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Overcoming Overwhelm eCourse (previously Mama Meltdown)

This short eCourse will help you understand why, as parents, we feel such anger and overwhelm at times.  It offers some simple practices that help to reduce the stress and overwhelm both in general and in those highly charged moments.

It includes notes, audios & reflection questions to help you put the ideas into practice straight away.  All audios are downloadable so you can access them from any device.

Time commitment

2 ½ hours over 4 modules and 9 units

Units covered

  1. Welcome
  2. Why we explode and how to prevent it
  3. Understanding overwhelm and anger
  4. How to center in moments of stress
  5. Emotional first aid
  6. Getting back on track
  7. Preventing eruptions
  8. Repairing connection after ruptures
  9. Additional resources; videos, audios on managing stress
Overcoming Overwhelm
Module 1 Why we explode and how to prevent it
Unit 1 Module 1 Unit 1: Welcome
Unit 2 Module 1 Unit 2: Why we explode and how to prevent it
Unit 3 Module 1 Unit 3: Understanding Overwhelm and Anger
Module 2 Emotional first aid
Unit 1 Module 2 Unit 1: How to center in moments of stress
Unit 2 Module 2 Unit 2: Emotional first aid
Module 3 Getting back on track
Unit 1 Module 3 Unit 1: Getting Back on Track
Unit 2 Module 3 Unit 2: Preventing Eruptions
Module 4 Repair
Unit 1 Module 4 Unit 1: Repairing connection after ruptures
Unit 2 Module 4 Unit 2: Additional resources; videos, audios on managing stress


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