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Raising children to feel at peace in themselves

As parents, we wish for our children to grow up ready to tackle and enjoy life to the full.  We want them to grow in confidence, to stand tall in their unique self, with their dignity and self-esteem intact, balanced with empathy and care for others. The … [Read More...]

parent coaching

Organizing an active listening partnership with another adult

Listening heals Counselling and psychotherapy can give a parent the safe, confidential and non-judgmental space they need to explore and resolve stuck feelings and patterns from the past that can prevent growth in the present.  It just is incredibly … [Read More...]

healing power of play

The power of play

First published in The Natural Parent Magazine, New Zealand.   Play provides children with a rich world of engagement, fun, communication, learning and exploring. When a child climbs a tree, they not only stretch and strengthen their muscles, develop their … [Read More...]

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Peaceful Parenting Seminars

Click here for Upcoming Parenting Seminars For pro-active parents who want the very best for their … [Read More...]

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