Parasites – better out than in!

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      Eeek!! As much as we might cringe to even think about the possibility, Dr Jay makes it easier to consider, learn about, find out more about getting a diagnosis and most importantly, treat parasites!! In the meantime if you even suspect it (learn the red flags), then start by going hard on the garlic, as raw as possible and often as possible, pumpkin seeds and probiotics, oh and apple cidar vinegar to improve the Ph of the stomach.
      In terms of prevention, stomach acid being as acidic as it should be plays a big part in preventing them in the first place. If you have family pets like we do, or live in the country or busy, like we do, or have been to some third world countries, like we have! then you’re more at risk. And apparently teeth grinding is often a red flag for parasites.

      Dr Jay’s has some good protocols for removing parasites from the body, while also helping to reverse SIBO and IBS and generally heal the gut;

      “Around 85% of Americans are estimated to be infected with some manner of parasite. Parasites can range from tiny organisms that cannot be seen by the human eye, to huge worms that reach several feet in length.
      Some people are more likely to fall victim to parasitic infections than others, but almost all parasites are dangerous. While some only have minor symptoms, new studies are finding that various forms of parasite can have long-term health implications”

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