• Mindfulness is about slowing down and becoming more present to your inner experience of thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  • How can we maintain a more calm patient state with our kids?

  • What are some of the secrets of reducing stress and balancing emotional needs in the family?

  • Do you sometimes wonder WHY such intense emotions get triggered by your child?

  • Would you benefit from some simple techniques to help you keep your cool when your child is acting out?

  • Peaceful Self-Parenting - developing the self-care and self-healing practices to fill your emotional cup

Mindful Parenting Resource Kit
Module 1 Mindful Parenting

Developing Mindful Parenting techniques.

Unit 1 Being a Mindful, Conscious Parent
Unit 2 Stress Reduction and Mindful Parenting Seminar
Unit 3 Related Articles - Mindfulness


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