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Course Outline

Mama Meltdown - Why we explode & how to prevent it (Imported)
Mama Meltdown - Why we explode & how to prevent it
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Why We Explode
Understand the causes of anger. Reflect on our anger and overwhelm
Unit 1 Why we Explode
Unit 2 Overwhelm and Anger
Module 3 Emotional First Aid
Learn to recognise anger building to avoid rage. Create a personal list of 'first aid' self-care strategies
Unit 1 Emotional First Aid
Unit 2 Centre in the Moment
Module 4 Getting Back on Track
Understand how to prevent overwhelm and anger. Implement a daily relaxation practice .
Unit 1 Getting Back on Track
Unit 2 Preventing Eruptions
Module 5 Repair
Follow a process to repair conflicts with your children.
Unit 1 Repair
Unit 2 Thank You


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