mastering the skills to share with clients.
    Mindful Parenting Resource Kit
  • Parental conflicts, kids conflicts, teens & alcohol, screens & play
    Become familiar with material in all resource kits including:
  • Short and sweet challenge to enjoy & share with clients.
    10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge
  • Exploring what's needed to set up your business.
    Running a successful parenting business webinar
  • Balancing family and business needs
    Juggling parenting and running a business webinars
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs.
    Stepping into your power video
  • Read through past discussions.
    General village forum for personalised parenting support
  • Become familiar with these resources.
    Peaceful PARTNERing Group
  • To support your self-healing as you learn.
    Self-Healing Group
  • Includes food mood connection resources.
    Natural Health and Nutrition Group
  • 30% referral earning
    Affiliate income for referrals
  • $1,000 for full year
    Discount for up front payment
  • us$100monthly Or $1,000 one payment

Requirements to gain the Peaceful Parenting Instructor Certification

Work through and complete all units in our eCourses and resource kits, including answering the on screen reflection/ learning questions on relevant units.

The Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse. This course covers the toolkit of Peaceful Parenting strategies in a step by step process giving you a good foundation for all additional learning.  You're required to cover all 36 lessons in this eCourse including videos, downloadable audios, all summary sheets, reflection questions & practical tasks.

  Become familiar with the information covered in the following Resource Kits;  * Meeting Aggression with Connection, * Mindful Parenting, * Ending Parental Conflict, * Teens and alcohol, * Kids Conflicts and Sibling Rivalry  *  Screens vs Self-Directed Play.

Discipline without Punishment eCourse.  Watch the videos and read the text in all 8 lessons of this Series.  These cover why and how replacing punishments with Peaceful Parenting strategies will lead to greater harmony and cooperation in the family or classroom.  

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge.   This offers a 10 minute per day for 10 days challenge, with the intention of bringing more peace, harmony and clarity into a parent's days and helping to build positive habits in self-care and mindfulness.

Mama Meltdown eCourse  A short but powerful 4 module course that looks at anger and overwhelm, strategies to resolve excessive stress while supporting parents to better identify and resolve their triggers and create clear effective plans for avoiding taking their frustrations out on their child.  

Monthly webinars for trainees.  Attend or watch the replay of at least 4 of Genevieve's webinars with trainees.

Cover recommended reading including Aletha Solter's books and the peaceful parenting workbook that accompanies the Step by Step eCourse.  Plus our series of Parent Child Scripts to gain more confidence in applying the tools in different scenarios.

A skype consultation with Genevieve to work through a current parenting struggle both for your own benefit and gain experience from the perspective of the client (included in training fee)

Agree to a minimum of 4 supervision appointments with Genevieve in the first year of working as a Peaceful parenting Instructor and educator.  Fees for this not included but reduced supervision for trained instructors (see Q&A below)

How long will it take? Participants can become certified when all requirements have been met even if the year hasn't been completed, yet are still required to complete the year to gain continued learning and support. Participants are welcome to take as long as they need to complete all requirements.

Additional optional zoom video calls covering; * stepping into your power and finding your unique voice and style *  the interonnectedness of your wounds and your gifts  *  creating or developing your online presence  * social media marketing  *  website, blog and email automation system  *  building your list  * facilitating real life and online groups.

Before certification, completion of a detailed form to demonstrate your understanding of the principles and strategies you have learned.  Genevieve will give you feedback, either in written form or through a one on one zoom, with the aim to further enhance your learning and give you more clarity and confidence.  This isn't about grading it's about support and guidance.


Extensive Resource Library to Support your Learning

Our Resource Library offers additional recommended (but optional) videos, audios and Q&A's to support your learning

Sorted by video, audio and text you can easily find your preferred format.

People often comment on how much they learn from seeing and hearing Genevieve explain and demonstrate the concepts.

When working with a diverse range of parents with a huge range of challenges, you'll need lots of resources to be able to reference back to and potentially share with clients. 


Gain the support you need as your train and develop your business

Village Forums are supportive spaces to ask your questions or gain support

You'll soon consider our lovely mentors friends.

Non-judgemental, compassionate support and advice - no matter where you at in your training, your parenting, your life!

Other trainees will be very happy to listen to and support your questions and concerns, often you'll find they're having the same struggles which makes the journey less lonely.

Favorite groups include the Village green general forum, the eCourse learning forum, Self-healing, natural health and nutrition & the Peaceful Partnering groups.

Always more videos, audios & eCourses in the pipeline!

We have an overflowing list of videos, courses & resources we're just itching to develop and share with you! The Village will continue to grow & evolve.

In addition to the monthly webinar for trainees, you can also join the fortnightly live Q&A webinars with Genevieve and Tabitha for all peaceful parent village members which gives you another chance to ask your burning questions.

More goodness being added all the time.

This is your village.  Want something?  Just ask.  We love making stuff you love.

Commonly Asked Questions

Does it matter where in the world I live?

No not at all, you can join from anywhere in the world. You just need a computer and access to the internet. Most of the videos and audios can be downloaded when you have access to high-speed wifi. You can post your questions at any time, and they’ll be answered as others are online and you can monitor notifications. We change around the times that we offer webinars to facilitate different time zones, and also people can send a question in ahead of time and then watch the replay after the event.

For many years, we've been developing the resources to facilitate education through the Village to make it easier for those outside of New Zealand to gain the benefits that people receive from the live courses.

To undertake the training do I need to be a parent or a teacher?

The training is open to anyone who has ongoing contact with children. It's ideal for parents, grandparents or teachers. It's important to be able to observe children and practice what you learn through your communication with one or more children in your world. You don't need to interact with children of all ages as the Village forums and resources like the problem solving and loving limits scripts offer lots of answers to typical questions relating to a wide range of ages.

How long will it take to complete the training?

We offer that participants can become certified in a shorter or longer time than the year because we recognize that participants will come from a diverse range of personal and professional experiences and that each person will have different needs to meet to get to the stage where they feel competent and confident to offer their services in their community as a peaceful parenting instructor and/or educator.

The same is true for those who do the training for the purpose of integrating the tools into their current therapeutic or teaching practice who may not have the wish or need to market themselves as a peaceful parenting instructor or educator. Allowing for this, participants can gain their certification once they've met the requirements whether this takes 5 months or 2 years.

Especially for those who have already completed the Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse at some point in recent years or who have already had some one on one appointments with me over recent years, they may be able to meet the requirements in a much shorter length of time. Also for those who have already been practicing some of the core principles of non-punitive connection based parenting and/or teaching, and especially those who have already tackled a lot of their own inner self-healing work, again they may be able to move through the material with more ease and speed than others. And for many reasons, other participants will need to take a lot more time before achieving the point of competence and confidence to offer their services as a peaceful parenting instructor and educator.

What is the time commitment required to undertake the training?

Breaking down the time required to complete the eCourses plus the resources in each of the Resource Kits over the 12 months, we recommend making an appointment with yourself in your diary to spend at least 8 hours per month or 2 hours per week to engage in the training material.  Whether that's a 2 hour block one evening or weekend morning, or 30 minutes 4 nights a week.  And in addition to this, we require that participants preferably attend or watch the replay of a minimum of four of the support webinars for trainees.

If you have a look at the eCourse library; you'll see the list of eCourses and estimated recommended time to work through each of them as follows:

The Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse; Time Commitment - approximately 12 - 14 hours; 7 modules (about 2 hours each) broken into 4-5 units of about 20-30 minutes each. To allow time to practice each approach while they're fresh in your mind, we suggest you plan to work on this course over 6-8 weeks. There is an accompanying workbook and several summary sheets where the approaches are summarized into easy simplified one-pagers that can all be printed out and kept in your PP Instructor learning folder.

The Discipline without Punishment Video eCourse; Time Commitment - approx. 5 hours to cover 9 videos approx. 15-20 minutes each, accompanying text and 6 reflection worksheets. Most of the videos are excerpts from live seminars, the longer versions of these seminars can be made available on request.

Mama Meltdown eCourse recommended time commitment is 2 ½ hours over 4 units. Again this will depend on a participant's previous experience in working with their own and other people's emotional journey towards greater harmony and emotional regulation and emotional self-management.

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge: In this mini eCourse we suggest that participants carve out just ten minutes per day to practice each day's simple yet powerful practice that's aimed to increase one's ability to be mindfully calm present and connected with their own and their child's feelings and needs. Yet in reality reading each day's suggested practice, practicing it with your child during the day, then returning to answer the on-screen reflection questions to help integrate the practice and gain any subsequent insights will take about 30 minutes a day over 10 days. So especially when doing this eCourse with the intention of potentially guiding clients or course participants to follow through it, we suggest allowing 5 hours for this eCourse.

Covering the information in these eCourses is estimated to take about 25 hours in total. This doesn't include the time spent practicing what you're learning. The richest learning, of course, comes from the practice in putting the theory into practice with the child or children in your life on a day to day basis. We've estimated that if you can spend 8 hours per month or 2 hours per week to engage in the training material you can cover the basic requirements.  And in addition to this, we require that participants preferably attend or watch the replay of a minimum of four of the support webinars for trainees. In addition to these requirements there are additional optional zoom video calls that trainees can avail of depending on what they need to gain the confidence and competence they need during the training or download to access as needed later as they develop their practice or business (See "Additional optional zoom video call" topics in the list of requirements on the information page).

Covering the additional material in our resource library and any other relevant information that relates to where you see the gaps in your learning and understanding to be, we recommend spending a minimum of one hour per week working through this material and encourage you to engage in the eCourses learning forum in the Village to share your thoughts, insights and ask your questions.

This additional material that we encourage participants to become familiar with is based on equipping you to feel confident answering some of the most common questions that arise in consultations with parents and on workshops: * Meeting Aggression with Connection, * Mindful Parenting, * Ending Parental Conflict * Teens and alcohol, * Kids Conflicts and Sibling Rivalry * Screens vs Self-Directed Play * Peacefully parenting Strong-Willed Children * Tears and tantrums * The food-mood connection. Additionally, one of the webinars will cover how to tackle any concerns that a parent or teacher may have that the child may have a condition that needs to be identified and addressed

How much does the training cost?

It is a one year long program. The cost of the program for those who manage to complete all requirements within the year is US$100 per month over 12 months or USD$1,000 in one upfront payment. For those who need longer to complete, they can continue to stay engaged with the training material and ongoing video calls and support through the forum as long as they need to at the cost of $100 per month.

How much do the supervision appointments with Genevieve cost?

The training fee includes all the required eCourses, resource kits and optional video webinars during the training. The one on one supervision appointments with Genevieve are not included in the training fee.  The normal fee of NZ$150 per hour or US$100 per hour will be reduced to NZ$110 (or US$70) for trainees or certified instructors within the first two years post-certification.

Will I build my own client base and will PPI support me to promote my business as a PP Instructor?

Yes each peaceful parenting instructor will build their own client base.  There will be a page on the website with the details of each instructor and their contact and other relevant information.  Instructors can have their own page on the website if they send us their bio and relevant information and links.  They are then welcome to use this link in emails or facebook page posts or other digital information.  The link will look like this;

Do I need to complete the four supervision appointments with Genevieve before I become certified? No.

No.  You can bring as many of your questions and challenges into the training as you like, including questions relating to clients you begin working with during the training.  We ask that you are honest with anyone you offer peaceful parenting support to that you're still in training.  The 4 supervision appointments are for your support and continued learning duringn your first year of working with clients post gaining instructor certification.

Can I avail of PPI's content like handouts, slideshow files and the PPI eCourses and resource kits?

Yes, the finer details of how all that works will be explained as you get close to completing requirements.  When you become a qualified instructor, you'll be given a package of resources that you can use including summary sheets relating to the different tools, pre-made power point presentation files relating to some of the most common seminars / workshops that Genevieve currently offers.  You can look on the seminars page to see what those topics are;
You can also take individuals or groups through one or more of the eCourses that you yourself will be learning from during the training.  As a trained instructor you'll receive a 30% commission on the price that your clients/ customers will pay.  Our affiliate system can very cleverly recognise that a sale came from the IP address of someone who first visited the website through your affiliate link even if it was many months earlier. We will also encourage Instructors to email us with the name of anyone who you know has bought one of the products

What does it mean to be a certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor trained by the Peaceful Parent Institute (PPI)?

It means that you can promote yourself as a Peaceful Parenting Instructor and Educator who has been trained and certified by Genevieve Simperingham and the Peaceful Parent Institute.  It means that you will have the ongoing support during the training and beyond of PPI as you develop your business.  It's very important that the strong and consistently positive reputation of PPI be maintained as PPI certified instructors share what they've learned through the training and ongoing learning and support.  When someone puts themselves out there in their community as an Instructor and educator certified by PPI they benefit from the weight of this reputation, brand and following that has developed over 25 years of Genevieve and her husband Dan plus in the last decade the PPI team offering consistently good quality information and support to families in need around the globe.

Will the training give me the therapeutic support that I need?

No, to gain ongoing therapeutic holding and support you will need to work with a therapist or set up a listening partnership with another trainee or village member. However, you will gain a lot of support as you journey through the training. You will likely find that the training brings you in touch with your own emotional patterns and will likely find yourself revisiting your own childhood quite a lot as you learn and change patterns from childhood. The support we offer can be very healing and therapeutic, yet we need to be very clear that online therapy is not the intention of the Village.

Genevieve, Tabitha, Meg and Gauri, Julie, Michelle, Debra and the other administrators each bring a huge richness of experience and passion to this community.  We each have different skills that we bring and all share a passion for reaching as many families and schools as possible with these connection based approaches.  Between us we have a lot of experience in counselling, family therapy, teaching, special needs, sensory issues, mindfulness, occupational therapy, the healing of trauma and childhood wounds.  And yet none of us are offering to be a primary support person to a trainee.  We can support people to reach out and gain the support they need in their world and gain extra support in the Village.

What if unforeseen circumstances arise and I’m unable to continue with the learning?

We understand that this happens at times, especially at parents who can never control life to the full and need to prioritize the needs of the family.  In this situation, just chat with Genevieve and negotiate for your learning and hence your payments to be paused until you are again in a situation where you can continue.

How does the refund policy and cancellation work?

You can gain a full refund in the first 30 days.  The only conditions that apply is that we’ll first send you a couple of questions to make sure that you’re not leaving because you didn’t access the help you needed finding the materials that most relate to your situation.

As a safeguard, we also check at our end that a member hasn’t already downloaded lots of the material. This is for our protection knowing how valuable the content is and not wanting it to be misused or repackaged.  But if you’ve downloaded 3 or 4 items to see if it’s a good fit for you and you decide to leave, we absolutely respect that and will be happy to give you a refund!

If you joined more than 30 days ago and signed up for a year, you can cancel or downgrade to basic (free) membership and you'll still have access until the full year has passed, at which point you'll lose access to the member-protected content.

How does the affiliate commission work?

Please also read the response to the question above this relating to accessing PPI content to share with clients or workshop participants.  When you first join and start the training, we'll guide you to register as a PPI (Peaceful Parent Institute) affiliate.  As a trainee, you'll receive a commission of 15% on any products or membership someone avails of.  When you become a qualified Peaceful Parenting Instructor that commission goes up to 30%.  You'll have login details and be able to track any sales and commission amounts through your dashboard.

As an affiliate, you'll be able to offer links to this website in your emails, website, social media pages/ posts which has an affiliate code associated with it.  If that person then becomes a Peaceful Parent Village member or buys one of the individual eCourses or other digital products through our products for sale page, whether it happens on that day that they first link through from your link or even many months later, you'll receive a commission for that.

I'm already a PP premium village member, how can I join?

If you're already a Village Member, the first step is to visit My Account and choose the option to Downgrade to free subscriber.  Then go back to the PP Instructor information page and sign up with the option of 12 monthly payments or the upfront one payment for the year.  If you live in New Zealand, read the answer to the question "I live in New Zealand, can I pay in NZ$ and is GST included?"

I live in New Zealand, can I pay in NZ$ and is GST included?

If you want to pay in NZD, email us to arrange this.  The NZD equivalent is $150 per month or $1,500 for the full year if paid upfront.  This amount includes GST.  Email us (you can reply to this email) and let us know whether you'd prefer to pay by credit card in which case we'll send you the registration form which will guide you to pay through Stripe or you can set up a direct debit through or pay the full year's amount into;  Peaceful Parent Institute account ANZ 06-0493-0506439-00


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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