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      Here’s a summary sheet for family meetings. Can I encourage you to watch the video as there’s some helpful thoughts in there about the tricky balance of wants and needs in the family.

      Every one of us who’s a parent knows how challenging this is and people new to this model of parenting but who grew up in a more authoritarian home where the kids are expected to just do what they’re told – can wonder “how can we manage all the varied and often conflicting needs from a peaceful parenting perspective???”

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      And here’s a link to the summary sheet pdf that you could print off if it’s relevant and helpful;

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      Victoria Maus

      Hope it’s ok to reply to this old thread, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed the unit on family meetings!

      We started weekly family meetings about four months ago (after I did an online Waldorf homeschooling course) and we have them on Sunday mornings over a breakfast of croissants.

      After watching the video, I realised that actually our family meetings are a little more like a staff briefing! We’ve been talking about what’s happening in the week ahead, or addressing little problems anyone has. On one hand, it’s been a positive thing to do but now I realise that this practise could go much deeper and be truly beneficial by bringing in our daughters’ needs and wants.

      I’m looking forward to this Sunday where I’ll be ready with my worksheet! I think the fact that we’d already started meetings means that everyone will be ready and willing to participate. We’re going to try and make some plans for the week ahead using Genevieve’s format. It’ll be really interesting to see what my daughters both bring to this 😊

      Would love to know how others approach their family meetings and how they’re working for you?

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      Thanks Toria for sharing this, it’s encouraging to other parents when they hear about other families having success with approaches such as family meetings. It can feel a bit formal or clunky for those new to it, but it gets more smooth with time and practice. How have you got on with bringing in the worksheet?

      Also btw I’ve since cleaned up the Family Meetings video in Module 3 of the Step by Step eCourse for future ref.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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