We all need and deserve to express our upsets and feel heard and understood

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      For us parents to have the mental and emotional capacity to be truly present to our children when they express their upsets, realistically we need to have one or more safe supportive spaces in our lives where we can express our upsets and feel heard. Trying to get our listening needs met in social situations or even from one’s partner can be very hit and miss and range between being satisfying or resulting in feeling even more upset and less hopeful about feeling heard and understood. Setting up a listening partnership with another person who also values people’s needs to express feelings and feel heard can result in more satisfying attempts to express feelings and feel heard. While having the satisfaction of helping your partner feel more seen, heard and understood.

      Listening partnerships can both meet our emotional needs, and also give us an opportunity to practice active listening.

      I recorded this little video for our PP Instructor trainees but am sharing it with everyone because it’s been quite a while since I’ve created a post encouraging members to find a partner to paid up with for mutual shared and organized listening. After you watch the video and read my article which I refer to in the video, share your thoughts here and let us know if you would like to team up with another member to set up a listening partnership.

      Listening partnerships from Genevieve Simperingham on Vimeo.

      Listening Needs – Do you Feel Heard?

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