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For pro-active parents who want the very best for their children.

Genevieve's Peaceful Parenting Seminars are informative, thought provoking and entertaining, as well as offering an emotionally supportive and interactive experience for parents who attend.  She delivers the concepts and content in a way that is easy to digest with simple tools, models, tables and techniques for people to takeaway in handouts.  Genevieve offers real life examples from her personal and work life that demonstrate the principles and create mental pictures to take away, as well as explaining the principles through answering specific questions relating to parent's current challenges.

Parents who attend inevitably enjoy the light hearted, yet emotive and heart felt, style of Genevieve's presentations.  The seminars provide a great opportunity to ask questions and meet and talk with other parents.

Below is a list of some of the seminars available.  But feel free to work with us to create a seminar that's specific to the needs of your organization.

For more information and/or to enquire about the Peaceful Parent Institute running a seminar in your area click here.

I have attended Genevieve's workshops in Ireland, England and New Zealand and each one has been a life changing experience for me. Genevieve's work never fails to lift me out of the mundane and back into the love and light of the heart. She is a very special and very wise teacher. Lea Cowin, England

The introductory Seminar (Discipline without Punishment)

This offers an overview of the basic principles and philosophies that form the foundation of our parenting courses and teaches essential peaceful parenting skills and invaluable communication skills (that can effectively be applied to improving all relationships.) This Parenting Course offers both useful tips and skills, as well as emotional support for parents.  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Meet your child’s needs for secure attachment
  • Active listening skills (starts at birth)
  • Positively deal with children's defiance
  • Set clear limits without creating conflict
  • Help your child overcome fears and anxieties
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence in your child
  • Deal with your child’s aggressive behaviour

"Something I gained from the Peaceful Parent workshop was a remembering of what it's like to be the child, this was very powerful for me. I also gained a reconnection to my self as a mother. There were quite a few key points that really resonated with me, that felt fundamental and were things that I had either missed or didn't know. Another thing I liked about the whole experience was how it brought me back to my parental awareness, a place I want to come from with my parenting and relationships in general"
Megan, Waiheke Island, NZ

The importance of attachment and attunement in a babies first year of life

(for related reading, go to our books page under the products tab)

  • How can I best meet my child's attachment needs?
  • How to repair birth trauma for mum and baby?
  • What's are the alternatives to sleep training?
  • What's the best nutrition for babies and young children?
  • Why do babies’ cries often trigger so much anxiety?
  • What are the best ways to respond to our babies’ cries?
  • How can babies release their stresses?

"What I gained from the Parenting workshop was HUGE!! I gained deeper empathy for my babies and how it must feel for them to be dependent on me. I gained the sense that it's ok being who I am and also that I must try harder to be more conscious." Liz, Auckland, NZ.

How to talk so kids will listen

* What are the alternatives to yelling, time out or threats?
* How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk?
* How can I best foster my child's emotional intelligence?
* How do I deal with my child’s aggressive behaviour?
* How can I teach my child to be considerate of the needs of others?
* How can I know when my child’s upsets relate to previously traumatic experiences?
* How can I help my child release stresses and fears?

"When I was at the seminar, I have to admit that I was doubtful that these techniques could bring positive results with my five year old son, but I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he calms down and actually starts to listen to me when he can see that I'm really listening to him and I can see how much more confident he becomes when he sees that I'm really there to help him and support him. I've seen him as such a little fighter, but now I can see that he's just been trying to show me that he needs to see and feel my support and belief in him." Annie, Whangarei, NZ. 

Raising Drug Free Kids

Based on the book by Dr. Aletha Solter, Raising Drug Free Kids takes an innovative approach and focuses on preventative measures that can be developed early on in a child's life to equip children with the qualities they need to make healthy choices, especially throughout the challenging adolescent years.

The talk will draw largely from Dr Aletha Solter's book "Raising Drug Free Kids" providing parents with simple, easy-to-use tools to build a solid foundation for children to say "no" to drugs, alcohol, peer pressure and other unhealthy foods or influences.

Parents have much more power on the subject that they realize, these talks are very empowering for parents and the younger your child is the better.

Dr Solter is a developmental psychologist and parent educator and Genevieve is a Certified Instructor of her work.

"On the one day parenting workshop, I gained a sense of possibility that big things for, not just me and my kids, but all relationships and for the planet can be moved. I liked the ease of how we learnt together, the clean clear cohesive teaching that chewed through a lot of ground. It's given me an understanding of the deeper causes for behaviour, the big picture, intergenerational/ planetary progress, so many creative tools for helping my kids with where they are at and what they will go through." Laurence.

Click Siblign Rivalry - effective conflict resolution and problem solving

When conflict arises, our children look to us to learn a healthier non-aggressive model of dealing with problems. This approach equips your children with problem solving skills and relationship skills for life that will benefit them in all future relationships!

Come along and learn some positive approaches to better respond to your children's squabbling, disagreements or full on fighting.

Parents find that these approaches both work better and better meet the needs in the family. When children are fighting it doesn't help to leave them to their own devices as they haven't yet developed the relationship skills to constructively deal with these situations and it also doesn't help to come in and sort it out for them as that also doesn't teach them these necessary relationship skills.

Come along and learn the what the healthy model looks like and how you can apply it.

"I attended an evening talk and a full day workshop and I've gained tools to help me parent without anger or punishment and an understanding of that real need to connect and help my child release her emotions through my love and support. I liked the openness and connections felt within the group, discussing these issues with like-minded parents. It's given me more information about how I can parent in a loving and supporting way without anger and punishment." Sam, Oct '09

Please email_us if you're interested in booking one of our courses or weekends or if you'd like to organize one to be run in your area.

In these seminars, Genevieve shares her in-depth study of many experts in the fields of early childhood development, attachment and neuroscience, as well as her experiences helping clients develop these models over the last 20 years and as a parent practicing this model for 16 years. Genevieve offers models that bring clarity to the differences between traditional parenting practices and the newer models that are based less on coercion, threat or manipulation and based more on what is now known to invite and bring forth the best in all human relationships; fostering trust, active and respectful listening, conflict resolution skills, how to best develop the child's emotional intelligence, approaches that increase the child's self-esteem, self confidence and greater abilities to recognize and seem appropriate help in meeting their needs, which decreases frustration, aggression, power play and rebelliousness. Click here for more about the key principles of Peaceful Parenting.

For more information about the seminars please send an email or phone
0061 9 4343542 . Peaceful Parent Institute, PO Box 403023, Ngunguru, Whangarei 0154, New Zealand..


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