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Diffusing Aggression through Connection eCourse

When children become aggressive, this can be the biggest and most stressful challenge that most parents face!! This eCourse contains video and audio explaining how best to help diffuse aggression and support our children to learn healthier ways of processing their big feelings.

This eCourse will help you:

  • Learn constructive approaches to intervene and deal with aggressive behaviour
  • Gain insight into some of the potential underlying causes of your child’s aggressive behaviour
  • Understand how this might be effecting them and therefore allowing you to soften your heart toward them
  • Learn how you can proactively help your child to process these emotions in a healthy manner
  • Identify and resolve any underlying hurts or unmet needs
  • Get help specific to sibling conflict and aggression at daycare
Diffusing Aggression through Connection eCourse
Module 1 Meeting Aggression with Connection eCourse
Unit 1 Unit 1: Diffusing Aggression through Connection  
Unit 2 Unit 2: What the aggressive child MOST needs  
Unit 3 Unit 3: Aggression at Daycare  
Unit 4 Unit 4: Aggression, Hitting & Sibling Rivalry  
Unit 5 Unit 5: Related Articles  


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