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      Tabitha Jonson

      Hi everyone and Welcome to those participating in the live round of Mama Meltdown.

      I know I regularly need these reminders and support to put these things into practice so I’m looking forward to implementing the eCourse as well as supporting you all.

      Please pop in and say hi below so we can all meet one another. šŸ™‚

      So as some of you know I’m Tabitha (or Tab) and am a mentor here in the Village. I have 2 children aged 9 & 10. In this course I’m hoping to use the tools more regularly and build those habits as I know they are so helpful!

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      Meg Rodney

      Hello from Arizona, USA! I’m Meg and am also a mentor here in the Village. I transitioned to peaceful parenting from a more traditional authoritarian parenting style when my boys were about 9 and 5 (they are now 16 and 12), and to say that peaceful parenting transformed my relationships with my boys is not an exaggeration (especially my oldest). Mama meltdowns were plentiful back then, and I wish I’d had access to a course like this when I was struggling as a mama.

      I look forward to navigating this course alongside you all, as I could use a refresher on how to take care of me, especially with the increased stress I’ve been under lately.

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      Tabitha Jonson

      Zoom Calls
      Our first zoom call is tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd April here in New Zealand at 9.30am.
      We’d love for you to join us! If you can’t feel free to add any questions here that you’d like Genevieve to answer. Or if you have a question you’d prefer she answers anonymously, just flick us an email at [email protected] and we can do that.

      We also have a second call on Wednesday the 3rd April at 12pm. Come along to one or both. šŸ™‚

      2 April – 9.30am (NZT)
      3 April – 12pm (NTZ)

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      Bron Van der Geest

      Kia ora koutou,
      Not sure if I’m in the right place of the site….Mama Meltdowns Live brought up many unmet needs for me….triggers from my past. Three weeks later and the support of an amazing hypnotherapy counsellor and I’m ready to step into working with the modules. The mayhem and madness of Mama Meltdowns trigger during PMT. When my wonders were tiny this course would have been BRILLANT!!!!! Understanding and accepting the melt and forgiving yourself for them for me is the fastest route to freedom and acceptance.

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        Meg Rodney

        @bron23 – So good that you were able to seek and get the support you needed when those triggers popped up for you. Iā€™m glad that you took the time to get that support and work through those feelings to get your needs met before tackling the modules. And, yes, understanding and accepting and forgiving oneself truly is freeing! Thank you for sharing.

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      Dear Bron, yes the eCourse forum is the perfect place to share as it’s a place for people to share their questions or experiences or reflections relating to the eCourses. I’m so glad you managed to get the support you needed. Sounds like it was the perfect storm!! I so hear you about how you needed more of this kind of information, support and permission to care for YOUR needs when your beautiful children were still little. And yes that melting and softening our hearts and forgiving ourselves for our inevitable and unavoidable imperfections is so the path to peace, freedom and acceptance. What’s so beautiful about your very powerful, be it very painful, triggering that the mama meltdown brought up for you is that I just know that it will even further intensify that beautiful passion and commitment you have for supporting the parents in your school community. As well as your continued holding and supporting of your children and mokopuna. Thank you for your very generous, heartfelt and vulnerable sharing. I had hoped you could make it onto one of the zoom calls last week to talk it through a bit more, but feel free to email me.

      Arohanui <3

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