Supporting your Partner in Peaceful Parenting

In this audio I address a member's question in one of her teleseminars:  This was the question being responded to; "How do you assist in guiding your spouse into the realm of peaceful parenting when he agrees with it however is unable to "rewire" himself to communicate differently or heal his childhood hurts which impact the marriage and relationship with children?"  Genevieve

For those living in a healthy relationship with two struggling, imperfect but commited parents:  Note that the suggestions are overall relevant to both parents in situations where both parents truly want to improve the family dynamics and are both equally committed to doing the necessary work involved in learning, growing, owning their pain and making change happen.

For those living in a destructive relationship where only one partner is truly working to create harmony:  However, for those of you who are co-parenting with someone who is not willing to commit to learning how to communicate better and more peacefully with each other and with your child/ren, then it's important that you know when to be the advocate for your children's needs to live in an emotionally safe environment by drawing the line and more or less insisting that counselling or couple counselling or another therapeutic intervention is needed.  This is especially true if there are issues of addiction, aggression, stonewalling, gaslighting or one parent has a personality disorder, then professional help will be essential if the family is to successfully create more harmony.

In this audio at around 9 minutes in I say: "If you have a partner who goes to that aggressive place despite all attempts to be super diplomatic and kind, and use "I" Statements and own your perspective and invite their perspective and show empathy, then that's a bigger problem and it will need to be addressed, perhaps through couple counselling."

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