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10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge

This mini eCourse offers a 10 minute challenge each day for 10 days, with the intention of bringing more peace, harmony and clarity into your days and helping to build positive habits in self-care and mindfulness.

Getting started with Peaceful Parenting or need a boost?  Small moments can all add up to making big changes.  Parenting can feel so overwhelming, our aim is to support you to bring more little bits of peace, presence, mindfulness and hence happiness into each day over the next ten days.

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge
Module 1 Welcome to the 10 day Peaceful Parent Challenge
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 10 Minutes for 10 days
Unit 1 Appreciate
Unit 2 Watch
Unit 3 Empathise
Unit 4 Listen
Unit 5 Nature
Unit 6 Connect
Unit 7 Feelings
Unit 8 Needs
Unit 9 Play
Unit 10 Self-Compassion


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