Dealing with different parenting styles with partner, relatives or others

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      I’ve created this post to follow on from the newsletter I’ve sent out linking to this page which has a short video where I talk about diplomatically dealing with the situation where another adult attempts to oppress your child’s expression – plus the teleseminar where I speak to a member’s question about how to best bring a partner on board with peaceful parenting. There’s also a link to my articles on Parenting Differently from family and friends published this year in The Natural Parent magazine.

      Please do share any thoughts or questions that any of these resources prompted for you.

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      Renee White

      Kia Ora Genevieve, just trying to find the teleseminar and the other video you mentioned, I’m getting a lot of questions about this subject and would really appreciate the information 🙂 Thank you,

      Renee White

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