Endometriosis and mid-cycle low mood

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      Victoria Maus

      Hi all, I have endometriosis and I’ve always found a connection between my pain/energy levels and what I eat. I’m vegan and generally I eat well (I say generally because lockdown has had me eating more “bad” stuff than usual).

      Over the past 15 months or so, I’ve noticed my mood getting incredibly low around the middle of my cycle for about two or three days. Any suggestions for foods or supplements that could be particularly beneficial for helping with this? I tried speaking to my GP but she offered me the pill, which isn’t a solution at all!

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      Hi Toria, I just stumbled on this one. I don’t know if the issue has since been resolved, but what’s really helped me at times has been to book a consultation with my naturopath/ herbalist and she prescribes a herbal brew for me. It could be so many things, adrenals, it could be that you need more good quality carbs at that time, but also herbs like vitex (chaste tree) or Maca root and/ or St Johns Wort have been amazing for me at times. I’ve also had great success (when I was younger) with progesterone cream in the first two weeks of my cycle. My guess would be that your GP hasn’t had training in the complexities of a woman’s hormones and their dietary/ supplement / gut balance associated with it. It could be as simple as upping your vit D3 levels either especially in the UK winter!

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      This may be a helpful little video that explains why so many women experience a lot of relief from progesterone cream in their first two weeks of their cycle, to decrease the imbalance between the oestrogen and the progesterone. https://www.facebook.com/BePureWellness/videos/1305132096190281

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      Toria, I went to find this, what was a really amazing video, by Ben Warren on women’s hormones. And he does also talk about endometriosis. He’s here in NZ and his talks always sell out, he’s just a wealth of wisdom on all things health and nutrition. But alas his video has been deleted by facebook! In fact I’ve now discovered a lot of my favourite videos have been cancelled by facebook and youtube, but alas, let’s not be deterred in our paths towards increased balance, harmony and health. I’m sharing the post anyway as there’s some good info even just in my introduction to it.


      And you can sieve through his videos if you follow the link in the post just above this.

      Also sharing this article by Dr Axe (also one of my favourites) on some natural approaches to treating endometriosis. It’s one of the very many painful health issues that relates to inflammation, so thinking in terms of decreasing inflammation can only help. Did you notice a positive change when you became vegan? But of course these things tend to take lot of time to resolve. Again it’s always best to work with a really experienced naturopath who is also trained as a herbalist.

      Diet Changes That Can Halt Endometriosis Symptoms

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