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Peacefully parenting your anxious or resistant child

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      There has been a lot of requests for me to write an article specific to this subject. I’m keen to follow it up with more posts which cover different examples of how a child has been helped to work through their

      Peacefully parenting your anxious or resistant child

      From the article:

      Children have a natural ability to get their worries, fears, anxieties and even the impacts of trauma out of their system. What they need is a lot of permission and support to access and express those thoughts and feelings. Children naturally heal through talking, venting their anger (non-aggressively), crying, raging and also through play and laughter. Without the space to really share and feel heard with their complaints and fears, a parent’s well-meaning advice can add to a child’s fears and insecurities. In fact, the child may well hear advice as criticism “what you should do is … ” The child may worry that their parent thinks they’re not being brave enough, confident enough, independent enough, assertive enough, which only weighs a child down more.

      Yet, when a child is feeling truly understood and also feeling their parent’s belief in them, this puts a child into growth mode. In growth mode, children tend to have a lot more both capacity to find the inner strength to assert themselves, be it with a friend, a sibling, teacher, relative or their parent.

      When feeling understood and cared for, children tend to have more capacity and motivation to hear and care about the perspective of others (depending on age of course), they tend to have more self-control and self-discipline, and are better able to manage and work through strong emotions like frustration, anger, fear, nervousness, disappointment or sadness.

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      Thanks Colette for letting me know. It would have only been accessible to ecourse level members. Fixed now fingers crossed. Hopefully you can access it now.

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