Getting back on track – Why we Explode!

And what we can do about it.

Natural Phenomena 2011. -174TELESEMINAR audio with Genevieve and Patty Wipfler of Hand in Hand Parenting

Listen to this audio to gain lots of insights into the tendency to meltdown, why it happens, how to see it coming and what to do instead of yelling or otherwise acting from a place of overwhelm and frustration. You’ll gain reassurance that it’s much more common than you thought, that it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility. You’ll learn that there are psychological triggers going back to childhood at the core of your tendency to lose your cool. And most importantly you’ll gain lots of great tips and strategies from Genevieve and Patty that will make it so much easier to be the peaceful parent that you know that you really can be.

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“Genevieve, I’m just writing to say a big thank you for all your wise and reassuring words on the teleseminar. I’ve been way off track lately, too much yelling in our house, but the talk has reminded me of all I learned from your peaceful parenting courses, reminded me that I do have a choice, as well as giving me some new tools to work with. I took heaps of notes, thank you again!!!” – Carole, Auckland

Stress Relief for Parents CD


“I just don’t know what I did before I had your parenting cd. When things start to get a bit chaotic around here, I listen to your cd before I go to sleep and it always brings me back to a much more positive frame of mind. It reminds me that it’s my job to reduce the stress. I just love your accent and your inspiring words. Thank you so much!!” Belinda, Whangarei (what others have said)

When you’re at your wits end and need to rest and recuperate, this CD is a fantastic resource ~ Grab yourself fifteen minutes or so, choose your track and let Genevieve’s calming voice and supportive words guide you back to your self … back to your centre … back to balance … back to you at your best … back to peaceful parenting!


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Track 1: Restore, resolve, re-energize! This track walks you through a process that will restore your sense of balance and harmony, resolve worries and stress and re-energize your relationships to a more positive dynamic.
Listen to sample audio clip

Track 2: Emotional First Aid!! Take one listen to this track when any of these symptoms present; thoughts such as “I’ve reached my limit”, “I’ve had enough!”, “I’m overwhelmed”. If symptoms persist, listen to the “Bliss” track or contact Genevieve for some one on one face to face or phone coaching.
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Track 3: Mind Food. Sit back and relax and enjoy the parenting info. A track to listen to over and over again to gain insights and clarity into the wonderful world of the dynamics of the parent child relationship.
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Track 4: Bliss! A complete unwind – the meditation equivalent of a long hot bath and your kids will love it too. Genevieve’s soft irish lilt backed by the celtic harp offers a soothing balm to their feelings and played at night next to their bed will ease their transition into a deep and restful sleep.
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“Restore, Resolve, Revitalise was a very powerful track for me. I actually spent most of it crying. Putting myself in my children’s shoes has really opened up a huge floodgate of emotion. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Genevieve.” – Deb on The Way of the Peaceful Parent facebook page

As well as our Stress Relief for Parents CD, we also offer two guided meditations CD’s and MP3 Downloads, the Mountain Meditationand the Golden Light Healing Meditation as well as our Drum Journeys CD, sold as MP3 Downloads.

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The meditations on all of Genevieve’s CD’s verbally guide the listener to deeply relax their body, mind and emotions, bringing a deep sense of inner peace and calm. Genevieve’s voice is enhanced with beautifully soothing music, a textured blend of instruments and healing sounds from nature, the waves of the ocean, sounds of birds and more.

Genevieve’s CD’s are perfect for those learning meditation for the first time, for experienced meditators and for anyone seeking to bring more peace, calm and relaxation into their lives. As well as the listener being verbally guided into deep meditative state, they are also guided to tune in to themselves on a deeper level, to connect with their spirit self and to bring self healing to their emotions, mind and physical body.

Genevieve’s soft and clear irish voice guides you comfortably through each journey. The meditations will leave you in a truly lighter, higher, relaxed and more empowered state of being.

Many studies these days show the connections between deep relaxation, stress release and physical healing. When we can calm the mind and come into a deeply relaxed medative state, a very profound healing happens physically, mentally and emotionally.

To become truly self empowered, each person must conquer the chaos of the mind. It is only when the mind becomes calm and peaceful, that the light, insights, clarity and visions of the higher mind can come through. Genevieve’s words are full of wisdom, warmth and care. In the words of one happy customer “It is her genuine passion for helping others that comes through in her voice and helps the listener adopt a more caring and compassionate attitude towards themselves.”


What others have said:

“Genevieve, I have had both of your guided journey CD’s for over a year and have listened to them dozens of times. Each time, I get something new out of the meditations. Simply listening to your voice and the music, my mind becomes still and my emotions calm, and that’s where the healing happens. Each time, different parts of the meditation turn the light on for me, illuminating different parts of my self re integration. I definitely recommend them to everyone and am looking forward to other CD’s you make available.” Samantha Munnings, Manager, Haven Property, Auckland, New Zealand

“I love your drum CD, it brings me back to those magical journeys that you lead us on at Prana festival every year. I can feel the resonance of the drum throughout my whole body and there’s something about it that just makes me feel so good. And the big bonus is that I’ve noticed that when I put it on, it always puts my 6 mth old baby to sleep, every time without fail and I can tell it’s a really deep settled sleep.” Marie, Coromandel

“I bought your Stress Relief cd at the sibling rivalry workshop I came to lately and I wanted to contact you and say thank you for creating it. I’ve learned so much more about myself and my relationships with my children and with my own parents since listening to it and following the exercises that you guide. I feel like I have a lot more patience for myself now, I’m no longer beating myself up for not being the “perfect” mum and realize that change takes time and that’s ok.” Gabi, Whangarei

“Your ‘Golden Light Healing” CD has profoundly touched me, thoroughly enjoying it!” Jules Bright, naturopath, herbalist, healer.

“Having been dissapointed with some other meditation CD’s I had purchased, I found both of Genevieve’s meditation CD’s to be very worthwhile with refreshingly original methods, music and ideas and would highly recommend them!” Roger Dunkley, Wellington

“My three boys love listening to your cd at night time, it really helps them relax and wind down and fills them with lovely feelings, they regularly remind me to put it on. Oh and I love it myself, it’s my little treat to myself, it always helps me unwind and remember where the priorities lie, so thank you Genevieve!” Tanya, Whangarei

“.. and I LOVE your CD ! Your beautiful voice, the music and background sounds are superb … the sound and quality is excellent ! very professional – thank you. Blessings” Anne, professional photographer, Auckland, New Zealand

“I started meditating around seven years ago but never have been able to go into such a deep and insightful meditation as I have done at home listening to the wonderful, and very healing, meditations that Genevieve guides me through on her CD’s. Thank you so much Genevieve, you are a very special angel with such wonderful gifts and voice!” Diane, Australia

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