Zoom Family Meetings and Tantrums

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      In this recent zoom video call with Sophie, Sophie gives a lovely example of their family of 5 using a family meeting on a day when her partner was under big pressure and not feeling like he had the time to be part of a family meeting. Sophie encouraged him to bring his needs into the meeting, with a very positive outcome.

      Sophie also talks about her 2.5 year old girl’s struggles with adapting to little brother (now 5 months) and the ways that Sophie has helped her through all this. There was a period when Sophie felt very nervous for her daughter to be close to the baby without mum’s vigilent supervision, but she’s very skillfully helped her daughter now to feel more secure and has been working very hard to help her daughter get her big feelings out. Which led on to the subject of tantrums.

      Do reply and share your thoughts if you watch this and can resonate with any of it or find anything valuable.


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