Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Improve your relationship with your toddler or pre-schooler aged 18 months to 4 years.

My body belongs to me

Body autonomy, boundaries and consent As I was lighting the fire in the living room lately, my 14 year old daughter and her friend were studying for a health test the next day on the subject of sexuality and gender.  It was refreshing listening to their very open, down to earth approach to the topic, Read More

Parenting differently from family or friends

The trials of being a peaceful parent pioneer By Genevieve Simperingham  (first published in the Natural Parent Magazine) Do you sometimes feel challenged in your attempts to be a more peaceful parent in a society that’s less than compassionate towards the differences and struggles of parents and children?  Many parents are surprised about the tensions Read More

Parenting differently from family or friends Part II

  The trials of being a peaceful parent pioneer By Genevieve Simperingham  (first published in the Natural Parent Magazine) In Part I Genevieve wrote about the courage it takes to parent differently, the instinctive need to fit in and gain approval, the struggle of parenting differently from your partner, coming to peace with our individual Read More

Peacefully parenting your anxious or resistant child

Peacefully parenting your anxious or resistant child So many adults didn’t gain the emotional support they needed growing up as they navigated friendships, social challenges and generally adapting to new environments, situations and activities.  The majority of adults also now experience mild to severe anxiety in social situations, in new environments or when learning new Read More

The science of emotion – Gordon Neufeld’s developmental model

The Science of Emotion First printed in The Natural Parent Magazine I’ve just spent five very rich days listening to Dr. Goldon Neufeld talk at the Parenting Place in Auckland on the topics of the science of emotion, aggression, bullying, discipline without punishment, alpha children, anxiety, the challenges of parenting in a digital world and Read More

Why not to ignore your child or put them in time out

We should ignore the child when they act out! – Or should we? By Genevieve Simperingham Parents are often urged to put their child in time out when they exhibit unwanted behaviour.  When the child resists going to sleep and repeatedly gets out of bed, parents are advised to steer the child back to bed, Read More

Helping children adapt to an early childhood centre or carer

Young children have a strong need to have access to at least one attachment figure, a person who they feel bonded and connected with, who is holding their care and best interests in their mind and heart and someone who can meet their needs, be it a drink of water, helping them solve a problem or Read More

Raising children to feel at peace in themselves

As parents, we wish for our children to grow up ready to tackle and enjoy life to the full.  We want them to grow in confidence, to stand tall in their unique self, with their dignity and self-esteem intact, balanced with empathy and care for others. The child who grows up being able to access Read More

The power of play

First published in The Natural Parent Magazine, New Zealand.   Play provides children with a rich world of engagement, fun, communication, learning and exploring. When a child climbs a tree, they not only stretch and strengthen their muscles, develop their coordination, and explore their edges with height and balance, they also deeply bond with the Read More

Helping little people deal with their big feelings

Young children can feel and express a lot of big feelings!  Figuring out how to best deal with their upsets is all part of the job of parenting.  Children cry when they fall, when they get a fright, when another kid jumps on the swing they had their heart set on. They can cry when they’re Read More