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Getting Started

We know there is a LOT of material to cover during your Peaceful Parent Instructor Training.
The Getting Started tasks below will get you all set up to start.

The orientation video below will help you find your way around without getting overwhelmed.

And if you still have a question, enter it into the chat box in the bottom right of this screen.

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Join groups and forums

We have a variety of forums and groups.  To join you simply click the blue 'join' button at the top of the group.

The main village forum is a great general forum for any discussion or questions.

We also have more focused groups about Self-Healing, Natural Health & Nutrition & Peaceful Partnering

Introduce Yourself & Ask Questions

Visit the Village Green General Forum and introduce yourself.  We'd love to know a little about you and your family.
Introductions Thread

The Village Green is also a great general forum to ask any questions or discuss parenting.  Our supportive mentors and other village members are there with guidance and reassurance.  It is a very high priority that this village is a supportive space and you will only receive support, no judgement. 🙂

Scroll to the bottom to create a new thread.
Village Green Forum

Take a Course

We recommend starting with the Discipline without Punishment Video Series This course is short, simple and gives an inspirational overview of Peaceful Parenting - what it is, why we choose it & the Peaceful Parenting tools.

However, you can jump into whichever course inspires you. Some people also dip into the resources within the courses for areas you most want to learn about at present. Do what works for you.

Make sure you have enrolled in the courses by clicking the 'Access All Courses' button at the top, then click the purple 'Courses' button.

Explore the Resources on Offer

From toilet learning, to aggression and parental overwhelm - the Resource Library has audio, video & written resources covering a range of topics.
if you can't find what you need, ask our mentors in the Village Green Forum.  We are able to direct you to resources as well as answer any questions.

And of course you can ask Genevieve directly on our monthly live calls.

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