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Discipline without Punishment eCourse

How do we guide our children without punishments? This video series looks at why punishments are not helpful and what we can do instead.

Time Commitment – approx 5 hours

9  videos
6  reflection worksheets

The videos in this eCourse cover;

  •  Children’s Conflicts & Sharing  Understand how peaceful parenting approaches equip children with communication skills and conflict resolution skills that they will then internalize, develop and use in tricky challenges with other people all through their life!
  •  What DOES help when we get stuck?  Genevieve demonstrates that parents tend to get a much better result when they can hold and practice the key principles explained in the video.  Intervening with connection instead of criticism brings much better results in the moment AND teaches children fantastic skills for life!!
  •  Reasons for Offtrack Behaviour  One example shared is  a story about a mother whose three sons were arguing and squabbling constantly.  Watch the video to learn what works better.
  •  Peaceful Parenting Toolkit Part I  In this video from one of Genevieve’s seminars, she manages to touch on a whole array of peaceful parenting tools and share small examples with many of them.
  •  Beyond Punishment and Reward which goes deeper into the impacts on the child’s development when the caregiver relies on punishments and reward systems.
  •  Parenting Styles – which will give the viewer more clarity around the parenting styles that they tend to use and an opportunity to think about the pros and cons of different styles.
  • Obedience vs Cooperation – In this video excerpt, Genevieve talks about the differences between obedience and cooperation, and the different approaches a parent can takes which invites either obedience or cooperation.
  • Loving Limits – Part II of Peaceful Parenting Toolkit and covers Loving limits and more strategies which replace punishments, threats, bribes and enforced consequences.
  • Offtrack Behaviour – Part II  This video is a continuation of Genevieve’s seminar talk Reasons for Offtrack Behaviour in the mini-series and covers more examples of responding to challenging behaviours.

    Each unit contains downloads of the Audios and videos
Discipline without Punishment Video eCourse
Module 1 Welcome to the Discipline without Punishment Video eCourse [FULL COURSE]
Discipline without Punishment Video eCourse Full Version
Unit 1 Overview: Discipline without Punishment eCourse  - Preview
Unit 2 Unit 2: Discipline Without Punishment Intro videos
Unit 3 Unit 3: Parenting Styles
Unit 4 Unit 4: How can I HELP my child?
Unit 5 Unit 5: Beyond Punishment and Reward
Unit 6 Unit 6: Reasons for Off-Track Behavior
Unit 7 Unit 6: Obedience or Co-operation
Unit 8 Unit 7: Peaceful Parenting Toolkit
Unit 9 Unit 8: Children's Conflicts and Sharing
Unit 10 Thank you

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  4. […] Click here now to watch 5 free videos. Each is a short excerpt from one of Genevieve’s Discipline without Punishment […]

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