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      Tabitha Jonson

      Hi everyone and Welcome to those participating in the live round of Mama Meltdown.

      I know I regularly need these reminders and support to put these things into practice so I’m looking forward to implementing the eCourse as well as supporting you all.

      Please pop in and say hi below so we can all meet one another. 🙂

      So as some of you know I’m Tabitha (or Tab) and am a mentor here in the Village. I have 2 children aged 9 & 10. In this course I’m hoping to use the tools more regularly and build those habits as I know they are so helpful!

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      For those of you joining us, over the next 2.5 weeks these are the units you’ll be covering. You’ll get emails to keep bringing you back in to help you stay on track and do please avail of this forum to ask your questions, share your insights etc.

      The units covered are:

      * Why we explode
      * Overwhelm and anger
      * Emotional First Aid
      * Centre in the Moment
      * Getting back on track
      * Preventing Eruptions
      * Repairing the connection after conflicts

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      Tabitha Jonson

      Hope you received the emails about the live round of Mama Meltdown. So far we’ve looked at Why we explode & Overwhelm & Anger.

      Why we Explode

      If you are working through it with us – how is it going so far?

      I went through the questions and audio again. So valuable to revisit!

      I love the reminder about anger and needs. I was just talking with someone recently about how anger is so frowned upon and I think I’m still working through anger and how to be angry without either ignoring it or saying things I wish I hadn’t. For me I think it also links in with boundaries. I read something about how we can need to be angry to have the courage to set boundaries. Not just with our kids but in general. I can definitely relate to that in myself and my family.

      In my reflections of the audio, overwhelm often comes when my attention is split too many ways and I have too many things to do. Also when my kids have big feelings – if it takes me by surprise and I’m feeling prepared. And especially when those two things come together!! Big feelings when I’m also thinking of 50 other things. 🙂

      So in the moment I need, a break, a hug, a reminder that we’re safe and don’t need to fix the feelings.

      Beforehand I need, enough time (better time management and ditching or delegating what’s not a priority), breaks to myself (a bit easier now my kids are older), less distractions like wasting time on my phone!, grounding practices and time to reflect on the tricky moments.

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