The price of invulnerability: Brené Brown

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      Any Brene Brown fans amongst us? I LOVE listening to this lady. In this talk she talks about how as a society we’re becoming less and less tolerant of vulnerability, the risks of losing our ability to be vulnerable and the necessity of increasing our capacity for vulnerability, in ourselves and in others.

      n our anxious world, we often protect ourselves by closing off parts of our lives that leave us feeling most vulnerable. Yet invulnerability has a price. When we knowingly or unknowingly numb ourselves to what we sense threatens us, we sacrifice an essential tool for navigating uncertain times — joy. This talk will explore how and why fear and collective scarcity has profoundly dangerous consequences on how we live, love, parent, work and engage in relationships — and how simple acts can restore our sense of purpose and meaning.

      Speaker: Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work where she has spent the past 10 years studying courage, shame and authenticity. She is the Behavioral Health Scholar-in-Residence at the Council on Alcohol and Drugs and has written several books on her research.

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      Victoria Maus

      I’m a HUGE fan of Brené Brown! In fact I started listening to one of her audiobooks earlier today, Dare To Lead. I listened to Braving the Wilderness a couple of weeks ago. I love that she reads them herself, I could listen to her for hours. There’s certainly a lot to take from her work for the benefit of all of our relationships. Have you seen her Netflix talk?

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