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Genevieve offers Peaceful Parenting seminars for parents, families and educators.

Genevieve is based in Whangarei, New Zealand, and can travel to work with parenting communities.

There is now a growing body of research that tellsus that emotional intelligence reduces violence, increases self esteem and social skills and provides the foundation for learning and development.


What you will learn:

  • Cutting edge relationship skills.
  • Strategies for effective parenting and teaching.
  • Bridging the gap between what is known and what is practised relating to child development.
  • Forming, maintaining and repairing attachments with babies, young children.
  • Transform unhealthy behaviour by relating to the feelings beneath the behaviour.
  • Listening skills that foster connection and trust.
  • Setting limits while staying connected.
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving skills.
  • Disadvantages of punishments, artificial consequences, rewards and bribes.
  • Preventing and healing shyness, fears and phobias.
  • A deeper understanding of the child's behaviour in relation to brain science and child development.
Seminars & workshops can be developed specifically for your parenting community.  Contact Genevieve to discuss how she can best support your parenting community.

Discipline without Punishment
Many, many parents are moving away from punishment and want to learn how to guide their children in ways that give their child skills for the future.

This seminar covers:
  • Why punishment doesn't work
  • How we can help children want to co-operate
  • How to communicate clearly and respectfully with our young people
  • How to use listening to help children navigate the world and grow independence


Interpret and support resolution of feelings through Therapeutic Play in the Early Childhood settling.

Example flyer that you could share with your staff if you book Genevieve to run this PD workshop.

Learn how to support and interpret the child's developmental growth through their play. Playing for children is a rich world of communication, learning, growing, exploring, healing and resolution. "Playing is Saying".

Through their play children;

  • communicate complex feelings that they don't yet have the vocabulary for,
  • work to resolve fears and stresses,
  • release anxieties through laughter,
  • explore, practice and experience their world,
  • gain confidence and skills in relating to others,
  • work to generally regain emotional and mental balance and so much more ...

Learn how to interpret and support the child's developmental growth and healing through their play. Learn to use play to create specific opportunities to help children overcome shyness, aggression, fears, separation anxieties and other specific stumbling blocks that you identify.

Genevieve draws on the work of many experts in the field of child development. One of the models that she shares is:

The child-centred problem solving model

* Active listening * Negotiation * Setting Limits * Affirmation * Listening to feelings *

Kids learn to: * Respect themselves and others
* Accept responsibility * Think for themselves
* Express feelings * Empathize * Solve Problems

The problem solving model is explained thoroughly in Thomas Gordon's "Teacher Effectiveness Training" and also more specifically adapted to the Early Childhood setting in 'Guiding Young Children'.
Guiding Young Children: A Problem-Solving Approach
We strongly recommend centre's buy the book (available through this link) "Guiding Young Children" It provides a rich resource for educators interested in adapting the problem solving approach in their centre. It gives teachers advice on all aspects of behaviour that children manifest in the early childhood setting and how best to respond in a respectful way that elicits problem solving,
co-operation, increased social skills, development of 'feeling language and empathy..




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