Mums – Do you lose your patience at certain times of your menstrual cycle?

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      I often ask mums if their patience and ability to tolerate stress declines at certain times of the month and it’s rare for a mother to say no to this question. Balancing hormones relates to so many factors, diet and nutrition being very high on the list of course, and managing our stress is a biggie as well! Meditation actually reduces the stress hormones and increases the production of the hormones we need to maintain happiness and balance like seretonin, GABA, oxytocin, DHEA etc. Foods we eat can increase chaos or harmony in our hormones. It can be helpful to get hormone levels checked and for some women just using progesterone cream can dramatically change things for the better.

      The information in the eCourses, the self-healing group, the peaceful partnering group and this group are all interlinked. Peaceful parenting requires for the parent to develop more patience, higher tolerance to be with their own emotional discomfort as their child triggers them and all this depends greatly on whether or not you have that warmth, care, empathy, comfort, joy, shared experiences, shared struggles, shared joys in your closest attachment relationship(s) with partner or other adult relationships. These are all ongoing projects that require time and learning, so try not to be overwhelmed, but just inch by inch increase your learning and gain the support you need through our forums.

      Ben Warren from BePure is one of New Zealand’s leading nutritionists and holistic health experts.

      Ben Warren here in New Zealand has a wealth of information about hormonal health and balance.

      “Ladies – watch and listen on how we can improve our raging hormones!!

      Recently I got to sit down and have an incredible talk with him. I wanted to know more about our hormones and if all this crazy stuff we experience as women is “normal” and should we just suck it up and deal with it OR can things be drastically improved?

      And if so HOW?

      Watch and listen for amazing tips and advice from one of our countries leading holistic health experts.

      Give yourself some “me”/”you” time, grab a cup of spearmint tea (watch and you will know why I suggest spearmint) and enjoy this interview.

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      Spearmint tea can help with morning sickness, baby’s colick, generally greatly helps to balance our hormones, boosts immune system, is anti fungal, reduces inflammation and more. And it’s SO yummy IMO!

      Ben references spearmint tea in this video. Lately I can’t get enough of my spearmint and kawakawa (new zealand herb) tea so it’s great to read about all these benefits.

      10 Amazing Benefits Of Spearmint Tea

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      Renee White

      Hi Genevieve, just wanting to know if there is another way to view the video you have linked as it says it can be viewed now 🙂 Very interested in watching! Thank you x


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        Hey lovely Renee, just spotted your question. So hey I just checked this link and the youtube video with the benefits of spearmint tea is working on my view, so not sure what to suggest. But maybe also try Dr Josh Axe’s site, he tends to have a page on the uses and benefits and pros and cons of most natural health medicines;

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