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10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge

This mini eCourse offers a 10 minute challenge each day for 10 days, with the intention of bringing more peace, harmony and clarity into your days and helping to build positive habits in self-care and mindfulness.

Whether you’re just getting into peaceful parenting or you’ve been at it for 10 years, it’s usually an ongoing struggle to remain patient and present with your child.  This 10 day process will help you to practice remaining present and connected.  Small moments can all add up to making big changes.  Parenting can feel so overwhelming, and the default mode of living in stress and being reactive are so ingrained.  We understand that it’s not as simple as knowing better and doing better.  Parents need to feel guided and supported in developing the new healthier habits.  Our aim with this 10 Day process is to support you to bring more little bits of peace, presence, mindfulness and hence happiness into each day over the next ten days.

Your challenge, and indeed your gift, to yourself is to take a minimum of 10 minutes a day, over the next 10 days to focus on increasing peace and connection in your family.  Small moments truly can lead to big changes.  Even your decision to do this, makes a positive difference.  And hopefully you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll carve out more time to truly sit with the reflection questions and allow them to lift you into a state of greater peace and clarity in changing the old patterns and coming back to a more calm, balanced and settled state of being in yourself, and hence as a parent.

What does this mini eCourse offers you? 

Each day you’ll return to the next unit, and that day’s unit will share a suggestion for the day that’s very doable and will give you a focus that will help you maintain a more mindful presence in yourself and with your child on that day.

  • Each unit offers insightful quotes and encouraging words that will help you feel confident about being in and repeatedly returning to a more positive state of being on that day.
  • Each unit has a short video of our PP Instructor Renee working with that day’s suggestions with her two children.
  • Each unit has one or more reflection questions that guide you to reflect and gain more clarity about your peaceful parenting goal for that day.
  • Each unit will support you to build positive habits of self-care and mindfulness, leading to more harmony with your child.
10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge
Module 1 Welcome to the 10 day Peaceful Parent Challenge
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 10 Minutes for 10 days
Unit 1 Day 1 - Appreciate
Unit 2 Day 2 - Watch
Unit 3 Day 3 - Empathise
Unit 4 Day 4 - Listen
Unit 5 Day 5 - Nature
Unit 6 Day 6 - Connect
Unit 7 Day 7 - Feelings
Unit 8 Day 8 - Needs
Unit 9 Day 9 - Play
Unit 10 Day 10 - Self-Compassion

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