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Discipline without Punishment {Free Video Series}!

In this mini Discipline without Punishment Video Series, you'll gain an introduction to parenting without punishment, some of the benefits of this parenting approach and an introduction to the best approaches that invite more cooperation and generally decrease the stress levels for parents and children alike!!

This series will support you to be more equipped to help your child to feel better, think better and hence do better.  As well as explaining the concepts, Genevieve offers some lovely examples of tricky challenges with children include supporting conflicts between children.

What's included?  This series offers 5 videos, on screen context of the key principles outlined in the videos, reflection questions for you to record your insights and develop your thinking, which you can come back to later to review and revise and email prompts to help you return back to the series to pick up from where you left off.   This limited time free series offers a fantastic introduction to Peaceful parenting concepts!

7 Days of Access  In order to give you time to view the series you will have 7 days to watch the videos

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