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The Way of the Peaceful Parent Village

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The Way of the Peaceful Parent Village is a collection of groups, forums, resources and most of all support.  This virtual village is a place for you to find the kind of empathy, kindness, understanding and guidance you can trust as you care for your child or children in your care.  The Way of the Peaceful Parent Village was developed to help people connect with like-minded others and access the information and the support that they need.  This virtual village is something I’ve been developing in my mind and heart for a long time. ~  Genevieve

People learn and grow best when they learn and grow together.

So if this way of parenting, this way of being, resonates with you – join us on this journey.   ~ Genevieve


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The Village Green

  • Open Discussion Forums
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Moderated by supportive, experienced peaceful parenting mentors and advocates.
  • Approval process for members to ensure a safe environment
  • Live monthly Q&A teleseminars by Genevieve
  • Access to a group for follow up learning post teleseminars
  • A 30 email series over the first two months explaining and giving example scripts for problem solving and loving limits.
  • Friend request other members
  • Private message members
  • Daily or weekly email digests of forum and group activity

$19 USD per month

(less than $5 per week)

One month
FREE trial

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The Village

  • Open Discussion Forums
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Moderated by supportive, experienced peaceful parenting mentors and advocates.
  • Monitored to ensure an empathic and safe environment
  • Live monthly Q&A zoom video calls with Genevieve
  • Access to a group for follow up learning and sharing post teleseminars
  • A 30 email series over the first two months explaining and giving example scripts for problem solving and loving limits.
  • Friend request other members
  • Private message members
  • Daily or weekly email digests of forum and group activity
  • Request to have a new special interest group set up that meets your needs.
  • Bi-monthly Zoom video calls where Genevieve teaches self-healing, relaxation, centering,  and meditation techniques
  • Private closed Sharing Circle groups where genuine friendships can be forged
  • Anytime access to recordings of all past teleseminars
  • Can apply to be an affiliate.
  • Bonus video or audio download of Genevieve's for each of the first 5 months as paying member.

US$29 per month

us$10 per month

For the first year of membership
(less than $2.50 per week)

One month
FREE trial

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Or UPGRADE from Village Green Membership

sharing circles

Step by step


  • 6 weeks PP eCourse
  • Video and audio seminars from Genevieve so you can hear the tone and phrases used
  • Fridge summary sheets with simple steps you can refer to at a glance
  • Printable workbooks with key information and reflection questions
  • Worksheets which guide you to work though current parenting challenges
  • Time to reflect with Genevieve’s meditations to listen to with a focus for the week
  • Daily tips and reflection prompts from the mentors in the private group
  • A mentor to respond to your individual questions
  • A secure forum for course participants so you have others to talk with, a team who 'gets it'
  • Access to everything offered at The Village Green & The Houses levels (including the bonus downloads)
  • Archive access to eCourse material for a year and access to Village Green and Houses for 6 months in total.

US$294 one payment

recurring payment option

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Why join The Way of the Peaceful Parent Membership site?

What many parents DON’T want
is advice that lacks empathy, sensitivity or encouragement.  They don’t want to expose their questions, struggles and vulnerable feelings relating to their personal situations when there’s the fear of accusation, competition, criticism or moralizing.

What many parents DO want is:

  • lots of examples of peaceful parenting in action, starting with 2 months of emails giving problem solving and loving limits scripts with links to related threads for discussion on the forum
  • Parents want to join (or listen to recordings of) teleseminars where Genevieve answers questions, which brings the articles to life with tone of voice and responses to questions members have sent in
  • Teleseminars where Genevieve teaches valuable tools to manage stress and regulate your emotions; including meditation and relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help raise awareness of, and change patterns, relating to the intense frustrations that parenting challenges can trigger.
  • A private and safe space to negotiate what you learn through Genevieve's articles, teleseminars and videos by asking questions and sharing your thoughts and experiences with other parents who are also learning
  • Empathy, understanding, support, patience, sensitivity, kindness, confidentiality and non-judgmental encouragement to learn and practice peaceful parenting, mindfulness and self-healing strategies
  • Regular tips with non-confusing information and easy to follow ideas that you can try out
  • To find, befriend and connect with like minded others in special interest groups who share similar values, passions and challenges.  You can click a member's profile to see which part of the world they live in and what their special interests are.  See list of special interest groups below.  
  • Support to follow your instincts and intuition
  • Support to contribute your experience and resources (that are aligned with peaceful parenting)
  • To feel like a valued member of the group
  • A forum and special interest groups where you can trust that those reading and responding to questions that you share have read and are committed to following the guidelines
  • Moderators who are passionate peaceful parenting mentors or advocates who you can trust to both helpful, patient and kind, even when loving limits are needed to maintain emotional safety

This is some of what we aim to provide in The Way of the Peaceful Parent Membership Village.

The monthly charge helps to attract parents committed to truly learning and practicing peaceful parenting.  We're very committed to maintaining as much harmony and support as possible to maintain emotional safety.  If you feel truly committed, but finances are a barrier, email Genevieve to discuss.

Special Interest Groups (each with it's own forum and member's list)

  • Some of the special interest groups include:
  • Self-healing (including recovery from abuse and addictions),
  • Communication challenges with extended family and in-laws,
  • Peaceful Partnering,
  • Toddlers,
  • Peacefully Parenting Tweens and Teens,
  • Pregnancy and Birth,
  • Blended Families,
  • Single Parents,
  • Homeschooling and Unschooling,
  • Parenting children with special needs,
  • Parenting your spirited child, Parenting,
  • Natural Health and Nutrition,
  • Parenting your special needs child.Members at The Houses level can request to have a Special Interest Group.

We need more than books, blogs and Facebook pages and groups

We shouldn't underestimate what a huge and admirable journey we embark upon when we commit to being a mindful, conscious and more peaceful parent.  Most parents and teachers who make this commitment are changing generations of patterns.  It’s a big deal to give our children that which we didn’t receive, and still to this day witness very little modelling of.

Reading information can be incredibly valuable and thank goodness for it!  I love my books, many of them have reached my soul and been nothing short of life changing for me.  I’ve often felt huge love and gratitude for the author; the right book has often come into my life in perfect synchronicity to meet me just at the right point on my learning and growing edge.

Yet, many books and even online courses (unlike those we offer with the private forum and mentors) have been helpful and frustrating at the same time. I want to ask the author questions about what they’ve written. I want to negotiate the information. I want to talk to others who have read it or been on the teleseminar or online course and hear their experiences and share mine.  The monthly teleseminars I offer will always encourage participants to come back to the forum and discuss what they gained or the questions it spurred for them.

By and large reading information on blogs, articles, facebook threads or books helps to give us information, they feed our mind, but can also be frustratingly lacking in either interaction or safety and security.  There’s only so much information and theory that we can assimilate without the element of sharing with other people who we feel seen, heard, understood and known by.  This membership site is about building community.

Genevieve, will you continue to run The Way of the Peaceful Parent facebook page and Q&A group?

Yes absolutely!  You’ll still see my daily page posts in your newsfeed and new people will continue to learn about peaceful parenting through my and other people’s parenting pages.  But I’ve wanted to bring to more people some of the advantages that course participants and clients gain from me, which is what spurred me to start developing the membership site; increased privacy, security, a range of special interest groups, teleseminars and a more sustainable system of moderating.  And for clients and course participants, this is a place to gain ongoing interaction and support with like minded others.

Confidentiality. A limitation of the discussions that happen through facebook is the lack of confidentiality.  As a page owner I used to be able to control if only page likers can see the threads, but we no longer have that control.  People regularly express surprise when someone in their friend's group, not in the q&a group, has somehow seen their post, facebook leaves us very vulnerable.  This system has taken a long time to set up, but in here I can be much more confident about safety and security.  Only logged in paid members can view or read any of the content in the member's areas of the website (pink menu).  The information available through the primary blue menu continues to be available to the public.

We ask members to respect the confidentiality of others who post here and avoid ever copying and pasting another's words to share without their permission (as in guidelines).

Can anyone join the Way of the Peaceful Parent Village?

Membership is offered specifically for those genuinely committed to peaceful parenting.  New members are asked to share their reasons for joining, and to read and agree with the guidelines.  We recognize that discussions relating to the more traditional methods of parenting are valuable, yet we place greater value on providing a shared space for those who are committed to peaceful respectful and the team of moderators are committed to communicating quickly and kindly with anyone who shares advice that involves punishments, threats, manipulation, shaming or coercion through threats or bribes.

Because members need to give their reasons for joining and agree to being committed to learning and implementing peaceful parenting in this membership virtual Village, this ensures a much higher level of emotional safety than most people experience on social network sites or perhaps also at social gatherings in their local community.

How is emotional safety maintained in The Way of the Peaceful Parent Village?

The increased safety of knowing that there is a certain level of shared values amongst members fosters a deeper level of authentic sharing, openness and a stronger culture of support.

The stronger the outer shell, the less guarded and defensive people need to be.

The commitment to being a paid member before joining also gives a strong indication of that member’s commitment to peaceful parenting, mindfulness and self-healing.

Nonviolent communication aligns beautifully with the Peaceful Parenting philosophy and in the Village Green, special interest groups and our eCourses, we aim to support you in learning and using these skills to communicate with each other, maintain a positive, empathetic and non-judgmental tone, as well as to navigate through any tricky discussions.

There is also increased safety because I and my team are committed to maintaining the safety by intervening and supporting if differences of opinion lead to upset and it’s clear that intervention might help to diffuse tensions by helping both or all parties to feel more seen, heard and understood. Intervention will only happen if emotional safety is at risk, if it’s welcomed by at least one person involved and the intervention will embody the principles of peaceful parenting and nonviolent communication.

How can I find and connect up with like minded others?

When parents join the membership site, they’ll have the opportunity to create their profile that’s specific to parenting, including number of children, their ages, geography, whether a single parent or living with a partner, whether a step parent or grandparent or teacher, as well as their passions. Members give their reasons for joining and tick the boxes of special interests and join special interest groups (which have a list of members). This information makes it easier for parents to identify their like minded others, see what groups they’re in, send them a friend request, and follow them.

Who moderates the areas?

All areas are moderated by a small team of people who are passionate about this approach, have experienced the joys and difficulties of parenting and are committed to maintaining a safe, non-judgmental, supportive learning space.

All moderators have knowledge of nonviolent communication and use this to create positive experiences for all.  There have been moderators over the years  (helping on facebook) who have joined and become burned out from volunteering their time that could otherwise go to their families, friends, their house work or themselves.  Paid membership makes for a more sustainable system.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can.  If you've paid for the month within which you cancel, you'll still have access until the month ends, at which point you'll lose access. Bear in mind that if you're an affiliate who enjoys affiliate earnings, you will no longer receive affiliate payments on the membership fees of those you invited into the membership site.

village green

Special Interest Groups


Why do I have to apply to join the groups?

Groups related to the eCourses are only available to eCourse current or past participants.  Most other groups, you can request to join and expect to be accepted.  If you've joined at The Houses level, you can request to have a special interest group started, or perhaps even run one yourself.  Message me to receive the form to fill out.

Who can see my posts and comments?

The Peaceful Parenting Village moderators and other members of The Village Green are able to view your posts and comments. This forum is not open to the general public so those who are here are committed to learning.



Are there a limited number of houses (groups) I can join?

You can join as many as you wish.

How do the teleseminars work?

You'll receive an email letting you know when the date of the next teleseminar is starting and you'll be given a number to ring in and a pin.  You simply phone at the set time and listen in to the call.

Do the calls cost?

Although we do not charge for the calls, they may incur any calling charges that your phone company charges.  There are cheaper options like Viber app for smartphones.

How so I submit a question?

Email your question to the team here. The questions will be collated and if there are several similar questions we will put these together to form a generic question.

What if I can't listen at the time of the call?

As a member of The Village Green you have free access to the live calls, but if you can't make a call, you are not able to access a recording.  To access recordings of all calls you could look at upgrading to the Houses.


village green

Sharing Circles

Can I choose who I go in a sharing circle group with?

Yes, you can befriend those who you have felt drawn to in one or more of the Special Interest Groups or forum threads that you've been in and ask them if they'd like to be in a group with you, then ask myself or one of the moderators to create a specific private sharing circle for you.

You can also ask those you befriend if they are currently in a group that has space.

You can look through the list of Sharing Circle groups and look at the description of those groups and request to join if it's a group you'd like to be in.

You can create a new private sharing circle group and invite others to join.  Again, just ask us to create it for you.

We recommend connecting with others in your country or area, to increase the likelihood of continuing friendships by physically meeting up.  Your choice.

Can I listen to past recordings?

This is one of the benefits of The Houses membership. All past calls are recorded and are available for you to listen to at anytime.

How confidential is confidential?

Each sharing circle is closed and secret and is accessible only to it’s immediate members. Genevieve can access the circles when requested to help ensure emotional safety but holds all information with the highest level of confidentiality. You can invite Genevieve in to your group if you need her help with a specific issue.

As with absolutely all online information we have no control over whether members share or copy the information, so it hinges on the level of trust you have for your fellow members. If it comes to our attention that this has been violated, the member will lose their membership.  We hope that over time you will build trusting relationships.

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  1. Nicole Smale says:

    I am a registered counsellor and family therapist in New Zealand often working with young mums and couples.
    I am interested to find out more about your courses in order to help and support my clients .
    I have myself 4 grown up children and 5 healthy and happy grandchildren. So good mentoring has been and continues to be important .I believe there is always more to learn! This is the reason why I am getting in touch with you.Thank you. Nicole

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