I’ve really got a lot from Genevieve’s attachment play ideas, especially the idea of giving controlling children control in games. I also love the advice around using humour to diffuse tense situations with the children. Genevieve’s such a great speaker, very easy to listen to! And I loved the fun games she facilitated to help us understand how play can be so powerfully healing for children.


“It feels like the things I learned about myself and the stories from fellow journeymen was a movement into an understanding of the human condition and how we are all connected in some way. Having knowledge of a common struggle strengthens the bond and the stand we make in the world. My weekend with you and the experience of connecting with the magic of my inner knowing grows with me and now I can call on it regularly for guidance.”

Grace, Psychotherapist

“Thank you for all your wisdom and for putting me in touch with mine!”


“Hi Genevieve, Back home now enjoying the storm and your words and healing still resonating within me. Thank you. For me, a lot of the revelations, affirmations and deeper understandings came with the amazing feedback you gave. You can read plenty of books that will tell you of the magnificent nature of your true being but to be given such a personal reminder of who you really are is a very special experience. Thank you.”

Rachel, Scotland

“(Referring to a guided meditation) What a wonderfully meaningful way to end the retreat. The beating drum went deep into my soul… The wording used was powerful, along with the symbols. Being embraced by a knowing eagle, caring for the sad and lost parts of myself. Being allowed to be sad, to feel alone, to not rush through it or be afraid of it. Caring for this part of myself in a nurturing place in my body, allowing the healing to continue… all reminders of this mystical journey that never ceases… Blessings to you for the guidance and space”

Aletha Hasbrouck, California

“Amazing!! I was hanging on every word at the workshop. I found the concepts that Genevieve was explaining to be both amazing and so obvious and simple at the same time. I think every parent needs the opportunity to learn peaceful parenting techniques. The effects in my family have been incredible. Every time I feel like getting annoyed at my kids, I remember Genevieve’s words and it helps me remember that they need my warmth and guidance, not my anger. I’m loving this new way of listening to my children and how it consistently brings out the best in them and empowers them to find creative solutions to their problems.”

Sandra, Auckland NZ

“Genevieve, in the time I spent with you at your workshop last year, I felt you worked with openness and clarity and sensitivity to each individual, as well as real warmth of heart and a sense of fun… I look forward to working with you again. With love,”

Celine Kearney

“What I gained from the Parenting workshop was HUGE!! I gained deeper empathy for my babies and how it must feel for them to be dependent on me. I gained the sense that it’s ok being who I am and also that I must try harder to be more conscious.”

Liz, Auckland NZ

I’ve been implementing this recently and I was shocked at how quickly the children responded to my response to the fighting.  The children started listening to me, instead of fighting which gave them time to think and cool down.  The eldest child (4) has even started offering beautiful solutions to the issues and often offers the item that is the high prize!  This makes me feel so accomplished and helps me strive to continue peacefully parenting!

Sophie, mother of 3 under 4

“With Genevieve, the only Heart to Heart Parenting Instructor in NZ – you will feel utterly supported and deeply inspired, I’ve known Genevieve for many years, and I’m very excited about this unique training program. I see it as a big step towards creating the world we really want. – I would want her courses filled to the brim I can’t imagine anyone better to write and run them”

Robin Grille, Author of ‘Heart to Heart Parenting’ and ‘Parenting for a Peaceful World’

I now have the tools I need to be able to actually be able to discipline my children without punishing them!

Fleur, Auckland

I loved how the seminar was kept light and playful, I got such great insights into the power and value of emotional release. Also the huge difference between rules and agreements.

Anchal, Christchurch

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of attachement, what to look for, what to notice, and how to help children feel secure. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Kylie, Christchurch

I now have a deeper understanding of the need for respectful relationships, and being emotionally available and calm and responsive, particularly for children with more challenging behaviours.

Julie, Queenstown

Fascinating to learn the differences in insecure attachment styles – Ambivalent vs Avoidant. So simple but to learn to see the importance of crying as a stress release is a real benefit to me.

Amanda, Christchurch

The seminar reinforced lots of things I am doing right, but also reinforced that I have to look at myself and change my own beliefs, to stay calm and centred in order to support my childs emotional development. There was lots of time for questions and answers, a good balance of theory and practice.

Alex, Auckland

I now have a deeper understanding of my own processes that affect my parenting habits and I have a new set of skills to manage these.   I loved Genevieve’s wisdom, empathy, knowledge and presenting style.

Claire, Auckland

I got an amazing insight into how and why I parent the way I do. I now have a plan for when I am triggered. I can really see how useful mindfulness can be in parenting – I wish I did this seminar years ago!!

Mel, Auckland

I gained so much on the workshop personally – I feel encouraged we are on the right path. Genevieve’s compassion that it is hard AND worth it is so reassuring!  The workshop has helped me to trust in the healing timeframe, and how to recognise when certain elements may be missing in order for that healing to occur.

Kirsty, Auckland

I was under the understanding that reward systems and time out were the only way!!  It is very refreshing to learn a better approach and to understand the long term effects. I’ve loved learning all the peaceful parenting techniques!

Russo, Mangawhai

The seminar helped me understand why I want connection over authority. It reminded me of how children are needing to release tension and emotion. I learned of the importance of needing to reassure children that they are safe and supported when they are in turmoil.

Melody, Mangawhai

Genevieve, thank you for encouraging all of us. I am Midwife and mother and I live in the south of Spain where education is caught up in old role models.  My work is dedicated to giving families a chance to find love, understanding and consciousness from the beginning, which is in pregnancy, living with their unborn child. i am grateful to find that kind of inspiration you spread through your writing. 

Midwife and mother

THANKYOU Genevieve, your advice has changed my parenting in amazing ways – keep up the great work xx


You are doing such amazing work, Genevieve, and it is spreading like waves of love. Thank you, thank you with all my heart!!


I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea how much this is helping to heal my family. I have two little boys with horribly bad tempers and I’ve just felt like this is above my level of parenting skills, felt this way for a few years now. I’ve tried to find help in various ways but nothing has shown to be effective. But this, wow, this is helping me to heal my children, thank you so very much!!!


Genevieve gave us some advice on how to validate our son’s feelings and show him how to breathe deeply when he was angry. It turned out that we never had to use those techniques as he hasn’t bitten or clawed either of us again 🙂 (We have used them in other frustrated moments though!) It really showed us that just being heard and empathized with can heal immediately. My husband and I were given a space to talk which gave us both an immediate feeling of relief and Genevieve spoke out for our little boy (who was pottering around and listening the whole time) and for the first time we ‘heard’ the feelings behind his behaviour. Just the seemingly simple process of being heard and your feelings validated and empathized with really does heal! Babies, too!


My girl was 4 when she gave up the dummy entirely of her own accord… we did lots of work with Genevieve on getting her to express her feelings fully and yes that means being totally comfortable with the crying etc. I know how hard it is to be ok with it sometimes particularly as they get older. In the end I realised that it was my inability to be ok with her crying that lead to her dependance on the pacifier… it pacified me (and I know she picked up on how much it calmed me when she stopped crying – she sensed that crying meant that the person she was totally dependant on started becoming distressed). In the end it was only when I weaned myself of the dummy that she was free to wean herself 🙂 Additionally, she has also become very tuned in to her own emotions now and will say “I just need to have a cry because I’m sad about that” and let me know that she needs that time…. we haven’t looked back! Its been a huge learning experience for us all 🙂 xx We have recently gone through weaning my boy (2.5 years) and having the understanding I gained through the experience with my daughter made the process so much gentler and compassionate.


I realised something wonderful tonight and wanted to share it, and also say thankyou. My 55 week old baby is learning to ‘self settle’. She has been bf on demand and bed sharing the whole way through, and always fed to sleep, but she has started dropping off and crawling around a but before she goes to sleep. At first (last week) I though maybe she needed my help with pats/stroking only it woke her up! Tonight she had a 10min feed, a bit of a wiggle, then she was out, no tears, third night in a row. I am so happy 🙂 Genevieve, so many times your messages have helped me keep faith that this would work, and you were right. Thankyou!


Genevieve, your advice have made so much difference to my parenting style and state of mind overall (which has been much needed) – don’t think I have it mastered by a long shot but the daily reminders, practical advice, and overall positivity is helping my husband and I to learn to be the best parents we can be. Can’t say how much I appreciate this and have been wondering for nearly 3 years, since my son was born, where on earth to access this kind of information. It is so great to gain a more positive, nurturing perspective and begin to achieve far more successful outcomes when managing our wee lovelies. To have so much information and strategies available is so what I have needed to not only reinforce the parent I want to be but give me confidence in how I have been managing so far – who doesn’t need that?! Thank you thank you thank you. What a wonderful job you do!

eCourse participant

We use peaceful/gentle/attachment parenting with our son who is autistic and one of our therapy providers told us when he was 7 it was the peaceful strategies in his early years that have made a huge difference to his overall development and how he tackles his difficulties. It certainly isn’t an easy road and often it feels like you are getting nowhere and it is not working but then there is a huge breakthrough and it is so wonderful


I have noticed some improvements with my 7 yr old son. We had a session with Genevieve & it was great to help us focus. Tried some of her techniques of connecting & after a couple of tries my son told me this in the bath one night “Yeah it is really scary mum. When I get really angry it feels really good to hurt you and say bad things and I think I really mean it and then I calm down and I feel really bad that I did that and I’m sad”.  Since Genevieve pointed it out I now understand that it is more scary for them than for us – it took me ages to get that.


I am so glad to tell you how much more connected I feel with my daughter and my husband.  Bed time was a stressful job to do as my daughter seemed to not be able to stay on her own in bed.  After reading the centre and connect unit I realized that my daughter felt my stress rising during bed time although I was there telling stories and singing to her.  As she was asking for water, pee, one more song etc my presence was there but my voice was harsh and my body was tense.  Now I really feel that we connect on a different level and she is more than happy to stay in bed without my presence.  She hasn’t cried or asked for me to be in the room ever since I started doing that and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for uplifting me and telling me that I do a great job.  Now she is saying ’yes mommy’ to all of my solutions of the issues we go through, which is odd and funny at the same time.

eCourse participant 2016

Thank you, we have found the week one material  (of the PP Step by Step eCourse) really thought provoking and helpful already – my husband just commented that this feels so authentic and inline with who he is/wants to be rather than feeling like he has to conform to a prescribed way of parenting.  Thanks again!



I’m currently on Genevieve’s e-course as well, and really love it! The private forum is much like the best of this group (referring to Genevieve’s Facebook group) but on a more intimate and responsive level.


I took Genevieve’s e-course, and I really got a lot out of it! I felt they quickly responded to people’s questions and were very caring.


I took the course in December/January and I loved it! The material (videos, audio, print-outs) is excellent. Clear and to the point, full of practical examples of things you can implement right away. The sense of community in the forum is palpable. The support in the forum is amazing – lots of input, so much kindness and genuine warmth, just incredible and very beneficial. Genevieve and her team are always available and always prepared to really LISTEN. I would take it again!


I recently completed an e-course with Genevieve.  It was just what I was looking for to have support from mentors and be on in my own time. (At the time I had two kids under two and time was limited.). I got to hear from other parents like me or with different questions that I could take on board. The mentors gave feedback right away and I always felt supported and came out of it much more confident to help myself to help my children.


I have done the e-course and can not recommend it highly enough- – clearly set out in bite size chunks with a workbook, visual and audio links, also sent by email so you can re-listen often on different devices (if you are so inclined) it covers the range of skills and self-reflection to help, support and the forum is excellent to tap into and get mutual support and expert link and listening from Genevieve and the team. The printable worksheets are a godsend to keep in key areas as are the overviews that help see the bigger picture of what you are aiming for … it works to your strengths and the fact the group is small really aids this reflection and support.  I would unhesitatingly say it’s one of the best professional development courses I have done as a parent that has and is impacting my life happiness.


I’m taking Genevieve’s e-course now and it is fantastic!  Great material, lots of support on the forum (as well as your personal mentor), and these really convenient summary sheets you can print out to easily reference.


The seminar has encouraged us to help parents to look more at children’s feelings. The facilitator’s approach, facial expressions, ability to let other’s have their way were some of the things I really liked. I also enjoyed learning some ways to role play with parents to encourage them to see things from the child’s perspective and play with children more.

Playcentre educator.

“From the workshop, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the links between attachment theory and the needs, feelings and behaviours of children. I’ve gained strategies on how to interact with children with various social behaviours (e.g. aggression, shyness) and the subtleties between intervention and refereeing children’s interactions. There was great communal knowledge within the group and inspirational expertise of our tutor, Genevieve. Thank you!” 


“The information in the workshop was very clearly explained by Genevieve. The information was presented with a very non-threatening approach to different areas of behaviour. It was awesome!!” 

Early Childhood teacher

As a parent, my difficulty lately was getting my daughter ready in the mornings, it was all very stressful between us, now I’m talking to her differently using some of the suggestions and she is now going to school happy, so the course had really helped in that way. Even works for the man of the house!!!” 

Michelle Scott
Homebased caregiver for BJ's Homebased Childcare.

“From this therapeutic play workshop, I’ve gained a greater understanding and perspective of areas covered in workshop, I already knew some of these things, but now arranged clearer in my mind. I found the workshop to be very encouraging, helpful and I’ll be able to pass on to other parents when doing playcentre tutoring. I really liked the encouragement to play with children and to have fun. Thank you Genevieve, keep up the good work!” 

Playcentre educator

” What I gained from Genevieve’s presentation at the conference was an acknowledgment of my centre’s practice. I will bring all this information as a discussion to staff group and clarify centre practice. Some of the things I really liked was the clear presentation that Genevieve gave, the handouts are great, the website as a resource and the fact that it was a good combination of fun and theory for participants.” 

Early Childhood teacher

“From the workshop, I’ve gained a better understanding of therapeutic play and what it entails. Also, a better understanding of children’s feelings and what they mean, as well as a better approach for helping the children. The workshop has made me realize what I was doing in my practice and how I can better it as well. I really enjoyed everything, it was very interesting! ” 


“What I’ve gained from the therapeutic play workshop with Genevieve was a reinforcement of my practices. I was totally enthralled! I’m now more aware that I need to empathise with parents more and really listen!! Lots of informal chat – great stuff, good role modelling examples and I found the whole day to be very well directed.” 

Teacher, Kaitaia

“What I gained from the workshop was some practical ideas to use straight away in work with children. I’ve gained a better awareness of myself and how I approach situations, as well as the importance of having more empathy for children who have challenging behaviours, and ways to work effectively with them. I really liked the simple but very effective advice and a great list of books to read up on. It is definitely something I want to further learn about. Thank you!” 

Drama teacher

“From the workshop I’ve gained a reinforcing that what we teach is the same, as well as gaining some other ideas of what feelings and needs children have. The seminar has encouraged us to help parents to look more at children’s feelings. The facilitator’s approach, facial expressions, ability to let other’s have their way were some of the things I really liked. I also enjoyed learning some ways to role play with parents to encourage them to see things from the child’s perspective and play with children more.” 

Playcentre educator.

“Genevieve’s workshop has given me more tools for teachers and children to make the children feel more secure, acknowledged and I’ve learned self-regulating processes. Genevieve’s models that she presented has helped me to shift my focus on to the “stuck feelings” of a particular child and given me methods to help resolve these instead of just looking at the behaviour to be addressed. I really liked it all, thank you Genevieve!” 

Preschool teacher

“I found the workshop to be very interesting and helpful around how to deal with and help children with certain behaviours. What was taught has made me see what I have been doing wrong and right and what I can do better, it gave me lots of fresh ideas. Lots of great information, very helpful.”

Early childhood teacher, Northland

“I have gained a lot of helpful knowledge on how to recognise different behaviours and how to help the children in a respectful way with solving problems.  This has given me the tools to use a positive approach to working with children. I really liked every aspect of this workshop, as it was really helpful with my practice.” 

Early childhood teacher

“When I was at the seminar, I have to admit that I was doubtful that these techniques could bring positive results with my five year old son, but I’m constantly amazed at how quickly he calms down and actually starts to listen to me when he can see that I’m really listening to him and I can see how much more confident he becomes when he sees that I’m really there to help him and support him. I’ve seen him as such a little fighter, but now I can see that he’s just been trying to show me that he needs to see and feel my support and belief in him.” 

Whangarei, NZ.

“On the one day parenting workshop, I gained a sense of possibility that big things for, not just me and my kids, but all relationships and for the planet can be moved. I liked the ease of how we learned together, the clean clear cohesive teaching that chewed through a lot of ground. It’s given me an understanding of the deeper causes for behaviour, the big picture, intergenerational/ planetary progress, so many creative tools for helping my kids with where they are at and what they will go through.” –   Laurence.

Parent, workshop participant

“Something I gained from the Peaceful Parent course was a remembering of what it’s like to be the child, this was very powerful for me. I also gained a reconnection to my self as a mother. There were quite a few key points that really resonated with me, that felt fundamental and were things that I had either missed or didn’t know. Another thing I liked about the whole experience was how it brought me back to my parental awareness, a place I want to come from with my parenting and relationships in general” 

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

“I attended an evening talk and a full day workshop and I’ve gained tools to help me parent without anger or punishment and an understanding of that real need to connect and help my child release her emotions through my love and support. I liked the openness and connections felt within the group, discussing these issues with like-minded parents. It’s given me more information about how I can parent in a loving and supporting way without anger and punishment.” 

October 2009

“This was a fantastic course that all parents, teachers, caregivers should have the chance to do!!!” 

Anon parent and teacher

“I have read so many parenting books in the last four years and I have to say that Genevieve’s workshop stands out among the best. From her workshop, I realized how important it is to validate my children’s emotions. We were going down the road of control patterns and distractions. Now I embrace them and truly listen. I’d like to thank Genevieve for sharing her wisdom and making me aware of Dr. Aletha Solter’s books.”

Vicki Haverkort
other of two boys and high school teacher

I attended a one day Peaceful Parenting seminar in 2008. Genevieve’s ability to teach the information was great, using writing, talking, and role plays.  As is understandable, some quite strong emotions opened up during the group and Genevieve was very good at holding that process.  After that I was drawn to attend an inner child weekend with her to deepen the teachings. It was a very beautiful weekend that clearly brought about a lot of healing for all of us there.  

Anna Gentry
Director, Nature Play NZ

I am a part time school teacher, outdoors education facilitator, and equine assisted learning teacher, and mother of three aged 4, 3, an 1. I have known Genevieve socially for 4 years. I have witnessed her and Dan’s parenting of their two children a lot over that time and can vouch that they ‘walk their parenting talk’. This is especially evident in seeing the way they are with the kids at times of distress.

Anna Gentry
Director, Nature Play NZ

I have attended Genevieve’s workshops in Ireland, England and New Zealand and each one has been a life-changing experience for me. Genevieve’s work never fails to lift me out of the mundane and back into the love and light of the heart. She is a very special and very wise teacher. 

Lea Cowin

I have to admit that when I first listened to some of what Genevieve was explaining I was skeptical that it would work, but I’ve been surprised how well it does work when I remember to use this different approach.”

Michelle Scott
Hombased Education teacher and parent

“From Genevieve’s therapeutic play workshop, I’ve gained an understanding of how to best support children through behavioural challenges and identifying their needs in an inclusive approach. I’ve learned more strategies to use for helping children in the red zone (very out of balance behaviours), helping them to release and become un-stuck. I really liked learning the mediation steps to help children problem solve and develop greater empathy.”


“The workshop was an opportunity to affirm that laughter and silliness are normal and healthy.  I’ve gained a more in-depth and extended knowledge of how children’s needs can be met (in the even of) traumatic experiences.”

ECE Teacher

“Since the courses, I’ve been staying calmer and more patient and been supporting the children to think through and explain what’s happening when a difficulty arises, giving them more space to think through and come up with solutions to their problems. I can tell that they really like that I’m asking them what they think and feel and they like being part of sorting out their problems.”

Michelle Scott
Homebased Educator and parent

“What I gained from the workshop was a lot of alternative strategies and support to create a more loving, thoughtful relationship and home environment.  The workshop has changed my perspective on parenting, oh my, so much.  I feel at peace and empowered to be the parent and the health professional I want to be.”

Plunket Nurse

“Meeting Genevieve and learning about peaceful parenting has been a great relief as a teacher trying to align my professional practice and beliefs about behaviour guidance and promoting emotional wellbeing as required in Te Whariki and DOP’s. At last practical, available support for those who want to support long term wellbeing for our children.”

Marion Logan
Early childhood Teacher (BTchln) and Parent

“Genevieve has a wonderful, gentle, clear way of communicating breakthrough parenting skills & techniques, which really work! The workshop was very informative and I came away feeling empowered and excited. The handouts were helpful and Genevieve was always prepared to answer questions and offer advice. Well worth it!

A.H., Whangarei

“Genevieve’s parenting advice has made me feel more empowered and confident in positive parenting techniques.  She combines her practical personal experience with professional knowledge.  Genevieve creates an open welcoming atmosphere to educate and inform.  The seminar was very relaxed and I felt very comfortable asking questions.  I am enjoying the success of understanding myself and my children more and having a more peaceful home.  Thank-you!”

Jane, Whangarei

“What I gained from the Peaceful Parent workshop was a big boost of confidence, a new sense of empathy for my children’s feelings (watching and feeling the way you (Genevieve) spoke with people on the day, creating safety to pour out sadness and pain was inspiring for me). Another thing I gained was learning how not alone I am in what I experience as a parent.”

Emily, Waiheke Island, NZ


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