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      Tell us about the challenges you’re facing or have overcome in relation to tantrums and big emotional meltdowns with your little one.

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      Tiredness from lack of sleep breaks any connection or even the effort to connect to my sun. I can just feel that I can hard breath in times of stress. My sun recognizes my ‘faces’ when I’m trying to breath and that is enough for him to get stressed too.

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      Yes Angela, exhaustion is one of the toughest challenges when parenting little children. Exhaustion makes every other challenge SO so so much harder to deal with. This is where it really does take a village to raise a child and so challenging when there isn’t the back up which allows you to have those sanity saving naps during the day. Meditation was my saving grace when my children were little (my youngest is now 12) because 20 minutes meditation is worth 2 hours deep sleep, it can help us get through. AND we just need the sleep that we need.

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