Peaceful Parenting Instructor Training


Sat September 28th - Nov 8th

Mon November 11th - Fri Dec 6th

Sat December 7th - Tue Dec 17th

Tue January 14th - Tue Feb 4th

Thurs February 6th - Tue Feb 25th

February 27th - Mar 13th

March 17th - Mar 27th

April 1st - April 7th

Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse

Mama Meltdown eCourse

Mindful Parenting Resource Kit

Kids Conflict Resource Kit

Meeting Aggression with Connection

Strong Willed Kids

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge

Discipline without Punishment video series

Zoom calls

Monday 13th January 2020 91m and 5pm (NZ time)
27th January
10th February 5pm and 11th Feb 9am
24th February 9am and 5pm
9th March 9am and 5pm
23rd March 9am and 5pm
6th April 9am and 5pm
20th April 9am and 5pm
4th May 9am and 5pm


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