• Bronwyn asks:  Genevieve, I’m at my wits end.  My 3.5 year old has decided to just keep wetting her pants.  She says she’s too busy to go to the toilet and just takes her pants off to continue playing. She’s not

    • Hi Genevieve
      Would you suggest the same sort of approach for a 3yo that is still very attached to her comforter and pacifier – just a relaxed approach to talking about giving them up at some point but no stress or forced transition?

      • Hi Natalie, definitely suggest applying very similar principles with her attachment to her pacifier. If you can find a way to bring some humour into it that can really help a lot. There’s more I’d like to add Natalie. Would you be ok to either copy your question into the main forum, or I can copy it in on your behalf?