Children’s reactions to parental separation and divorce

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      This is a very good resource covering many of the most important questions that most parents have relating to the complex (but repairable) impacts of parental separation or divorce on children.

      From the attached resource:

      “A large body of research has mapped out the common reactions to divorce, and identified ways to ease this painful process. For the majority of children who experience the dissolution of their parents’ marriage, the effects are modest and relatively short-lived (1). Within two years of a separation, the majority of parents regain their equilibrium, establish polite but distant communication with their ex-partner, and their children, in turn, adapt to the new living arrangements. Nevertheless, most children report painful feelings about their parents’ divorce, and a significant minority of children suffer extended and prolonged symptomatology related to parental divorce that may include both internalizing and externalizing problems.”

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      Victoria Maus

      I know this is an old thread, but thank you for sharing this link Genevieve. I have a close friend who is currently navigating a difficult divorce and she is, understandably, concerned about how this is affecting her two year old son.

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      Hi Toria, ah yes this is a good resource! Your friend is lucky to have your support during such a stressful time. Also, a couple of articles that could also help are; It can be hard for a parent to read about the negative impacts of parental conflict on their child, but it might also help her feel a little more positive about the separation. I’m sure it’s all very complex, it always is, but you can skim through these and see if any would be helpful.

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