Help your child to be skilled at solving problems

Promoting problem solving skills Instead of thinking of your child’s behaviour as wrong or naughty, it’s more constructive to think in terms of problems that need to be solved with a positive solution that meets some of the needs in another way.  Children need a lot of practice solving their daily problems all through childhood Read More

What does a child learn when they’re in Time Out?

Time out is a popular approach that many parenting experts still advocate.  But more and more parents are realizing that it goes against their better instincts.  They know that children tend to pick up and reflect back our image of them, so it makes sense that treating them like a “naughty boy and girl”, will Read More

Helping Children Move from Conflict to Conflict Resolution

Click here to Subscribe to receive other articles and updates. “You can’t, and it’s better if you don’t, solve all of your child’s problems, but you can share them.” I was recently at a social gathering where gangs of children swarmed around the house and the land, while adults socialized. As I chatted with friends, I Read More

Conflict Resolution – resolving conflicts peacefully

Problems in the family or classroom tend to escalate into conflicts when one or both parties become upset and speak or act from their upset in a way that the other experiences to be critical and lacking in empathy, which then upsets the other person.  When parents and teachers feel more equipped with skills to Read More