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Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse

Love this philosophy but wonder HOW to put it into practice?

This eCourse will take you though the strategies that make up the way of the Peaceful Parent philosophy.  Learn the steps we go through to centre ourselves, connect with our children and communicate in respectful ways that help our children grow and learn.

Time Commitment - approx 12 hours

7 modules (about 2 hours each) broken into 4-5 units of about 20-30 mins each

We suggest you plan to work on this course over 6-8 weeks.

The Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse
A Step by Step Guide to Peaceful Parenting.
Module 1 Welcome to the Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse
Find your way around the Village and get all set up to make the most of this Course.
Unit 1 Peaceful Parenting eCourse Map
Unit 2 Welcome
Unit 3 Finding Your Way Around
Unit 4 Getting Ready
Unit 5 eCourse Resources
Module 2 Peaceful Parenting
Introduction to Peaceful Parenting and it's benefits. Why kids 'mis'behave and how we can help them
Unit 1 Module 2 - Peaceful Parenting Toolkit
Unit 2 Why children "misbehave"
Unit 3 What we can do to help
Unit 4 Putting it into Action
Unit 5 Review & Reflect
Module 3 Filling Our Cups
This week is about some preventative measures we can take to ensure all family members are gaining the support they need.
Unit 1 Module 3 - Filling our Cups
Unit 2 CENTRE - Self-Care
Unit 3 CONNECT - Quality Time
Unit 4 CONNECT - Family Meetings
Unit 5 Review & Reflect
Module 4 Working Together
We will look at four strategies and how they flow to help you and your child work together.
Unit 1 Module 4 - Working Together
Unit 2 CENTRE - Breathe
Unit 3 CONNECT - Active Listening
Unit 4 COMMUNICATE - I Statements
Unit 5 COMMUNICATE - Problem Solving
Unit 6 Review & Reflect
Module 5 Listen & Limit
This week we focus on really listening even when children express themselves in challenging ways & setting limits in a loving and supportive way.
Unit 1 Module 5 - Listen & Limit
Unit 2 CENTRE... in the Moment
Unit 3 CONNECT - Healing through Tears & Tantrums
Unit 4 COMMUNICATE - Loving Limits
Unit 5 Review & Reflect
Module 6 Connect & Request
This week we look at how we can help & support our child to co-operate with us.
Unit 1 Module 6 - Connect & Request
Unit 2 CENTRE - The Stress Cycle
Unit 3 CONNECT - Play
Unit 4 COMMUNICATE - Requests
Unit 5 Review & Reflect
Module 7 Moving Forward
This week we look at at the big picture by bringing the strategies together with the behaviour reflection worksheet. With this you can look at an issue and think through which strategies might help. We want to support your ongoing journey so also check in on where to from here.
Unit 1 Module 7 - Moving Forward
Unit 2 Repair
Unit 3 Where to from here?
Unit 4 Course Video & Audio

  1. Maggie Travis 1 year ago

    Thank you all for bringing these resources together. Eternal gratitude. -Maggie

    • Genevieve Simperingham 12 months ago

      Maggie you’re so very welcome. We’re just so passionate about helping parents, knowing that it just doesn’t have to be the battle ground that is sadly so often the case. These approaches really do make sure a huge difference. There’s no quick fix or cure all, but learning, practicing and combining all these tools will make a huge difference and the benefits as the years go on are beyond measure. My kids are both taller than me now but randomly tell me how much they love and appreciate me all the time and the biggest reward is knowing that they genuinely love spending time with their family members and feel comfortable to be themselves and share whatever they want or need to share. Glad to have yourself and hubby with us.

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