When your child hurts you in anger

I’m losing it with my four year old! Sarah asks:  “He is having a very long spree of very angry tantrums, emotional outbursts, “I hate you’s”. And is hitting me, throwing things at me, etc. He’s not doing this to anyone else other than his parents.  Now, I can listen, set empathetic limits, stay close, Read More

My body belongs to me

Body autonomy, boundaries and consent As I was lighting the fire in the living room lately, my 14 year old daughter and her friend were studying for a health test the next day on the subject of sexuality and gender.  It was refreshing listening to their very open, down to earth approach to the topic, Read More

Peacefully parenting your strong willed child

Peacefully Parenting your Strong Willed Child Some parents have said that peaceful parenting wouldn’t work, or hasn’t worked, with their strong willed child, that they need a more strict approach.  And indeed each child is unique and each parent child relationship is both unique and complex.  Yet, I believe that peaceful parenting is especially important for Read More

Helping little people deal with their big feelings

Young children can feel and express a lot of big feelings!  Figuring out how to best deal with their upsets is all part of the job of parenting.  Children cry when they fall, when they get a fright, when another kid jumps on the swing they had their heart set on. They can cry when they’re Read More

Help your child to be skilled at solving problems

Promoting problem solving skills Instead of thinking of your child’s behaviour as wrong or naughty, it’s more constructive to think in terms of problems that need to be solved with a positive solution that meets some of the needs in another way.  Children need a lot of practice solving their daily problems all through childhood Read More

Dear Mum, we are committed to peaceful parenting

This is a letter that a client wrote to her mother in her endeavour to make it clear that she and her husband were committed to peaceful parenting and that her mother wasn’t going to get her to change her mind.  It was written with the hope that if she clearly explained her need to Read More

Setting limits can bring healing tears and tantrums

Setting limits can bring healing tears and tantrums It’s important to express the limits that prevent aggressive or destructive behaviour, and express the many requests that are part of getting things done on any one day, yet it doesn’t improve their behaviour or their emotional wellbeing if we’re critical, angry, harsh or punitive.  In fact, Read More

The pitfalls of obedience training

First published in The Natural Parent Magazine 2013. Who would want to train children to be obedient, when we can bring them up to be discerning, critical thinkers with a highly developed capacity for big picture thinking, for empathy for self and others and to value integrity and what feels right above the directions of Read More

Tread gently when correcting your child

Parents work hard to help their child become aware of what’s socially appropriate and inappropriate, what they’re allowed to do or not allowed to do, what tasks need to be achieved and how their words, reactions and actions affect other people. The more focus we put on modelling the behaviour we want to see in Read More

Setting Limits with Love

Young children tend to cross other people’s boundaries quite a lot.  They grab things that don’t belong to them, they can be over enthusiastic in their expressions of affection towards the baby!  They can lash out and hurt others (even the baby) when they’re unable to contain huge amounts of frustration.  They blurt out exactly Read More