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Watch these 5 FREE videos to learn the best strategies to decrease defiance and increase coperation

When children are uncooperative, defiant or aggressive, you need to be using these approaches to decrease reactivity and increase cooperation.

These 5 videos, each an excerpt from one of my public seminars, will exaplain what parenting without punishment looks like and why it's essential if you want more harmony in your home!

You'll learn about some of the benefits of the peaceful parenting approach while gaining an introduction to the best approaches that invite more cooperation and generally decrease the stress levels for parents and children alike!!

In these video excerpts from Discipline without Punishment seminars, Genevieve addresses these common questions:

  • How can I move away from the yelling, threats and bribes?
  • Why I should avoid the moralizing lectures that my child reacts to?
  • How can I maintain strong leadership in parenting my child?
  • How can I create more harmony in my family?

Our aim is to support you to help your child to feel better, think better and hence do better.  As well as explaining the concepts, Genevieve offers some lovely examples of tricky challenges with children include supporting conflicts between children.

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