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Option 1:      Change Plan to Monthly Premium Membership for US$28 per month (outside New Zealand) 

Option 2:      Upgrade to Monthly Premium Membership for NZ$39 per month can upgrade to annual Premium Village Membership

Option 3:      Upgrade to Annual Premium Membership for US$220 per year (that gives you 12 months for the price of 8!)   

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Upgrade to Annual Premium Village Membership for NZ $310 including GST

Option 5:      Update your billing information.

Option 6:      You can downgrade to Free Basic Membership (best option if you want to pause your Premium Membership but hold the option to restart in the future).


To Cancel:         Also, you can cancel your membership at any time, note you won't lose access until your full term ends (depending on whether you pay monthly or annually).

Money back guarantee:  Within 30 days for annual members, 7 day money back guarantee for monthly members.

What are the benefits of Premium Village Membership?

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