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Genevieve offers:
  • Seminars for parents and teachers at Early Childhood Centres,
  • Professional development for the staff at Early Childhood Centres.

Genevieve is based in Whangarei, New Zealand, and can be booked to offer professional development to teachers or to give talks to the parents and teachers together at Early Childhood Centres around New Zealand.

Click here to read more or Book Genevieve to visit your centre  Appointments can also be made for phone or skype consultations to address specific questions before, after or separate from a visit to the centre.

“From the workshop, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the links between attachment theory and the needs, feelings and behaviours of children. I’ve gained strategies on how to interact with children with various social behaviours (e.g. aggression, shyness) and the subtleties between intervention and refereeing children’s interactions. There was great communal knowledge within the group and inspirational expertise of our tutor, Genevieve. Thank you!” Erena, teacher

“I have gained a lot of helpful knowledge on how to recognise different behaviours and how to help the children in a respectful way with solving problems.  This has given me the tools to use a positive approach to working with children. I really liked every aspect of this workshop, as it was really helpful with my practice.” Rhonda, early childhood teacher

“From the workshop, I’ve gained a reinforcement of the mediation process.  Looking again at what the child is feeling behind the actions.  It’s reminded me to observe more and listen.  Lots of interesting ideas shared.” Paula ECE Northland

“I found the workshop to be very interesting and helpful around how to deal with and help children with certain behaviours. I’ve learned ways that I can improve my practice. What was taught has made me see what I have been doing wrong and right and what I can do better, it gave me lots of fresh ideas. The game was fun and informative. Lots of great information, very helpful.” Mel, Early childhood teacher, Northland

“Meeting Genevieve and learning about peaceful parenting has been a great relief as a teacher trying to align my professional practice and beliefs about behaviour guidance and promoting emotional wellbeing as required in Te Whariki and DOP’s. I have struggled with behaviour management that relies on rewards and punishment and the effects this has on young children’s well being.

Changes that I consider most valuable are allowing children to cry and supporting them when upset, as apposed to distraction and minimizing their feelings. I believe that through allowing and supporting their feelings, we have a closer more secure relationship as the children can feel I am attuned to their feelings. The strong relationship makes problem solving so much easier. All the pieces of research such as Daniel Goleman, Bruce Perry’s and theorists like Maslows hierarchy of needs are coming together to support children’s learning.

At last practical , available support for those who want to support long term wellbeing for our children.” Marion Logan, Early childhood Teacher (BTchln) and Parent

“I gained greater appreciation of how children feel and then express this.  Building on previous knowledge. The seminar has reminded me to be aware of how to meet children’s needs and where behaviour stems from.  I really liked being involved and pretending to be a child, this really helped to illustrate how things may be from their perspective. Reiterates how I instinctively feel about teaching and parenting.” Miriam, early childhood teacher

“What I gained from the workshop was a lot of alternative strategies and support to create a more loving, thoughtful relationship and home environment – a huge amount of information! I liked the teaching – informal, lots of examples and the meeting of everyone’s needs. The workshop has changed my perspective on parenting, oh my, so much. I work in well child health and have expectations from the organization of how children should beparented – behaviour modification, etc … I touched on aware parenting years ago but felt squashed as most people don’t support allowing children’s feelings, so thank you! I feel at peace and empowered to be the parent and the health professional I want to be.” Anon, Plunkett Nurse.

“I work as a home based teacher caring for 3 / 4 children 3 days a week. I lately attended the “discipline without punishment” and “how to talk so kids will listen” courses with Genevieve. I’m still working on the peaceful Parent way but am getting better all the time. Since the courses, I’ve been staying calmer and more patient and been supporting the children to think through and explain what’s happening when a difficulty arises, giving them more space to think through and come up with solutions to their problems. I can tell that they really like that I’m asking them what they think and feel and they like being part of sorting out their problems. I’ve been generally talking quieter and slower because I realize that children take longer to think about what we’re saying and to respond, when I remember to do this, they respond really well. I have to admit that when I first listened to some of what Genevieve was explaining I was skeptical that it would work, but I’ve been surprised how well it does work when I remember to use this different approach.

Also, as a parent, my difficulty lately was getting my daughter ready in the mornings, it was all very stressful between us, now I’m talking to her differently using some of the suggestions and she is now going to school happy, so the course had really helped in that way. Even works for the man of the house!!!” Michelle Scott, Homebased caregiver for BJ’s Homebased Childcare.

“The information in the workshop was very clearly explained by Genevieve. The information was presented with a very non-threatening approach to different areas of behaviour. It was awesome!!” Megan, early childhood teacher

“The workshop was an opportunity to affirm that laughter and silliness are normal and healthy.  I’ve gained a more in-depth and extended knowledge of how children’s needs can be met with traumatic experiences. I liked everything and disliked nothing about this workshop!” Kiri, EC teacher

“From the course with Genevieve I’ve gained an ability, or the beginning stages of, the ability to look past the child’s action to understand the feelings and reasons for the actions the child is displaying. The approaches that Genevieve presented have opened up new avenues for me in my practice, and given me an understanding of how my reaction has the ability to make children feel better or worse, and I’ve learned how to change this action. I really liked the acknowledgement that the feeling of the dread at the thought of the role play was ok and quite common – Yay!!” Karen EC teacher

“Genevieve’s workshop has given me more tools for teachers and children to make the children feel more secure, acknowledged and I’ve learned self-regulating processes. Genevieve’s models that she presented has helped me to shift my focus on to the “stuck feelings” of a particular child and given me methods to help resolve these instead of just looking at the behaviour to be addressed. I really liked it all, thank you Genevieve!” Eva, preschool teacher

“From the workshop I’ve gained a reinforcing that what we teach is the same, as well as gaining some other ideas of what feelings and needs children have. The seminar has encouraged us to help parents to look more at children’s feelings. The facilitator’s approach, facial expressions, ability to let other’s have their way were some of the things I really liked. I also enjoyed learning some ways to role play with parents to encourage them to see things from the child’s perspective and play with children more.” Wanda, playcentre educator.

“What I gained from the workshop was some practical ideas to use straight away in work with children. I’ve gained a better awareness of myself and how I approach situations, as well as the importance of having more empathy for children who have challenging behaviours, and ways to work effectively with them. I really liked the simple but very effective advice and a great list of books to read up on. It is definitely something I want to further learn about. Thank you!” Tara, drama teacher

“What I’ve gained from the therapeutic play workshop with Genevieve was a reinforcement of my practices. I was totally enthralled! I’m now more aware that I need to empathise with parents more and really listen!! Lots of informal chat – great stuff, good role modelling examples and I found the whole day to be very well directed. Thank you Genevieve” Patti, teacher, kaitaia

“From Genevieve’s therapeutic play workshop, I have gained an understanding of how to best support children through behavioural challenges and identifying their needs in an inclusive approach. I’ve learned more strategies to use for helping children in the red zone (very out of balance behaviours), helping them to release and become un-stuck. I really liked learning the mediation steps to help children problem solve and develop greater empathy.” Miriam, teacher

“From the workshop, I’ve gained a better understanding of therapeutic play and what it entails. Also, a better understanding of children’s feelings and what they mean, as well as a better approach for helping the children. The workshop has made me realize what I was doing in my practice and how I can better it as well. I really enjoyed everything, it was very interesting! ” anon

” What I gained from Genevieve’s presentation at the conference was an acknowledgement of my centre’s practice. I will bring all this information as a discussion to staff group and clarify centre practice. Some of the things I really liked was the clear presentation that Genevieve gave, the handouts are great, the website as a resource and the fact that it was a good combination of fun and theory for participants.” Janine, Early Childhood teacher

“From Genevieve’s workshop, I’ve gained an insight on how a child’s feelings affect their behaviour and their disposition. I’ve learned to be more empathic in regards to children’s feelings.” Jeanine, teacher

“From this therapeutic play workshop, I’ve gained a greater understanding and perspective of areas covered in workshop, I already knew some of these things, but now arranged clearer in my mind. I found the workshop to be very encouraging, helpful and I’ll be able to pass on to other parents when doing playcentre tutoring. I really liked the encouragement to play with children and to have fun. Thank you Genevieve, keep up the good work!” Russell, playcentre educator

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