Improve your relationship with yourself. Self-healing. Connections between your childhood and your parenting. Recovery from abuse, addictions or trauma.

Organizing an active listening partnership with another adult

Listening heals Counselling and psychotherapy can give a parent the safe, confidential and non-judgmental space they need to explore and resolve stuck feelings and patterns from the past that can prevent growth in the present.  It just is incredibly difficult to remain patient and truly present with our children’s emotions and difficulties unless we ourselves Read More

Avoiding stress overload

Managing those stress levels.  Learning to identify when your stress levels are rising as early as possible and then finding other ways of gaining relief from the frustration will all help you avoid reaching the point of overload that can result in yelling or being overly impatient and controlling. The person who grew up in Read More

Dear Mum, we are committed to peaceful parenting

This is a letter that a client wrote to her mother in her endeavour to make it clear that she and her husband were committed to peaceful parenting and that her mother wasn’t going to get her to change her mind.  It was written with the hope that if she clearly explained her need to Read More

Being a peaceful parent isn’t about perfection, it’s a journey

Your parenting path is unique to you. But to parent from the heart in the way that we as parents want and need to, in the way that our children need, it really helps to feel confident and relatively at peace with doing it our way when it’s not necessarily the norm within our family or Read More

Preserving our child’s innocence, restoring our own innocence

Every child deserves to not feel shamed by their parents. If your child feels free to show you their true feelings, if or when shaming inadvertently happens, they will show you their feelings (verbally or through their body language) and you can restore their dignity by owning and repairing what has happened. Alice Miller wrote: Read More

Debunking the “perfect parent” myth

Originally printed in The Natural Parent magazine. When we’re the least successful in being the parent that we want to be, that’s usually when we most need to be kind and compassionate towards our self.  When we snap at the kids, raise our voice, give those lectures that make us cringe and when we struggle Read More

Everyone deserves to feel truly at peace with themselves – it’s possible!

A little melt my heart moment one day that I thought I’d share. We sat at the dinner table to eat. My seventeen year old son looking really sad and disappointed, he apologized for burning the omelette. His twelve year old sister quickly responded “it’s okay, we all learn from our mistakes all the time, I think Read More

Parents – what about your feelings and needs?

In a society that reveres strength and independence, but is less enthusiastic about vulnerability and openly expressing needs, many parents understandably find it hard to show their true feelings and needs.  Parents often feel more shame than self-compassion in relation to their unmet needs and consequent struggles.  And consequently find it difficult to reach out Read More

What childhood hurts are evoked in you when things are hard?

We all bring to our parenting deeply engrained beliefs that we gained during our childhood years. These feelings live on and become easily activated when we feel drawn into conflicts with our child or between two or more of our children. How did your parent tend to respond when differences of wants, beliefs and needs arose Read More

Moving from conflict to deeper understanding and trust

The following perspective change can help to transform conflicts into positive learning experiences.  These two different approaches can relate to conflicts between any two or more individuals in a family, so although I’m mostly focusing on parent child conflicts, know that you can apply these concepts to conflicts in all relationships.  When using some of Read More