Marie asked about her 3y.o.:  My biggest challenge right now is my three year old Poppy, occasionally throughout the day if she wants something, she will start asking then yelling, I want it now, I want it know, repeatedly and into a scream.

All the while I’m acknowledging what she wants in a calm voice, sometimes she can have the thing she wants and just needs to wait while I’m finishing something…or maybe it is a limit where I’ve calmly said sorry mummy says no honey, but how about…

But this hasn’t helped, she keeps screaming now, now now. Sometimes it’s not until I put on my grumpy voice that she does stop and then says sorry mum, then is quite happy. So frustrating because I don’t want to use my grumpy tone!

But then other times I do handle it well and stay very calm, but it doesn’t seem to help. She will just continue with the demand.  I’m not sure what to do. I’m open to any advice 😊

Thanks Marie


Skimming through posts in the Self-Healing Group will hopefully help you find more tools for identifying and changing patterns relating to unresolved patterns or trauma.  It's big work to break the cycles of adults taking their frustrations out on their children, the biggest work needs to happen in our relationship with ourselves.

mindfulness for children
  • Mindfulness is about slowing down and becoming more present to your inner experience of thoughts, feelings and sensations.
  • How can we maintain a more calm patient state with our kids?

  • What are some of the secrets of reducing stress and balancing emotional needs in the family?

  • Do you sometimes wonder WHY such intense emotions get triggered by your child?

Calmer Mum

Genevieve answers this mother's question:  "I need some help. I'm trying so very hard with my 2 yr old son to be a calmer, better mom to him.   I swore black and blue that I would never hit my son because I remember how it felt when that was done to me. I want to be the best parent I can but I have a very short temper which I've been trying to work on and I get frustrated easily.  I try my best when he throws tantrums but sometimes I yell and then I hate myself afterwards.  I just don't know what to do.’"  read response.

parenting when overwhelmed

If you have moments of complete overwhelm and wonder what you can do, be reassured you are not alone.  As parents, we all have these times where our 'volcanoes are about to erupt.'  We also strongly recommend you do the Mama Meltdown eCourse if overwhelm is a common experience for you.

In this teleseminar, Genevieve talks about what we can do in those moments and how we can prevent it from happening.

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