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13372672443_fec6d8e48d_cGenevieve Simperingham is offering two workshops at the Soul Centre of the Body and Mind, Titirangi, Auckland on 19th and 20th September.

Saturday 19th September: Aware Parenting Principles and Practices

Times        9.30am to 4.30pm.
Cost           $80 including morning and afternoon tea.
Bring a plate for shared lunch (optional).
Early bird discount of 15% ($12) if booked before 10th September.
Register  Scroll to the end for registration details.

To print out a flyer, Titirangi workshops flyer

Who will benefit from this workshop?

This workshop will be helpful for parents wishing to increase harmony and cooperation in the family and generally gain a huge boost in their parenting skills.

This workshop is also being offered for those who wish to become an Aware Parenting Instructor. Genevieve is a Level II Aware Parenting Instructor, and as such is qualified to teach Aware Parenting to those wishing to gain their Aware Parenting Instructor certification with Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting Institute (once all requirements are met).

This is also offered as a professional development workshop for professionals working with children or families. A certificate of attendance can be requested.

Aware Parenting is a philosophy of child rearing developed by developmental psychologist and author Aletha Solter PhD. Based on current research in child development, Aware Parenting questions most traditional assumptions about raising children, and proposes a new approach that can significantly improve relationships within a family. Aware Parenting is offers a hugely valuable set of tools for parents aiming to raise children who are cooperative, compassionate, competent, nonviolent, and drug free. It is largely based on attachment science, yet brings the theory into practice by being highly practical and accessible in terms of what to do in day to day tricky challenges in the family.

In this workshop, Genevieve will present and explore with the group:

*     Key concepts shared in Aletha Solter’s books: The Aware Baby, Helping Young Children Flourish,
Tears and Tantrums, Attachment Play and Raising Drug Free Kids
*     Alternatives to threats or punishment (including when setting limits)
*     Coping with resistant, defiant, aggressive or hyperactive behaviour
*     Managing relationships between siblings and peers
*     Building self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional intelligence in your child
*     Prevention of and healing from stress and trauma


Sunday 20th September: Self-Healing - Moving from surviving to thriving

Times:        9.30am to 4.30pm.
Cost:           $80 including morning and afternoon tea. Bring a plate for shared lunch (optional).
Early bird discount of 15% ($12) if booked before 10th September.
Register:  Scroll to the end for registration details.

In this workshop, Genevieve will present and explore with the group:

*     Maintaining and returning to a more calm patient state when triggered
*     Balancing emotional needs in the family
*     Responding to your child’s strong emotions in a positive and constructive way
*     Understanding why our children evoke such strong emotions in parents
*     Breaking the cycles of dysfunctional relating learned in childhood
*     Developing the self-care practices that help you fill your emotional cup

Being kind to ourselves as parents is not only essential if we are to manage our stress levels and maintain more harmony and balance in the family, it also offers the positive self-care modelling that your child needs to maintain positive well being and self-esteem.

Our children need us to cope with the big feelings in us and in them.

In this workshop parents will learn effective self-care and communication skills which can benefit both their parenting and other close relationships. Participants will learn better ways of responding to differences of wants and needs that not only avoid escalation of stress and upsets, but also model great listening, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Parents will also learn relaxation and emotional self-regulation techniques that help restore calm, clarity and emotional balance when tensions rise in the family - for self and for children.

Parents love their children and generally wish to be calm and patient, and can then feel powerless when strong feelings arise in reaction to what their child does or doesn't do. But bringing some positive attention to resolving those feelings is something that's within the parent's power. Learning to respond with more empathy and care to our own messy feelings is a fundamental element of peaceful parenting. It's hard to give to our child that which we're not receiving ourselves.

This workshop tackles how to work with your understandable rising tide of frustration that the powerlessness of parenting challenges can evoke.
Responding to upsets in your child, or yourself, with more kindness, patience and empathy requires skills that can be learned and practiced. Parenting can offer a path of self-growth for those wishing to explore the patterns of relating in the family. To repeat the patterns of relating that have passed the generation line is easy. But not so easy to swim against the tide and do things differently.


In both workshops Genevieve will share examples of putting the parenting skills into practice in challenging situations like giving a request that the child refuses to agree to, how to maintain the connection but come across as sincere and believable when we set limits (the tv’s not going on this afternoon) and in sticky situations like conflict amongst kids or an older child being rough with the younger one.

For specific questions, contact facilitator Genevieve Simperingham - 09 4343542 - Mobile: 027 4179198 or Email: Genevieve@peacefulparent.com

Participants can attend either or both workshop

To register:

Deposit payment into 06-0493-0506439-00 Peaceful Parent Institute with your surname and phone number in the reference AND send an email to Genevieve@peacefulparent.com with the name of the person/ people you’ve paid for and please include contact phone numbers.

Places are limited and these workshops can sell out fast, get in early!
Any questions please email Genevieve@peacefulparent.com


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