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Craving more harmony
in your family or classroom?

* Do you dream of parenting or teaching with more patience and confidence ...

But struggle to be calm and confident when it's so different to how you were raised?

* You try to avoid yelling and threatening, but need specific effective approaches

to deal with sibling conflicts, defiance, aggression, reactivity and lack of cooperation!!??

* "The more I learn, the more confused I get!"

.. when there's so much conflicting information, it's hard to know which experts you can trust!

* You want your child to grow up feeling secure, confident, listening to their inner voice, resistant to peer pressure, but get exasperated and angry, then carry worry, guilt and shame!

* When you talk with parents or teachers who don't get your values, do you often feel confused, unsupported and judged?

* Do you need to find those you can trust who truly have the

experience, knowledge and patience to help you with your specific questions?

This virtual village is a place for you to find the empathy, understanding and guidance you can trust, as you care for your children or students.


You'll find the support you need in our Community Forums

Our experienced mentors and fellow parents will tune in as you share your questions, challenges and successes


A variety of eCourses to choose from.  You'll walk away with concrete step by step strategies plus forums to ask questions.

Or explore the Resource Library for videos, audios, Q&As and more.


The dedicated Self-Healing Group offers valuable resources and emotional support for those wishing to resolve and release limiting beliefs and emotional wounds from childhood.

"What I've gained from Genevieve's Parenting workshop was HUGE!! I've gained deeper empathy for my babies and how it must feel for them to be dependent on me. I gained the sense that it's ok being who I am and also that I must try harder to be more conscious."  -  Liz, Aucklan

Come on in & Look Around

What's included in the Village?


Extensive resource library

Social network; forums, be-friending, messaging & more

All resources in our learning centre are designed to step you through the concepts and strategies of Peaceful Parenting and gain support as you aim to put the theory into practice in your family or classroom.

The Way of the Peaceful Parent eCourse.  Guides you through a toolkit of Peaceful Parenting strategies in a step by step process, allowing you to tackle all your parenting challenges.

  An in depth, 36 lesson course including videos, downloadable audios, reflection questions & practical tasks.  Learn in the ways that work for you.

Worth $294, this course alone makes your membership crazy good value!

Discipline without Punishment Full Video Series (worth $80) This course is like having Genevieve in your living room guiding you through the principles of why and how replacing punishments with Peaceful Parenting strategies will lead to greater harmony and cooperation in your family or classroom.

In 8 lessons, you'll enjoy videos, each with quick reflection worksheets and a printable overview.

10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge (worth $19).   This offers a 10 minute per day for 10 days challenge, with the intention of bringing more peace, harmony and clarity into your days and helping to build positive habits in self-care and mindfulness, while optionally sharing your journey with fell members.

No time to sit and watch videos? Download the audio version to your phone and learn on the go.

More eCourses to come in 2018!  Currently in development is our Sibling Struggles eCourse  (worth $140) and our Mama Meltdown series (worth $49).


"I have attended Genevieve's workshops in Ireland, England and New Zealand and each one has been a life changing experience for me. Genevieve's work never fails to lift me out of the mundane and back into the love and light of the heart. She is a very special and very wise teacher"  -  Lea Cowin, England '01

Extensive Resource Library

Watch a video, read an article or download an audio for inspiration while doing dishes.

Sorted by video, audio and text you can easily find your preffered format.

People often comment on how much they learn from seeing and hearing Genevieve explain and demonstrate the concepts.

From Q & A's like, "How do I help my child get in their car seat?" (haven't we all been there?), video on "Helping your child stand up to other adults" and audios like "How to parent when overwhelmed" you're bound to find strategies and support you can use.


"I attended an evening talk and a full day workshop and I've gained tools to help me parent without anger or punishment and an understanding of that real need to connect and help my child release her emotions through my love and support. I liked the openness and connections felt within the group, discussing these issues with like-minded parents. It's given me more information about how I can parent in a loving and supporting way without anger and punishment."  - Sam, Oct '09

Get Support From Your Community

Village Forums are supportive spaces to ask those niggly questions or gain support on days where it feels too hard to be an adult - let alone one who is trying to parent peacefully!

You'll soon consider our lovely mentors friends.

Non-judgemental, compassionate support and advice - no matter where you are with your parenting.

Aren't fellow parents amazing?  Get support from one another.  Just knowing other parents are having the same struggles makes the journey less lonely.

Favorite groups include the Village green general forum, Self-healing & Peaceful Partnering but there is something for everyone.

More videos, audios & eCourses in the pipeline!

We have an overflowing list of videos, courses & resources we're just itching to develop and share with you! The Village will continue to grow & evolve.

Fortnightly live Q&A webinars with Genevieve give you the chance to ask your burning questions.

More goodness being added all the time.

This is your village.  Want something?  Just ask.  We love making stuff you love.

People learn and grow best when they learn and grow together.


So if this way of parenting, this way of being, resonates with you – join us on this journey.  ~ Genevieve

We all know it takes a village to raise a child

Join our Peaceful Parent Village Membership

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Join this community where you can learn, heal and grow with like minded others, all from the comfort of your own home! Joining is both an important investment in your family's emotional wellbeing while also supporting the Peaceful Parent Institute to reach further and wider!


~ Genevieve

The Way of the Peaceful Parent Village was developed to help people connect with like-minded others and access the learning and the support that they need to maintain more harmony in their family or classroom.

This virtual village is something I’ve been developing in my mind and heart for a long time.

Some of you might feel like you know me already if you’ve been following peaceful parenting for years and others may be very new to my work and this whole philosophy.
I have worked with individuals, couples and groups over the last twenty five years, educating and facilitating personal growth, healing and positive change.  I am a qualified Psychosynthesis Counselor, a Level II Aware Parenting Instructor, a Heart to Heart Parenting Facilitator, an international speaker, writer, educator and the founder of The Peaceful Parent Institute.  I grew up in Ireland and have lived in New Zealand since 2000.  My husband Dan and I founded the Peaceful Parent Institute with the vision of extending the work.  Over the last twenty years I've presented hundreds of workshops and courses from evening seminars to five day residential retreats in parenting, relationships, self-healing, meditation and personal development. Dan and I have helped teenagers through nature based leadership camps and are both involved in an annual Nature Education Conference here in NZ. Facilitating positive change has been a privilege and a passion throughout my adult life.
I have huge hopes and visions for connection and attachment based parenting to become the norm in our society. Through my work with parents and teachers face to face and in the village and with the help of the rest of our very awesome team, I hope to continue extending my support to more parents, teachers and hence children globally.
Read more about myself & the Peaceful Parent Institute here  >>>
Meet Your Mentors

Does it matter where in the world I live?

No not at all, you can join from anywhere in the world. You can post your questions at any time, and they’ll be answered as others are online and you can monitor notifications. We change around the times that we offer webinars to facilitate different time zones, and also people can send a question in ahead of time and then watch the replay after the event.

From the time that Genevieve’s following started to become increasingly international through people accessing the website and later the facebook page, she began developing the online resources that equip parents and teachers with the kinds of information and support that people gain from live workshops and seminars.

Is this more suitable to parents of younger or older children?

Those who seek the support of the Peaceful Parent Institute present a huge range of questions and issues relating to all the different stages from pre-conception to parenting adult children or grandparents bringing up their grandchildren. You can also contact the admin team by email or posting a question to gain prompting on the best resources in the Village that meet your particular needs. As specific answers are given, we often package that response into a Q&A for others to avail of in the future.

Will the Peaceful Parent give me the therapeutic support that I need?

Although many of our participants have found the support in the forums to be very healing and therapeutic, we need to be very clear that online therapy is not the intention of the Village.

Genevieve, Tabitha, Meg and Wendy, Gauri, Julie, Michelle, Debra and the other administrators each bring a huge richness of experience and passion to this community.  We each have different skills that we bring and all share a passion for reaching as many families and schools as possible with these connection based approaches.  Between us we have a lot of experience in counselling, family therapy, teaching, special needs, sensory issues, mindfulness, occupational therapy, the healing of trauma and childhood wounds.  And yet none of us are offering to be a primary support person to a Village member.  We can support people to reach out and gain the support they need in their world and gain extra support in the Village.

I don’t have specific problems, just want to make sure I continue to be the best parent I can be. Is the village still helpful?

This is a great time to join a community like this and engage in the learning and sharing.  It’s a fact that having the support of others you share values with is one of the biggest resilience factors in preventing problems (including mental health issues).  We love that parents feel equally as free and uninhibited to share their enjoyment of their child and their wins and their pride, as they do the tough stuff.  And when things are going well, it can be very satisfying to play a part in encouraging and supporting others who are needing that friendly comment or even clicking that little love button.

Will you continue to run The Way of the Peaceful Parent facebook page and Q&A group?

Yes absolutely!  You’ll still see my daily page posts in your newsfeed and new people will continue to learn about peaceful parenting through my and other people’s parenting pages.

I’ve wanted to bring to more people some of the advantages that course participants and clients gain from me, which is what spurred me to start developing the membership site; increased privacy, security, a range of special interest groups, teleseminars and a more sustainable system of moderating.  And for clients and course participants, this is a place to gain ongoing interaction and support with like minded others.  The Q and A is a great place for parents to seek the advice of a large group of members working towards more peaceful parenting.  However, giving satisfactory responses to all the questions that come in daily is beyond our admin capacity, so although we still moderate this group and help to maintain emotional safety, we prioritise answering questions in the Village membership or member’s only Village Participants facebook group.

How confidential is the village?

This system has taken a long time to set up, but in the village, we can be much more confident about safety and security.  Only logged in paid members can view or read any of the content in the discussion forums.  Being the internet, we can never fully guarantee 100% safety, but can reassure you that we pay a lot for very high quality hosting with layers of security.

We ask members to respect the confidentiality of others who post here and avoid ever copying and pasting another's words to share without their permission (as in guidelines).

How does the refund policy and cancellation work?

You can gain a full refund in the first 30 days.  The only conditions that apply is that we’ll first send you a couple of questions to make sure that you’re not leaving because you didn’t access the help you needed finding the materials that most relate to your situation.

As a safeguard, we also check at our end that a member hasn’t already downloaded lots of the material. This is for our protection knowing how valuable the content is and not wanting it to be misused or repackaged.  But if you’ve downloaded 3 or 4 items to see if it’s a good fit for you and you decide to leave, we absolutely respect that and will be happily give you a refund!

If you joined more than 30 days ago and signed up for a year, you can cancel or downgrade to basic (free) membership and you'll still have access until the full year has passed, at which point you'll lose access to all premium Village areas.

I get a bit scared commenting in forums? Will this one be supportive?

We understand the insecurity of joining discussions on facebook or other open forums as it increases the chances of you situation being commented on or judged by those lacking understanding of Peaceful Parenting.

We aim to moderate in a way that greatly reduces advice is given that lacks empathy, sensitivity and encouragement.  If this does happen, our skilled admins intervene sensitively to ensure a safe outcome for all involved.

It’s a big deal to expose your personal questions, struggles and vulnerable feelings relating to personal situations.  The admin team will prioritise moderating the Village forums and aim to moderate as gently as possible, by bringing a member’s awareness to the guidelines and inviting them to edit comments or responses to help maintain a more level, mature and emotionally safe space.

We also understand that everyone is learning and hope to support that learning in a compassionate way.

Do I need to pay extra for the webinars and for new eCourses or videos as they are added?

No your annual fee includes the webinars and any other resources that are added during your term of membership.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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