• Tabitha Jonson wrote a new post, Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse 6 years, 1 month ago

    • Thank you all for bringing these resources together. Eternal gratitude. -Maggie

      • Maggie you’re so very welcome. We’re just so passionate about helping parents, knowing that it just doesn’t have to be the battle ground that is sadly so often the case. These approaches really do make sure a huge difference. There’s no quick fix or cure all, but learning, practicing and combining all these tools will make a huge difference and the benefits as the years go on are beyond measure. My kids are both taller than me now but randomly tell me how much they love and appreciate me all the time and the biggest reward is knowing that they genuinely love spending time with their family members and feel comfortable to be themselves and share whatever they want or need to share. Glad to have yourself and hubby with us.