Quality time peaceful parent

Are you tired of repeating yourself, yelling and dealing with constant resistance?

These 5 short videos look at

  • how we can guide our children without punishment,
  • what can we do instead and
  • the benefits of parenting without punishment!

You have 7 days to access these videos.  These videos offer a fantastic introduction to Peaceful parenting concepts.

Children's Conflicts 

This video offers an understanding of how peaceful parenting approaches teach children communication skills and conflict resolution skills which they'll get better at practising and will begin to themselves use in tricky challenges with other people all through their life!

When children won't share In this video Genevieve describes helping a client (at their house) whose boy became very angry about other children being in their space and particularly annoyed with another boy who has a stick from their garden that he wanted.  The example demonstrates the importance of tuning in to the child's underlying feelings and turning the behaviour around through connection and helping him release stress and frustration.

How DO I get my child to listen? 

Why won't he listen?!  Why doesn't she do what I ask??  Why do I get so annoyed so quickly??  Is it normal to feel this stressed as a parent?  If using punishments negatively impacts my bonding with my child, their willingness to cooperate and their self-esteem, how can I make them listen, what WILL work?

In this video, Genevieve (speaking at a seminar) offers a perspective shift that really does tend to result in both you AND your child ....

(a) feeling less stressed and more confident
(b) thinking more creatively
(c) feeling more connected, caring and compassionate
(d) being back on the same team!

Reasons for Offtrack Behaviour 

3 boys fighting all the time! 
 One example shared in this video (of Genevieve speaking at a seminar) is a story of mother whose three sons were arguing and squabbling constantly.

Watch the video to learn what works better, and stay tuned until the end of the story about the mother and sons watching a movie to find out what this mother discovered to be the most surprising benefit - making all her hard work of managing her own stress, mediating, listening with empathy, facilitating problem solving - all so worth it!!

Tuning in to the child's reasons for offtrack behaviour helps us shift from "how do I make them stop!" to "how can I help them, what can they learn from this situations?"

Peaceful Parenting Toolkit Part I  

This video is a great introduction to what TO DO for those who want to move away from yelling and punishments! 

In this excerpt Genevieve's manages to touch on a whole array of peaceful parenting tools and shares small examples with many of them.

She talks about being prepared and preparing our child before situations you expect to be challenging, the importance of modelling and managing our stress, she explains the importance of learning to steady ourselves so we can avoid flipping out when our child gets upset, the importance of using "I" statements, the benefits of using active listening and more.

Part II (available in the full video series) begins with explaining how to peacefully hold limits, and goes on to name more of the strategies necessary to maintain more harmony in the family!

Advantages of Upgrading to
Premium Membership

  • Download videos and/or audio versions to your phone or PC
  • More resources for Sibling Struggles in Resource Library
  • The Meeting Aggression with Connection tackles helping the child with aggressive tendencies
  • The Sibling eCourse being released soon for Premium members
  • The Peaceful Parenting Step by Step eCourse will take you through understanding and practicing all the tools that bring more harmony to the family.
  • Resources and support from experienced mentors and other parents in the Village green forum, the peaceful partnering group, the eCourse forum (for learning related to courses) and the Self-Healing group (see groups)
  • The 10 Day Peaceful Parent Challenge takes you through an accessible 10 minute a day process of developing habits in self-care and mindfulness.

These 5 videos offer an introduction to Discipline without Punishment and will lead nicely onto the additional videos, extra information, printables and reflection questions to answer on screen in the full series for those who wish to upgrade.  The additional videos cover;

  1.  Beyond Punishment and Reward
  2.  Parenting Styles
  3.  Obedience vs Cooperation 
  4. Loving Limits - Part II of Peaceful Parenting Toolkit
  5. Offtrack Behaviour - Part II
  6. Audio version downloads 


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