To make it easier & even more affordable to gain the support you need, our Step by Step Peaceful Parenting eCourse, plus some new eCourses, are all included in the Peaceful Parent Village Membership.

Our Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse has been designed to transform your parenting from chaos to increased clarity and cooperation.  This eCourse will take you on a step by step guided process through the core parenting strategies and when and how to apply them.

I have to admit that I was doubtful that these techniques could bring positive results with my five year old son, but I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he calms down and actually starts to listen to me when he can see that I'm really listening to him and I can see how much more confident he becomes when he sees that I'm really there to help him and support him.

I've seen him as such a little fighter, but now I can see that he's just been trying to show me that he needs to see and feel my support and belief in him."

Annie, Whangarei, NZ

The Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse

You will step through the concepts and strategies of Peaceful Parenting and learn how to implement them in your family.

Previously, this 6 week eCourse cost USD $294.  We've now opened it (and all our eCourses) to all PP Village members making village membership incredibly good value!

An in depth course covering 7 modules, broken into 4/5 units taking about 30 minutes each. Material includes videos, downloadable audio, reflection questions & practical tasks. Learn in the ways that work for you.

Get your questions answered by Genevieve and the team.  The eCourse was designed to help parents master peaceful parenting.  You'll need to become a member for minimum of 2 months to complete the course. 

This eCourse was designed to help you accelerate your peaceful parenting learning.

 Implement a range of specific Peaceful Parenting strategies and a step by step process to tackle your parenting challenges.

Throughout the 6 weeks, there will be email prompts to take you back to the material and cutting edge eCourse software that helps you track and record your progress.

"I love the concepts but HOW do I do it?"


If you ever find yourself thinking "ok I know I could have dealt with that better, but I'm not exactly sure how", then this is the eCourse for you ....

If you truly want to move away from yelling, threatening, nagging and imposing punishments, but don't know how else to gain cooperation from your child, then this eCourse will give you the effective peaceful parenting strategies that you need in those stressful moments ....

But I've read all the articles and things haven't changed!  If you find yourself thinking "this peaceful parenting is all very well in theory, I've read the articles, but it just doesn't work with my kids", then you probably need more than just the articles, you need and deserve more support with a mentor, videos, audios and a small group of fellow course participants to help you put the theory into practice.

Love this philosophy but wonder HOW to put it into practice?

Designed to transform your parenting from chaos to increased clarity and cooperation, this eCourse will take you on a step by step guided process through the core parenting strategies and when and how to apply them.

Learn to put our Centre, Connect, Communicate model into practice.  Learn the essential steps of our Centre, Connect, Communicate model; centre ourselves, connect with our children and communicate in respectful ways that help our children grow and learn.

Without the centring, we can't connect in a meaningful way that helps our child feel seen, heard and supporting.  And without the connection, our communication can lead to power struggles, or just lack the engagement we hope for.

This eCourse offers:

   A step by step guide to tackle parenting challenges peacefully

   Specific strategies to enhance your relationship with you child and engage co-operation

   Support at your fingertips from mentors who have faced some of the challenges you're facing now

The eCourse provides you with the tools and strategies that can transform the dynamics in your household from power struggles and conflicts to increased harmony and co-operation.  Our experienced Peaceful Parenting Mentors know how challenging these changes can be and will walk the journey with you, answering your questions as you learn.

I have to say that your ecourse has been helping me in so many ways that it is hard to describe all in here. Your videos were great, specially for a person like me that doesn't have much time to read. I used to walk my dog and listen to your talks on my ear phones!

The journalling, the forums, your daily emails they all are extremely important tools that help keep us parents connected to the philosophy and more important to ourselves. The most important lesson so far was to RE learn to LOVE MYSELF AGAIN and do things that really make me happy like back to the ocean surfing again. 🙂 I have learnt with you girls that quality time is better then quantity time and when Nicholas is at the day care, I try to make a time to meet my beautiful self instead of going crazy cleaning the whole house! So when I go back to pick up Nicholas I am fully happy and therefore present and keen to be around him again. ~ Angela

ENQUIRIES: click here to email or text: 0064 274179198

By the end of the course you will have:

A step by step formula for looking at why your child resists cooperating

  • A raft of tools to guide your child's behaviour and build connection including how to listen to your child, make requests (instead of demands) and set loving limits
  • Simple techniques to respond, in the moment, to tricky everyday situations
  • Strategies which enable you to feel more confident with parenting decisions
  • A closer bond with fellow, (striving to be more) peaceful parents
  • A more peaceful and connected relationship with your child
  • You'll be given a full year's access to the archive containing all the course material.

I'm just starting on the week 3 info. However I just wanted to give an update on how things are going.... I am feeling much more in control and feeling loads better about myself as a mum. I am finding the I statements have helped out so much my girls are listening more. I'm pausing more before speaking, to think about how to get a win win result. I can see the girls really uplifted when they come up with solutions and are not fighting as much since they are feeling more heard. I have noticed if I haven't had a chance to read some of the PP information for a few days I start to loose my way and empathy is not so readily at hand, but if I find myself feeling angry and yelling I get myself back to balance a lot quicker and am clearer in my communication to my family about needing a few moments to myself, and also get myself back into the course material as soon as I can. I hope as time goes on it becomes more and more ingrained. Yay!! and Thank you all! - Veronica Casey.

This Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse offers you ...

  • Video and audio seminars from Genevieve so you can hear the tone and phrases used
  • Fridge summary sheets with simple steps you can refer to at a glance
  • On screen reflection questions which you can type and record for future reference (for your eyes only)
  • Worksheets which guide you to work though current parenting challenges
  • Time to reflect with Genevieve’s meditations to listen to with a focus for the week
  • Practical tasks for you to implement in your home
  • Regular tips and reflection prompts from the mentors in the private group
  • Mentors to respond to your individual questions and to support you to put it into practice in your family on during the six weeks
  • A secure forum for course participants so you have others to talk with, a team who 'gets it' and mentors


By the end of the course you will be able to more often:

  • Use several strategies to centre in the moment
  • Think about your child’s out of balance behaviour in terms of needs, information and feelings
  • Use the Centre, Connect, Communicate model to think through and respond to interactions with your child
  • Utilise concrete tools to help you centre yourself, connect with your child and communicate more effectively

"I was doubtful that these techniques could bring positive results with my five year old son, but I’m constantly amazed at how quickly he calms down and actually starts to listen to me when he can see that I’m really listening to him and I can see how much more confident he becomes when he sees that I’m really there to help him and support him." - Annie, Whangarei, New Zealand

Payment Options; monthly or annual payment options available

ENQUIRIES: click here to email or ring 0064 274179198

Key benefits

Peaceful Parenting Mentors - unlike many eCourses which provide the information, our courses offer the invaluable assistance of mentors (usually 3 or 4 mentors) who are there to support and guide you in your learning and help you really tackle how you can apply peaceful parenting skills to your parenting challenges.

Small group learning - The nature of a paid membership ensures that other participants are also committed to learning and practicing peaceful parenting.

Working with a team - Fellow course members (if you wish) take the learning from reading blogs and books to a learning community

Video seminars - Hearing Genevieve explain and model the techniques with everyday examples in the video seminars brings a real sense of 'I can do that!' and brings the written material more to life as you hear her model the all important visual modelling and tone of voice.


Mentors for the eCourses are Tabitha Jonson, myself, Genevieve and Meg Rodney.

Together, the mentors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in putting Peaceful Parenting techniques into practice. As parents of younger children and teens, they can offer a variety of perspectives. Most importantly they're real - not perfect parents but real people who will walk this journey with you with support and empathy.

We've been there, we have turned things around for ourselves and our children.

Does this mean that we're always calm and patient and never get triggered?  No way!  Life's stresses catch up on everyone, but it does mean that when we communicate or react in ways that create a disconnect in the heart connection with our child, we're aware that we're off track and know it's time to give some important attention and focus to getting back to a more centred state, which usually involves prioritizing some self-care.

So many people find that the process of learning and practising peaceful parenting at home home has many knock on challenges and benefits in improving how we communicate with partners, friends and most importantly, bringing MUCH more compassion and emotional validation to ourselves!!

Everybody wins!

The mentors and Genevieve prioritize supporting Premium Village members where needed and you can tag one or more of us to make sure your question or sharing is spotted more promptly.

Joining the Peaceful Parent Village membership is an investment to bring more peace and harmony into your family life ...

For the cost of 3.5 hours of parent coaching sessions with Genevieve you get a full year's access to all the Premium Village resources, including:

  • Mentoring, your individual specific questions will be answered by the team.
  • A step by step guide of all the basic peaceful parenting principles and skills and tons of example scenarios.
  • A resource library with more videos and audios in addition to those included in the eCourses.
  • PDF worksheets and fridge summary sheets to print out.
  • You also get to belong to a group of other parents who are also committed to peaceful parenting in their home or professional daily lives with the child or children in their world. So you will not be alone with it!!

Your successes and struggles can be shared. The group's wisdom and support will unfold, with each participant gaining from each other.

  • The eCourse is the only place on the net where you can gain a library of videos by Genevieve; talking about the many and varied issues that matter to you.

But what if I can’t change? What if I can’t do it?

Feelings of worry are understandable, and yet you'll likely get out of this eCourse at least as much as you put in to accessing the information and support being offered. For some it can be a quantum shift, for some it is really like a massive aha moment, everyone works at their own pace and will likely get out of it as much as they put in to participating and being willing to learn, yet everyone will change to one degree or another.

Most families are quicker to invest in their house, renovations, their garden, their car, clothes, furniture, health costs, but are less inclined to invest in the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of the family. Yet how fundamental and foundational is your emotional wellbeing and your needs for extra learning and support, and the consequent positive knock on effect on your child.

What you'll gain from this eCourse will continue to live on with you in small and big ways and give you much that you can refer back to as you face future challenges. It's hard to put a price on increased peace, cooperation and inner and outer harmony.

Sign up today for six weeks of learning.

Sign up to the Premium Village membership for ongoing education and support.

If you often feel like you're out there on your own trying and trying with trial and error, get the support you deserve from those who have gone before you and let them shine the light on some of the best ways to affect the best results in your journey of breaking the old cycles.

All for the price of a coffee and muffin a day and a whole lot more rewarding!!  JOIN NOW!!

We can't wait to work with you,

Genevieve and the team

The Way of the Peaceful Parent Membership Village includes:

 The Peaceful Parent Step by Step eCourse

 Both the mini and the full Discipline without Punishment Video series

 The 10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge eCourse

 The Mama Meltdown series

 Problem Solving and Loving Limits scripts covering a range of classic parenting challenges

 Q&A Posts

 Regular Zoom or YouTube Live webinars


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